Ready for our close-up, starpooh....cat_mom's finished kitchen!!!

cat_momFebruary 17, 2008

Well folks, months after completion, our kitchen is finally ready for the FKB. Okay, as ready as it will ever be! We are awaiting resolution of our Wolf range burner issues, need some accessories, and might swap out our backsplash switchplates, but for all intents and purposes, I give you cat_mom's kitchen:


Link to my photobucket album:

Our cabinet company: (our cabinets are cherry veneer in a "flame" grain pattern with slab doors, with a very light, "watered down" stain, grain matched from top to bottom of each cabinet/drawer stack, and side to side where possible or necessary, matching cherry wood light rails under the upper cabinets, maple veneer interiors, plywood boxes, wood shelves, dovetail drawer boxes, all wood full-width pullouts).

Our handles are from Valli and Valli: (style A 230 in sizes A, B, and C).

Hidden pulls are from Hafele: (Page 245, the black one, but the smaller size--not as wide).

Julien sinks (Nicole Arsenault in Customer Service is a doll!): (ours is from the urban edge collection; model # 3715; 30" X 17" X 10", plus the matching sink grid).

Grohe faucet; the Ladylux Caf (we got the all stainless steel version, see bottom of page), the soap dispenser (Model # 28 857 SDO,stainless steel) and the Ladylux Pro pot filler faucet (stainless steel):

Handles, sink, faucets, and soap dispenser came from Hardware Designs in Fairfield, NJ: (Sean SweeneyÂgreat salesperson!).

Wolf Range: (we got the Wolf AG 36" with six burners; Model R366), purchased from Leibert's Royal Green Appliances: 228 E Post Rd White Plains, NY 10601 914-949-5999 (they do a lot of Wolf/SZ volume, so offered good pricing on our range).

Pando hood: (we got the P900, not sure if itÂs on their site, which isnÂt a great site by the way).

Miele dishwasher: (Miele Optima, fully integrated).

GE microwave: (JEM31SF with trim kit).

KitchenAid 42" built-in refrigerator (in stainless steel): (KSSC42QTS)

Dishwasher, microwave, range hood, and refrigerator came from RenoÂs Appliances (Elmwood Park, NJ store, now moved to Patterson, NJ. Also located in Fairfield, NJ):

Andersen 6 ft wide three window bow window: (Pine interiorÂstained to match the cherry cabinets, Terratone exterior, Tru Scene insect screensÂwood veneer interior stained to match the cherry cabinets, satin nickel Estate handles/hardware).

We got all blumotion glides and hinges on our drawers, pullouts, and cabinet doors. All glides are 75 lb rated except for the mixer pullout which is 110 lb rated. We also got the soft close hinge clips from blum for all the hinges: Most of the hinges are 150 or 170 degree opening hinges (except in doors that just canÂt be opened more than 90-110 degrees because of their location. Those will keep the 110 degree opening hinges). The 170 degree hinges allow for full width pullouts, and seem to be easier on the edges of the doors themselves.

Our granite is called Labrador Golden Flake: (the place we got it) (another picture, maybe a better representation of it).

You can see pictures of our actual granite in my photobucket album.

Backsplash is from Artistic Tile: (Stilato pattern in Wolfgang White; installed vertically).

Wood switchplates are from Arnev Products, Inc.: (cherry on message center wall and on island, ordered unstained/unfinished and then stained and finished by Royal Cabinets to match the cabinets, maple ones used inside one or two cabinets, ordered with poly, no stain).

Our under cabinet (U/C) lighting is Kichler Linear Lighting (xenons) with black tracks, wiring, stabilizer clips, splicer boxers, and bulb holders:

Our fan is from the Matthews Fan Company (Edwin is a great help with any questions!): (the Vent Bettina in polished chrome with mahogany blades).

Our heating in the kitchen consists of two toe kick heaters from Turbonics (two Kickster +4Âs, one on each side of the island).

Our counter stools are from Design Centro Italia/ (Nathan): (Baba black leather counter height stools).

Our stepstool is from Williams-Sonoma: (Ultraslim Compact Aluminum Step Ladder, 2-Step).

