Can't figure out problem with my Nikon D60 :(

auntcissFebruary 22, 2010

I hope you all won't mind a question from a very amateur, new "photographer" like me, but here goes.

I got a Nikon D60 in June. This week, something's happening to all my pictures: Every single one I take is not centered, meaning the picture is angled very obviously to the right. Imagine taking pictures, and every shot coming out to look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The pictures are clear and crisp, just crooked!

I only have one lens, for now. Could the problem be my lens? I'm very worried. I love my Nikon.

I didn't drop the camera, but it has been with me in the car. I worry it got jostled, or too cold and something happened??

Thanks for ANY theories or ideas on how to troubleshoot, and suggestions about where to bring my camera?

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These are very basic suggestions, but first I would set the camera on something stationary and take a picture. Next I would use the timer and take a picture. Compare these photos with the ones you took with the camera hand-held. I have a Nikon D50 and I have never had this problem unless I was not holding the camera properly or when I snapped the picture I jerked the camera. Does the D60 have the stabilization feature? If so, what you see through the viewfinder at a half-squeeze (locks in view) is what you should get on your photo. If the *test* photos look like the ones you described I would take it back to the dealer where you got it. Riding around in the car should not have caused a problem. I don't know about cold temps. The D60 got great reviews.


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Hi auntciss.

You can go to
dpreview and post the question there.

Naturally you will have to register there to post a question. Once you do register, on the left side you will see Discussion Forums/Nikon D90-D40/D5000. I would post there and ask your question.


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Always-breeze has an excellent suggestion.

Fwiw, I had a similar problem with a digital camera after I dropped it. It knocked it out of alignment and it couldn't self-correct during focus to give a correct shot.

Obviously, you didn't drop it, but, the self focusing is a mechanical process and it sounds like yours is defective for no good reason. One of those "exception proves the rule" kind of things.

The experts might be able to give you some self-help tips on how to fix it. If not and if the camera isn't under warranty, my experience has been the cost of getting repairs can be prohibitive v. the cost of replacement.

Good luck.

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I just wanted to say thank you very much for the responses. These are smart ideas.

I'm going to try all of your suggestions this week and I'll write back with what I found out. Fingers crossed that my camera will be OK. I bought it on Amazon.

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Good luck auntciss.


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I was just reading the specs on a Pentax K-7 and it offers a self leveling option. The intended purpose is so that if you have the camera on a tripod and find it is not properly leveled you can manually adjust the angle of the frame to level the shot without moving the tripod set up.

I ma not familiar with the Nikon D60 features, but I am left wondering if perhaps your camera has a similar function that can easily be user adjusted?

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