My cat has cancer

huntersmom_2008February 9, 2008

Hi-Please DO NOT put her to sleep!!! My cat has a golf ball size tumor and I went through the tests, too and they told me basically to give up. She wasn't eating, drinking or going to the bathroom so I went to the pet store and bought a can of Ensure--well, it's called Catsure-and I also bought a small bottle with a nipple on it and force fed her this stuff-a half a bottle every few hours. She got her strength back and then I bought her favorites (what the heck, eh?)-she LOVES whipped cream from the can so I give her bowls of it as well as some cheese and half & half and changed her food to those little cans of Fancy Fest. She's just awesome now! She plays, eats, drinks and watches the birds outside. Maybe she'll pass away sometime soon but she's gonna go out with a bang! I've had her for 10 years, have no family but her and she's my best friend. She's a calico named Daisy and she's the best cat ever!

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I'm so sorry your kitty is sick. We've been through it and know how it feels.

Thanks for loving her so much and for giving her treats as she nears her transition -- she'll let you know when it's time.

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Vets are frequently the first to give up. In spite of her illness, Daisy sounds like one very lucky cat to have you as her mom.


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Thank you So much for your posts-you both have brought me to tears

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I think you are doing a great job making her happy to the end. I will keep you in my thoughts. We had a cat that had gotten in a fight & hurt his leg pretty bad. His leg would start to heal & then become itchy maybe & he would roll on the driveway & break it open again every time. We took him to the vet several times & gave antibiotics, applied wraps & all sorts of things but never making progress. To make a long story a little shorter, my DH decided to try giving him ensure, (didnÂt know they even carried cat ensure). He healed up beautifully, even surprised the vet how well he healed & lived a few years longer running & playing. Keep doing as you feel needed & know that you are not alone & we are here if you need us. Terri

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That is great that you've got her eating - hang in there. I know what its like with cats and cancer.

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It's wonderful, the love between you two. I want you to know how sorry I am about Daisy's illness. Cancer claimed my most beloved friend, Born and I know well your pain. I also want you to know that reading of your and Daisy's love and situation has quite possibly saved some little lives. May I tell you?

I took a stray cat to the vet today for check-up, shots, appt. for spaying, etc. She checked out fine for the most part. Young female with a broken tooth but no broken spirit, she! What a gem, just layed there politely during the whole process. And purring yet! Spaying is scheduled for Monday and the vet commended me on going ahead with this important surgery telling me how many thousands of unwanted lives of probable agony I am preventing by doing this. I should tell you that I was determined to find her a good home even if not in mine and being neutered was the best way for this either way. I know that. Before I left, the tech told me there might be an additional fee if they find she is pregnant when they remove her uterus. Well, I tend to think slowly when my emotional rug gets yanked out from under me even in the slightest, so I just left. I've troubled over this all evening but now thanks to your posting, I will call tomorrow and postpone her surgery. I figure that in 3 weeks I should know for sure if she has little ones on the way. After that I will know better just when to schedule her hysterectomy! Of course I'm hoping she only has a bad case of worms and isn't pregnant. It she is, maybe being young and physically stressed she'll only have a couple. I WILL place them in homes of people I know and only if they promise to neutering.

I thank you and Daisy for this. Yours is a special kind of love - a special blessing. I pray that your days together are filled with comfort, peace and love. Please know that you have friends with willing ears and shoulders here on the forum.

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That's wonderful that you have gotten Daisy to regain some strength and be happy again. The protocols for cancer treatment are all over the place... so just keeping her happy and comfortable may be the best way to go. Your vet could possibly prescribe prednisone which is normally used to treat a low grade cancer. Will be keeping a good thought for you and Daisy.