Our dishtowels are from Wm. A. Kilian Hardware Co. (online): (Ritz Flemish Wonder Towel).

White oak floor, no stain, 3 coats Bona Traffic poly.

Walls are painted with Benjamin Moore White 01 wall paint in AquaVelvet finish.

Some pictures:

More pics will be added to my photobucket account/album(s) within the next day or so.

I want to thank everyone here for their advice, encouragement, and support as we made our dream kitchen a reality! I learned so much and I know we couldn't have done it without you all in our corner!

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Ooh, nice job. Very sleek but still comfy. I bet you love cooking in there!

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OOOOHHHH WOW! Fantastic kitchen! Love the backsplash tile. And the double fan is a great design feature. The kitchen looks like a joy to use. Enjoy! Sue

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Robin, if mine looks half as beautiful as this I will be happy. Love it! It looks like it is right out of a magazine's model kitchen pages. There is something so serene that I hope to capture in my own renovation. Bet you are happy it is finished!

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I knew it! I knew it! I could tell from your posts you were going to have an absolutely wonderful kitchen. And you do! Even though I tend to favor the period/cottage/farmhouse style of kitchen, I'm a lover of all great kitchens. On that score, yours is a definite winner. 2 Thumbs up!

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Gosh, what a fabulous job you did! I love the clean lines & the color combinations. That backsplash/counter/cabinet combo is terrific! Congrats on your beautiful new kitchen. Hope you have many happy hours in it.

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It's just perfect! Every last detail is perfect and the backsplash is spectacular. Congratualtions and enjoy!


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Oh it's so so SO beautiful. Everything is so perfectly placed and balanced. What attention to detail (like the wood switchplates - I never would have thought of that)! I really love your cherry cabinets and how you matched the grain. I checked the website for Royal Cabinet Company. Their Cherry finish page has about 8 different variations. Which one did you choose? Is it the natural? the Ginger? the Autumn?

Congratulations on a beautiful kitchen.

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I'm so excited for you!!! What a beautiful, inviting space. However, this is not a surprise coming from such a warm, kind person!

I just love all the thoughtful details. Congratulations!

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Thank you, thank you! We are enjoying the new kitchen very much, and I am having a lot of fun playing in my new space, with my new toys! There are days when I walk in, and literally have to pinch myself. I still can't believe it's really ours!

We paid very close attention to our choices for our backsplash/counter/cabinet combo. We loved our wood grain, loved, loved our granite, and didn't want to choose a backsplash that would take away from either, but would be special in it's own right. I'm so glad you think we chose well! We're quite happy with combination, too.

akchicago--the switchplate idea came about because I am not a big fan of the white /beige plastic switchplates on even dark wood islands, which I kept seeing in some of the biggest, fanciest kitchens in the books, magazines and other kitchen idea publications/portfolios. cloud_swift had shown pics of her cherry plates on her ntural cherry island, and was kind enough to pass along the info as to where she'd gotten them. I was able to choose the edge on the switchplates (they offer a few choices), the grain; horizontal or vertical (we used both types depending on the orientation of the plate), and they even tried to match the grain pattern (flame vs. linear) to the sample pic we'd emailed. Our cab manuf. then stained/finished the plates to match our cabs.

Our cabinet stain/color is actually a quarter-cut version of Royal's Harvest Gold stain (basically a watered-down stain; the stain was cut with "something," mineral spirits?). When they cabs were delivered (a year ago almost to the day!), I thought they'd forgotten to stain them at all. They looked pretty much naked! As you can tell in the pics above, they've ambered up (darkened) quite a bit in one year's time. If I'm remembering correctly, we chose a 20% sheen for the finish.

Again, thank you all for your kind words! :-)

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OMG! You ARE definitely ready for your close-up. lol

That is one stunning kitchen there, missy. I'm with marthavila, I saw many pics here and there of your kitchen and figured that it was going to look great....but that is amazing. You have a future in designing, I do believe. You didn't use a designer, correct?

Congrats! You're kitchen rocks!

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Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful - job well done!!! Congrats and enjoy!

