sanyo vpc-E760 not working

helenhFebruary 1, 2011

I was taking pictures in the snow. It was about 20 degrees F. Pictures are distorted and pinkish purple

The camera was working this morning. Is the camera worn out? I've had it a few years. Did the cold do something?

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The tiled effect and color shift is typical of digital cameras when they are operated at temperatures significantly below their design spec.

Per the instruction manual for your camera the recommended minimum operating temperature is 0deg Centigrade (32 deg F).

The cold only effects how the camera operates at the time. It does not do any permanent damage to the camera. Once the camera is warmed up to room temp it will continue to function normally.

If you desire to shoot outdoor shots in winter I suggest you carry your camera on the inside of your coat where your body temperature will keep the camera warm. You can then take it out long enough to shoot a couple shots and return it under the coat. In this manner the camera body will not cool down enough to cause problems.

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It is still not working. The pictures are still pinkish and distorted in the warm house. This is through the window 70 degrees or so inside the house. Are there any adjustments that can be made or do I need a new camera?

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I would try to restore camera to factory setting....just to see.
Hopefully in manual it will tell you what to do, if it doesn't help, it might
need ribbon re-setting inside the camera, worse, to get new parts.
Looks like a trip to the doctor.

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Thank you for your help.

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