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I am quite amazed with Daisy's progress. Keep up the good job!
It was almost 2 months ago we lost one of our beloved cats to a brain tumor (he went so fast!). We have one with kidney problems and cancer (osteosarcoma, we were told-a tumor in the pelvic area), so cancer is much on our minds. He started limping almost a year ago, and almost right away lost the use of his right hind leg (his vaccines'leg.. hmmm suspicous, right?) but it was only recently that the tumor appeared on X-rays (yes, I do question our vet's competence --but that would be a long story--she wanted to put him down last Christmas). I am going to try Catsure...
Anyway, I was just wondering where Daisy's tumor is located. Please keep us posted on her progress, and, although I know I don't have to say it, you both keep up the good fight. We are thinking of you.
P.S.:We also have a HEALTHY, 12-year-old, calico cat, and she is just wonderful.

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You all have no idea what your posts have meant to me. I read them and just cry to know that your thoughts are with my little girl. If I could send you all photos on this site, I would.

Thank you SO much-God has spoken to me through you.

Take care-

Susan (Daisy's mom)

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I thought, and re-thought this. I have to tell you folks that when Born got cancer the first time, I gave him essiac tea daily. True that he had surgery and radiation, but we got 3 more blessed years with him from one or all of these (and plenty of prayer too!)

Good luck and prayers to all.

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Hi! I started this thread in February and your posts have really helped me. I just wanted to let you know that I said good-bye to my little girl Daisy at the vet's office yesterday morning. Her cancerous tumors had started to bleed and I was constantly changing her bandages. She began to withdraw but I wouldn't give up. I finally had to face it and brought her in and they told me that it would be best. Knowing about the appointment two days before-I sobbed and really haven't quit sobbing. The doctor took some last photos of us together and I held her and said said good-bye. I turned to the dr and said if they ever find a calico kitten that needs a good home-and soon the assistant brought in a calico kitten! I introduced her to Daisy and got a photo of the two together. I'll get the kitten next week. I am SO, SO sad about Daisy.

Thank you all for being there for me-you're the best!!

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May your kitten fill the space of loss in your heart.

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I am soooo sorry for your loss. From one who's been there, I am glad you will soon have a new little one to lavish with love and attention. Realize that you might have some good days and bad days getting used to and just having a new kitten right on the heels of losing your Daisy, but we can't always plan when the one who needs us comes along. He/she needs you just as much as you need him/her.

Best of luck to you and your new little one, and may your Daisy girl rest in peace.

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My cat, a long-haired sealed point Birman just passed early Monday morning of cancer, and two weeks ago, she was perfectly normal. I am still in shock and disbelieve. Because the illness took over her so rapidly, from the time I first took her to the vet until her passing, was merely one week and she really started to decline Sunday afternoon. Toward the end, the thought of putting her to sleep had crossed my mind, although I have always been against it. I think somehow she knew it would be a hard decision for me to make, so she just made that decision for me. She crawled into my closet Sunday evening, and I knew she was ready, so I placed her little bed in the closet to make it more comfortable for her. She was unconscious throughout the night with the occasional moaning. I tried to comfort her by stroking her head, finally with a few gasps for air, she surrendered her life early Monday morning. I held her little body and cried all night. She has given me so much these past two years by being my companion and friend, and has totally changed my view about cats and I loved her so much...but I don't think I can go through this again.

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My orange tabby, William of Orange, has just been diagnosed with inoperable nasal lympho carcinoma. We have been offered definitive radiation, palliative radiation, and chemo. I need to decide what's best for HIM. Has anyone had any experience with this? Thank you.

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kittymom- I'm sorry about your kitty and don't have much to offer in the way of advice except that you might want to start a new thread so people see your question. Go to the top of the page, click on "return to the pets forum" and you will get back to the main subject page. At the bottom of that page you can type your question so it becomes a separate post, and your question doesn't get lost in this one.

Good luck to you and William. I have the softest spot ever for Orange tabby cats.

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HuntersMom and Obelisk: My sincere condolences. I have loved cats all my life and have been where you are many times.

My present cats will soon be 18 and 16 years of age, and of course, I worry every time one of them gets constipated or refuses to eat. I guess we always hope that our babies will die at home with us there, but sometimes the choice falls on the owners. The only consolation is how much we and they filled each other's lives with love and joy and the fact that we are able to keep them happy until the end because we outlive them.