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kk--"click!" LOL! Thank you!

We did use a KD. He came up with the floor plan for us (he was the first KD of several we'd met with to come up with a plan that allowed for an island). He also helped us maintain the clean lines and symmetry of the layout.

Other design elements (e.g. vaulted ceiling, the wood grain/stain choices, our granite, our backsplash tile, our cabinet handles, etc.) came from us. Obviously, there were certain items about which we felt very strongly (had to have a cat feeding space!) so we made sure they were included in the plans that the KD drew up.

I am thrilled to be in such great company here on this forum and to have "met" such wonderful people like you!

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oh wow. There's so much to love there!

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I forgot to show pics of our old kitchen!

This is the wall where the range and fridge now reside:

The new pantry wall is where the fridge and adjacent cabs are in this pic:

What is now the new sink/bow window wall and island location:

This is the wall/doorway that used to be between the DR and the kitchen:

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Some before pictures are complete explanations of a remodel. Not because they were so awful but because they so powerfully illustrate the difference between what is had and what actually suits. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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Ahhhhh, Cat_Mom, what a gorgeous, well thought-out kitchen! You know, I kept thinking you'd finished yours ages ago, but I guess that was just because you had such great advice for everyone else! Thanks for the 'before' picts as well; what a transformation!

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Thanks! We were finished ages ago! Kept missing opportunities to take good pics!

Also, we swapped out the Jade range we'd originally gotten for the Wolf (over the summer), and then kept waiting for DH to finish spackling/painting the ceiling around the range hood chimney and some other spots before I even wanted to take pics. BTW, I am aware that there is a hole in the ceiling. It's there for a heat detector (if we ever get it!).

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Stunning kitchen! Enjoy your new space!

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cat-mom, You have the coolest fan ever! Love your new kitchen, just stunning! Enjoy!

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Oh--I can't believe I didn't include this on my list (in the OP at the top of this thread)! Our KD was David Jefferson of Saddlewood Designs in Sparkill, NY. Excellent designer!

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Lovely! Excellent transformation. I especially like the vertical backsplash :)

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superb! I love modern design and you have chosen the right materials, finishes and layout to achieve that perfect look...

Very impressive, kudos to your KD and you..
love it all...

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Wow, what an awesome reno! I love all the storage in there and that ceiling fan/light is perfect for the clean, Contemporary look you have going. You did such a great job picking everything out . . . big, big congrats!!

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Wow - it's just absolutely gorgeous and looks very functional. I was going to write all the details I like -- but then I realized I like it all.

Great kitchen

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Sleek and gorgeous. You did a great job with every detail. I love that backsplash.

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Looks like a page from a magazine, a very upscale magazine!! Enjoy!

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OMG!! Now that I have seen the "before" pics it even makes your "afters" even more amazing. It is fabulous.

And as far as your comments on meeting wonderful people on this forum, right back at ya. You are truly a gem.

BTW, after I saw your kitchen this morning, I kept singing in my head (to the theme of Batman) "na na na na na na na na cat mooooooooooom."

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Now THAT is magazine material my dear! Congrats! LOVELY!!!!!!!!


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Gorgeous! The design seems to encapsulate every decade, appeal to every style, like it could be a vintage '60s kitchen out of BHG, but so modern as well. I just love the backsplash. Conratulations! An amazing transformation as well!

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WOW! Absolutely gorgeous! The colours, the space, the clean lines, the fixtures...what a stunning "after"! Congratulations and enjoy:)

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Wow! That is some transformation and one amazing kitchen! It belongs in a kitchen magazine. Lucky you, to have such a beautiful kitchen. Hope you're enjoying it.

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You did fantastic!!! Love it!

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Oh my, you guys make me blush! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments! I have to say, that coming from such an awesome group of people such as yourselves, it means the world to me to read your comments. You have to know how much I truly enjoy seeing every one of your finished kitchens posted on this forum.

