Rare Sighting at Salt Creek- Death Valley National Park

carol_in_californiaFebruary 22, 2007

On our walk around the Salt Creek board walk, we didn't see much in the way of wildlife.....mostly ravens but we came across this bird. I looked it up and it is a Clark's Nutcracker and is a rare sight in the winter there.

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That would be awesome to see...It's kind of hard to see clearly so I'm looking it up in our birdbook...

Last year, at Beaver Creek State Park, my son and I saw an eagle and got shots of it but it was hard to get a nice sharp one, even with the camera zoomed all the way...I could of just cried...We watched it for at least 30 minutes. In the meanwhile he attracted an audience of about 7 people...He was just so majestic and graceful. He didn't stay in one spot. Went to a nearby tree, sat for a while, then flew across the creek...It was just so cool!


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Sometimes, I swear the birds enjoy the view, too! :>)

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Great catch on the nutcracker... I would be so excited!

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