Any drawbacks to platform beds?

Sueb20March 8, 2014

We are shopping for a new mattress and considering going from a queen to a king, if we can figure out how to actually fit a king up our stairs and through the tight turn/narrow entry to our room! Because I find bed skirts annoying, I'm considering a platform bed this time. Is there any drawback? Will I regret not having a box spring for support? Or any other issues I may not be thinking of? We have always had a regular mattress/box spring setup.

This is one bed I like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Platform bed

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Don't king beds use two box springs for that very reason?

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I just got one and I like the no bedskirt look too. My previous bed was all skirted and very traditional. I did a 180 with this bed:.

The only drawback to a platform is that it is a pain to lift up the corners of the mattress to change sheets, but you do get used to it. Make sure your mattress has handles on the side.(don't they all?)

The slats and platform underneath can be adjusted to be higher or lower when they delivered it and put it together. Well, mine could. Not sure if they all have that option. If I had it higher, there would be less headboard visible but easier to change sheets. I went with lower for the headboard reason as well as future aging. I think the picture above is showing it at the higher height. See how not much room for pillow stacking. Mine had an adjustment available of about 3-4". The height of your mattress works into this whole scenario too. I initially got a pillow top mattress (less headboard visible), but then I returned it for standard cause my back did not like the pillow top at all

It was explained to me that the only reason for a box spring is to support the mattress which plywood can do just as well (which is what is underneath the mattress).

When making the bed it is a cinch to stuff the sides of the blanket and topsheet in the gap between the mattress and the side rail. Instant neat with minimal effort.

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Also, the mattress specs state what is required for a platform to support it (i.e. thickness of plywood). Any decent platform bed should comply I would think.

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You should use slats not plywood for circulation reasons. There's usually a support beam in the middle for King size beds. Always had a platform bed and always will.

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Tib, yes, they use two box springs but the mattress is one piece and that's the issue with fitting it up into our room. Even though a mattress is somewhat flexible, it may not be flexible enough. Hard to explain, but when you walk up the stairs, our bedroom door is an immediate left turn RIGHT at the top. There is hardly any landing -- the wall is maybe 3' from the very top of the stairs. It's crazy. And our doorway is also fairly narrow. We can't fit a small love seat through it without removing the legs.

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I guess what I'm not understanding is why you say you'd get a platform bed because you can't get a king mattress in there. How does getting a platform bed help? Or would you get a queen platform? That's what is confusing me. It sounds like you can't get a king-size bed up there no matter what.

I don't like the look of bedskirst, and they make making beds difficult. I put covers on the box springs, like these:

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Tibbrix. I believe you are confused because you are connecting two things that Sueb has not connected. When I get confused-- or lose focus, I often return to the original post.

Sueb is hoping to find a way to get a king mattress in her room.. and if/when she does, she's considering a platform bed and wants feedback on those who have used them.

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Make sure your mattress has handles on the side.(don't they all?)

My doesn't, and it can be a pain!

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We switched to a platform bed a few years ago and are very happy with it.

We actually bought an ikea mattress that came rolled up. I wonder if that would help with getting a king up the stairs? Of course, you'd still have to be able to get it back down someday, so maybe not. . . .

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I can't remember the last time I had a box spring under my mattress. You really don't need it you have adequate support underneath.

Drawbacks of platform beds? The low height can be an issue as you get older, depending on your ease of movement and the state of your knees.

also, as with any bed, I don't particularly like footers or sharp corners which I could bang into and get bruised.

that's a pretty bed!

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@nosoccermom "You should use slats not plywood for circulation reasons"

that's interesting. My mattress warranty says to use a solid platform over the slats of a platform bed if the space between the slats is greater than 2 inches. It says spaces will damage the mattress and void the warranty.

The ventiliation thought is interesting, but its hard to imagine how circulation occurs even on a box spring foundation. No moving air in between those elements. I can't see how air would move out the box spring, but maybe so.

Even when I was purchasing a mattress cover for my new mattress, I felt it was going to cover up all the circulation features of the mattress... (air cooled, gel cooled, omg it had so many buzzwords that came with it).