Like marthavila, I have my own preferences, and as you can see, I lean towards clean-lined contemporary kitchens. I can't tell you though, how much I've grown to appreciate and admire the many different styles/looks I've seen here (I find myself viewing creamy/white glazed cabinets in a whole new light after seeing all the beautifully done kitchens on this forum!). I wish I could visit each and every one of you, and sit in your lovely new kitchens and admire your new spaces in person. What a wonderful community we have found here! I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

A shout-out to kk--when I am having a rough day of it, all it takes is coming home and reading one of your (and of course i-chics!) posts, and I am usually able to find my smile again! You're posts are a blast and you are quite the gem, too. :-)

I also loved that you were singing the Batman theme with my user-name! Especially since my name in the real world is Robin!!!

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That's an amazing transformation! You did a fabulous job, congratulations!

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Beautiful, just beautiful. I have to say, I watched that top 10 kitchens show on HGTV last night, and I like your kitchen better than any of them! It is such a transformation and you really made some wonderful choices. Congrats!

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WOW! Looks like a magazine. Every detail is perfect. Enjoy!

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It's gorgeous.

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Wow!!! Pure perfection!


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That's the most amazing BEFORE and AFTER I have seen yet. Congratulations on a job well done.

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looks great, catmom! adding the internet links for everyone was a nice, gracious touch for everyone still shopping!

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Brava, cat_mom! I just love the way your kitchen turned out. It was great sharing tips with you on the glass tile. FYI, thanks to your inspiration, I plan to use Venecia thermofoil for a vanity for my master bath renovation due to start in April. I also looked hard at the opera glass for the shower stall because I just loved your look. But I think we're going to use an Ann Sacks tile instead. I think you're starting a bathroom soon too-- I can't wait to see how your vision translates there. Good luck!

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I am going to have to start saying thank you in some other languages just to mix things up! Domo Arrigato Gozaimasu everyone!

We are enjoying the new kitchen very much! I can't tell you how many times I've turned down the opportunity to go out to eat (and DH was offering!) because I wanted to stay in and play in my new kitchen!

glad, I had wanted to do the links as clicky links, but forgot that I needed to type them up differently to show up as clicky's in a post. I'm "glad" you found them helpful! :-)

callieandkarin--thanks! I enjoyed sharing tips with you as well! You're correct, we have three bathrooms to do. If the the $ holds out, we'll try to get all three in this year. If not, one this year, and then the other two the next. Please tell me about the Ann Sacks tile you're considering (any cheaper than the Opera Glass?). I think we need some emails back and forth again re: bath stuff, wouldn't you agree? I need to pick your brain I'm sure!

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I've been following your remodel. What a fantastic vision you had and everything pulled together so nicely. It's gorgeous!

Now, when are we invited over for a home cooked meal so we can dirty up the place?


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Hey, guys - count me in on your e-mails about backsplash tile. I went into Ann Sacks in NY one day before I had any clue what I was doing or looking for. yummy stuff.

Robin - I cannot tell you how much I love the feeling of your kitchen. My layout is totally different but I hope the ambiance will be similar.

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debi--ha! I told you all I was going to "stage" the kitchen for the photos! Do ya really think it's always that clean?!? LOL! Seriously, I would so love to have a TKO/GW get-together. Wouldn't we all have a blast?

Rayna--where in NY? I haven't even seen Ann Sacks in person, and I do really need to get my a** in gear with bathroom options/choices. Anyone want to drag me out to the stores to look for stuff....?

Thanks so much, too! I know yours is going to turn out awesome Rayna. In addition to the care and thought you've put into it, your artistic eye will add that extra-something to your kitchen I'm sure. Maybe you'll help me figure out how to accessorize my space!

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rayna and cat_mom-- the Ann Sacks glass is really nice stuff, and, like the Opera Glass, it has smooth edges which I think are key in a bath setting.

I went to Ann Sacks store in Greenwich, CT and had a surprisingly nice experience there. I originally was interested in a line called "Lake Garda" that has a great blue-gray color I have been looking for. That stuff runs $35-45psf. But, the saleswoman pointed me to a line of theirs called "Crystal Glass" that is amazingly inexpensive (I think it was $17-19psf?) because it comes in limited sizes and colors so they can keep it in stock. A blue in that line was pretty close to what I was looking for, and the price and quality was great. I just have to work within the size constraints.