HuntersMom: Like you, when I find myself catless, sooner or later, I get a new cat. I consider that it is like a tribute to the ones that are gone that they made me so happy that I want to give another cat a home. Sometimes I cry over a cat that died long ago, but at the same time, when one dies, the new one(s) help ease the pain. I hope and feel sure that your new kitten will do that for you after your dear Daisy's death. You did well to keep her going those extra months and to help her enjoy the time.

Obelisk: I understand your feelings, too. Many people feel the way you do. You have been through a horrible experience that came upon you all unexpectedly. I am so sorry for your loss, and especially because you apparently didn't get to share your cat's life for many years, the way it should be. One of my favorite cats died of kidney trouble at only 4&1/2.

Kittymom: I'll be looking for your new post and will post something there. I'm so sorry about William of Orange. (What a delightful name for a cat of his color!)

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Hi everyone,

have just joined this site....have just discovered that my 11 y/o cat (bella) has cancer of the intestines.....I thought the loss of weight was because she had a furball and so could no longer eat anything...

so it was all very unexpected......

am really keen to try she is not eating her food.....

have tried ordering online through amazon, but they dont ship it to England it seems....

does anyone have any ideas please....or general adviice....

many thanks...

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Hi shaunack, I am sorry about your Bella. One of our cats has an intestinal tumor. He was diagnosed last year May. He had surgery to attempt to remove the tumor in June, but it was intertwined with his intestines and inoperable. I've been feeding him grass-fed raw beef (ground or cut into very small pieces) and Evo grain-free canned food. For dry, he likes Wellness Core. He has been doing so well, he especially loves the raw beef. Grass fed meats supposedly contain a cancer fighting substance and lots of pets are on raw diets, so I figured adding the beef couldn't hurt. His appetite is great and he eats all the time, so it is working. He IS thin, but that's to be expected.

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Honey I am so sorry to hear about your problem. I am mostly known as a dog person on here, but beleive it or not, I truly adore cats and was always a cat person in my younger days. I would be again, if I didn't have so many dogs right now.

Our last kitty had FIV. He lived to be eight years old, which is a long time to live with it, since he contracted it at birth. We ADORED him. Just like you, we made him as comfortable as possible and he got anything he wanted.

His life might have been short for a cat, but he sure had a good one while he had it. Bravo to you!

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Hello, I have a 7 yro Calico who was just suspected of having Cancer. She and a small lesion on her nose which is primarily white. I do not accept this or choose not too. What can you tell me since you have a calico too?

Thank you,

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Hi Janice, hope your calico is doing ok.

My 10 year old calico got what looked like a small white pimple on her nose last fall. We had it surgically removed and it was cancer (soft tissue sarcoma/peripheral nerve sheath tumor). The surgical margins were not clear. She had radiation treatments (21 sessions) in December and January. She is doing great now with no signs of recurrence. I really hope your cat's lesion is benign!


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I hope your cat is okay Janice. Please keep us informed and God Bless.


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My cat has granular lymphoma (tests done) and vet said to put him down. Very hard to do. Last night he has urinated on the bed. Often he can not make it to the cat box during the day. He tries to run over but can not always make it. He has lost 4 lbs in 7 weeks. Weight seems to be holding here. He eats okay several times a day. Vet put him on Prednisolone .25 ml orally. He has a gulf ball size tumor on his intestinal track and liver. Not sure if they have invaded organs. I try to keep him comfortable but not sure if he is in pain. He has become distant emotionally. What should I do? Any suggestions.

Here is a link that might be useful: mike

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It might be worthwhile to get another opinion, specifically from an oncology vet to find out if there are any options to treat him.

Best of luck to you and your kitty.

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Thanks cat_mom. I did get a very costly 2nd opinion from an
oncology doctor and news not good. Tested tumor and was positive for granular lymphoma. My cat was at 18 lbs last year and today he is 14.2 lbs. But he is eating. I am reading everything I can find on internet but no real good answers. Thanks for you thought.

Here is a link that might be useful: mike

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