Improving quality of slides

windrunnerFebruary 12, 2007

before converting slides to digital, i'd like to improve quality of slides...

some of the slides have slight growth of mold, while others are discoloured...

anything out there that will help to restore these slides...

thanks in advance for your imput...


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Nothing can be done to restore discoloration. The scans can be edited to correct fading and damage. Any attempt to clean mold from the slides should be done after a high quality scan is made. Cleaning attempts could cause further damage. If the mold has undermined the emulsion adhesion to the base the slide could be destroyed in a cleaning attempt. Film cleaner will do little to improve the slides if mold has already attacked the gelatin. Sorry it's not encouraging info, but your best bet is to scan the slides and then restore the images by editing the scans.

It's a lot of work (I know -- I've done my share) but you can do it and you won't risk further damage to the originals.

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