Perhaps in a humid climate this is a bigger issue. I dunno.

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If you buy an IKEA mattress WITHOUT springs, you may be able to bend it enough to get it in your bedroom --- especially the ones that come rolled up. That's what we did.

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I see no reason why they'd be a problem. I've slept on and also made up a platform bed and it was fine. I went shopping for a new bed with my granddaughter last week and she bought a sleigh back and the mattress was very thick that she purchased. The sleigh bed had two deep drawers at the foot end, so practical for living in a small town house. The sales person recommended getting a queen size "bunkie board" which folds so it goes upstairs easily. That way you eliminate the box spring and the bed looks neater and lower. She has it now and loves it that way.

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Sue, you could ask the store if they ever have problems getting a king size mattress in and how much flexibility there is. Maybe you can get the mattress before you get the bed just to make sure. Although that may be tricky logistically if you have to get rid of your existing bed first.

I can picture your hallway landing. Mine was just like that. There was a doorway diagonally across the hall directly in front of the stairs that helped a bit.

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sueb, I am reading her posts. She wants a king mattress. I assumed she was considering a platform bed because she could bend a king mattress into the room but not the box spring, so I asked if kings didn't use two boxes for that reason.

But she replied that they can't get a king mattress in there either.

So it sounds to me like a king mattress is out of the question. But she made it sound like the platform bed was to accommodate a king mattress.

Or is she simply staying with queen and considering going with a platform bed? Then why mention the king???

I hope I"m not sounding snarky here. I'm assuming I missed something here, but yes, I'm confused!

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There is one other option: two twin mattresses pushed together. We went with this option about 20+ years ago because DH and I had very different preferences in mattresses. Plus soon after, we purchased a wonderful adjustable base for each bed. It was a system we purchased in Europe, but I've since seen much the same thing at Ikea.

The mattresses we purchased were natural latex wrapped around a foam more with a wool and cotton cover. We've since gone with an organic mattress company here in the US -- again with a latex around a foam core and couldn't be happier.

The only down side is that you can't buy sheet sets. We have to buy two fitted twin sheets + a king top sheet. And that does complicate making the bed, but in the long run it's been worth it for us.

Both the system we purchased + the Ikea one (and others like it) have the platform style. Like you, we also prefer that look. As someone else has said, the platform can be low to the ground, but it need not be.

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Okay, I guess I wasn't clear. Funky is correct in her explanation of my fumbling question. I wasn't asking whether anyone could help me fit a king mattress up my stairs. My mention of the king bed was more of an "aside." I didn't word it very well. My only question, really, is about people's experiences with platform beds in general. Queen, King, whatever.

So let's just talk about platform beds. Any size.

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PS I wouldn't mind a box spring cover (DS has one in his room) but then the ugly metal bed frame is showing...right? Am I missing something? At least our bed frames are plain metal with wheels...are there prettier ones?

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Alright, just to settle this, DH just did some measuring and a king bed will NOT fit. Mostly because near the base of the stairs, there is a section of ceiling that is too low for anything taller than a queen bed to fit up the stairs. No way, no how. What a bummer. Maybe we should move.

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Now I look like a crazy person, but one more note to say thanks for all the feedback on platform beds, but now that we are staying with our queen size situation, I don't have an excuse to get a new frame!

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Hey, I thought you said this thread is about platforms! LOL

but don't rule king size yet... there might be a bit of bendability even with coils. I say talk to the store first.

you can also get wood pretty non-platform beds. The choice is not limited to platform or metal frame.

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oh, our posts crossed. Now I see why you connected the two issues.

What about two twins pushed together on a king size frame?

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SueB, I think you live in my house. I have the exact same situation. I cannot get a queen box spring up my stairs because of a low point in the ceiling near the bottom. I had to get a split box spring. There is no way in the world a king mattress would fit up the stairs.

I have a seven foot dresser and to this day I do not know how it made it around that tight turn at the top of the stairs. It was literally by millimeters. It is nearly a u-turn from the small hallway then through the bedroom door. I have a bathroom across from the bedroom, so you can kind of back into there and then squeak into the bedroom. I am not being much help with a platform bed, just sympathizing with your situation!