So my plan is for a white 2"x4" ceramic subway field on the walls, with a border of 1.5"x2" blue-gray glass. Then in the stall shower, all blue-gray glass tile in a combo of large and small format. On the floor, I plan on using pennyrounds, either in white matte glass, white ceramic or blue/gray ceramic (Ann Sacks Savoy line, that is nicely priced at less than $10psf). The link below shows a bath with the blue glass and the blue pennyrounds.

So, long story short. I loved the opera glass stilletto pattern, but I think Ann Sacks has some options that are pretty nice and better on the budget. cat_mom-- I don't envy you with 3 baths to do! I definitely recommend the Ann Sacks showroom in Greenwich-- they were honest, not pretentious, and mindful of what was a better value. The only bad thing is their hours-- they aren't open at all on weekends which irks me given that I work full time in the City. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks Crystal Glass

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It really, really is magazine worthy. I love everything you've done, especially the backsplash. And those cabinets are gorgeous. I'm sure you'll enjoy it for many years. Thanks for sharing the pictures and all the information.

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Thanks for the info calliandkarin. I'll share it with my DH. We need to start seriously looking around and begin planning if we want any baths to be completed this year!

You're welcome cheri127(and thanks, too!).

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Hey, how come I don't see any cats in any of these pics?

I think we have all been scammed. She is really not a cat mom and these are pics she cut out of a magazine.

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ooh, kk--casting aspersions on my cat mom status? "Them's fightin' words!" LOL!

Okay, since you insist:

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Fine, fine, fine.

Just checking.

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Fresh! :-)

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Wow! When you posted the picture of your bow window on my thread the other week, I had no idea what your whole kitchen looked like. Awesome to say the least! You must be so pleased and happy.

I wish I was sitting in a nice kitchen like that enjoying breakfast right now instead of bunking with my parents (extremely grateful to them, but I need my own house back :)

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Thanks pdxgal! You'll be in your nice kitchen before too long. When you're in the middle of it all, it seems like it's taking forever, but once it's all done, that whole period of time fades a bit! I look back and can't believe that this time last year our cabinets were just being installed.

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OK, I'm back for another look-see. I love, love, love your new kitchen! That vent hood is beautiful and that ceiling fan of yours is just too cool for words. You've done a great job keeping all your elements in here the same: classy, Contemporary and uncluttered. Sweet kitties, BTW.

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Wonderful! I have no choice but to agree with your perfect marriage of form and function as this is the first kichen I see here that takes the same approach as we did with our new kitchen: clean lines of a contemporary design but still with a very warm and natural feeling to it!


Here is a link that might be useful: Beatrix' kitchen with cherry veneer cabinets

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Lynn--Luckily for us, our style/taste lends itself well to the style of our house (a 1967 built bi-level) as yours does for your home.

I can't imagine a more perfect kitchen for your home (or to go with those awesome views out your kitchen windows!).

Beatrix--you hit the nail right on the head! We wanted contemporary with warmth. I'm so glad you agree that we accomplished that! I know I've said it before, but when I saw your finished kitchen pics, I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't looking at my own cabinets! I think I'd be very happy in your kitchen, too! :-)

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Love your kitchen! and your kitties too!

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OOOHHHHH, catmom I love it. Gorgeous cabinets, floor, Wolf range. I was going to ask about the cats too. Glad to see them in the pictures. You did an amazing job.

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Shizu and Miku say thank you! I might need to have you take some photos of them for me Donna--your pics of your two are terrific!

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Very,very,very sexy kitchen- love it!

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Your new kitchen takes my breath away!! It is so incredibly amazing! I love all the details you've included from the sleek bar area, the beautiful cabinetry and door pulls, the backsplash, to that ultra modern ceiling fan. Congratulations on such a wonderful transformation!!

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That is a spectacular kitchen. I love the cabinets. You managed to design a modern kitchen that exudes warmth. A+++

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Not my style, but absolutely beautiful. I love that backsplash especially. Great kitchen.