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I've struggled with beds so much in my life. I finally got a king size metal platform (brand: Durabed) from Overstock. It's relatively lightweight and inexpensive, it folds, and is portable, so could fit anywhere. If this sounds like it would fit your problem, you might go look at it.

It's not very elegant, but you can cover it of course. I have a standard king size mattress on it works just fine. You can pretty much "squish" a king sized mattress into most places.

I prefer furniture that's not too heavy so I can move it around myself. Even my movers asked me, "where did you get this contraption?" lol!

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A co-worker of mine just switched to a platform bed, and he talked about having to adjust to the additional firmness. Said that he and his wife might have to consider a less-firm mattress to use with the platform bed.

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Re. question of platform bed, mattress, surface, and air circulation), see link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: surfaces for mattresses

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I have a king mattress ... it is made up of 2 extra long twins. King size mattress cover, king size fitted sheet and king size flat sheet. Twin XL will fit anywhere! I like my sleeping space and like to know where the middle of the bed is as it makes it easy to tell which person is hogging the space and if they need to be scooted over to their side!

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This is a great topic. I've also considered using a platform bed with my queen mattress. My mattress can not be flipped, but I do like to turn it around at least one time a month. My worry about a queen mattress on a platform would be the difficulty in turning it. Any ideas on this? TIA

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Have you considered a latex mattress. You can customize each side of the bed and the mattress comes in 3 or 4 layers.
We have one in our room and there are 3 layers on each side. We got ours from and was delivered in 6 boxes. you put it together yourself.Take a look at and they show them with platform beds. Flobeds is another site. If you would like more information call and ask for Shawn at sleepez. He was very helpful when we bought our mattress. It's the best ever and the shredded latex pillows from Savvy Rest are awesome.

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Love platform beds. Use slats. This suggestion will get howls, but we have fallen in love with Otis futons instead of traditional mattresses. Not at all what you are thinking, not at all like the lumpy cotton futons of yore. Need to be on slatted platform, though. Everyone that stays in our guest room asks what kind of mattress we have as it is so comfortable.

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When we were redoing and painting our house a few years ago, we went to a local motel for a few days because I could not tolerate the smell of some of the paint used because it triggered asthma. We took our blue Persian with us because he, too, had asthma very bad. We lost him. We looked everywhere. I swore someone came in during the night and catnapped him (if you saw him, you might have; he was gorgeous). Suffice it to say, it costs Marriott $462 to replace a platform bed in a motel room. Don't ask me how I know but curiosity almost killed the cat.

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Sueb20: I agree with Denali. We purchased a Savvyrest natural (not synthetic) latex bed about two years ago. It is a very well made bed and is wonderful sleeping. Ours is a king, and has one heavy zippered outer case that holds three twin mattresses for each side/person. You choose which level of firmness each piece is and layer them however you choose. Once it is all put together, you would never know that it had more than one piece inside-the foam just fits together perfectly.You could get it up your stairs as each piece is twin size and comes tightly rolled. And like Denali said, Savvyrest's shredded latex pillows are great. (I have no affiliation with this company.)

Edited to add: they do have platform bed frames as well as other frames.

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"My worry about a queen mattress on a platform would be the difficulty in turning it. Any ideas on this? TIA"

not sure why a mattress on a platform would be harder to turn than a standard bed. But I can tell you I rotate my king mattress, which is on a platform (no sides to the platform, though -- maybe that's it) without any problem.

Once a QUARTER though -- not every month!

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Getting back to the OP, if it is the bed skirt that is an issue, could you use a bedspread instead?

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I changed to a platform bed two years ago and love it. The bed you posted is quite lovely. Mine is RTA and could be ordered in two different heights. The manufacturer is Night and Day Furniture. I suggest you look on their website. Their prices and quality are excellent.

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We have a king air bed (happens to be the one you see in commercials, but there are others). It came in a surprisingly small box, and is extremely comfortable. My sons both have twin-size air beds, and they love them too (not the name brand).

It's on a platform with drawers, which I love. I use a comforter that hangs just to the bottom of the mattress, so the drawers are easy to access. They are perfect for out of season clothes.

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