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I had to pass this on; DH was thrilled that people "got" the look we wanted to achieve (contemporary with warmth). Thank you all again for your comments!

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Been away for a while, so I'm just now seeing this. It's beautiful. You did a great job.

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I love your kitchen. I noticed you mentioned two toe kick heaters from Turbonics - how do you like the toe kick heaters? Did your cabinets have to be ordered a certain way to accomodate the heaters? I finished my renovation about two years ago and unfortunately, we didn't think out the duct situation in the kitchen so we have one vent attempting to heat a big kitchen.

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Let me repeat myself & tell you again how much I love your kitchen.

Where did you get the Anderson windows? Online, or through a local distritbutor, or through HD or Lowe's? It's exactly the window I want.

Also, I remember your saying how much you like the tile guy who did your backsplash, and I'd like to get info on him as well. I live in central NJ, so I'm wondering if he'd be close enough to do my backsplash when that great day finally arrives.

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Wonderfully calming! And your hood is a perfect focal point...quietly saying "look at me"...and we do!

I love it!

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minac--we like the kickheaters very much. Our plumber tried to talk us out of getting kickheaters ("they're noisy, and you won't need them anyway"), but after he installed them, he told us how nice he thought the Turbonics were! As it is, with the vaulted ceilings in the kitchen and DR it's still a little chilly as you get closer to the DR and the outside wallspace, so we will likely change the baseboard (heat) in the DR to a high-output unit (same thing that's there now, just a taller version). FWIW, Craig at Turbonics was extremely helpful with choosing the right size units, installation questions, and some post-installation questions a few months ago.

Our kickheaters are in the island (one on each side), I'll upload a pic for you later. The island was the only cabinet section where the cabs rest directly on its own toekick (the other cabs are installed on legs, and then the toekick pieces clip onto the legs). The island toekick was just cut-out around the kickheaters (just had to coordinate that with the plumber and cab installer).

helou--the Andersen window was ordered by our friend (who did the demo/construction) from a local lumberyard/hardware store. We had to special order it because Terratone is not a stocked color anymore (?). The size is a standard size in the Andersen catalog as far as I know (6 ft wide to fit into our exisiting header) and I think 3 ft tall, but don't quote me on that! I can check on the exact numbers if you need me to.

We also specified which way we wanted all 3 window units to swing open. We got the Tru-Scene insect screens (wanted the wood veneer interior frames) and the satin nickel hardware.

As for our tile guy, I can give you his contact info if you want to send me an email. He does great work and he's a really nice guy, too.

revans and buehl--thanks so much! There is a remote chance we'll change the hood at some point :-( We love how it looks, and it is very quiet on the lowest speeds, but it doesn't have a great capture area and we need to crank it to the highest speed(s) even when sauteeing in order to coax the steam towards the hood. For now it'll stay though!

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minac--here are some pics of our kickheaters (or at least the grilles covering them):

The kickheaters sit right inside the cut-out portion of the toekick, underneath the cabs themselves. Access panels were cut in the bottom of the necessary cabs (to allow for any future repairs/replacement)--under the bottom pull-out in the mixer cab, under the large pot drawer, and one in the bottom of the bookcase. We put a 1/4" (1/2"?) maple veneered board (matching the cab interiors) on the floor of the bookcase to hide that cut-out.

Just an aside, the grilles are black plastic. They come with the kickheaters themselves. We could have ordered "silver" plastic ones directly from Turbonics (they sounded like they were made from the same "silver" plastic material that was used for the trash cab foot pedal, which is quite nice BTW). I think two of those would have come to $60 or so (?), but we opted against ordering them, figuring the black would fade away more than the silver color and you really don't see them unless you look under the island anyway. If they were in a more visible location, we might have leaned towards the silver.

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There have been a lot a beautiful kitchens on this site but you make me ask why I gave up my slab doors from the 50's.

As with everyone else I think that backsplash is a beauty.I remember seeing it posted previously,I tried to find you in FKB, now I know why you weren't there.I have some questions regarding the tile.Does the tile come in sheets or individual pieces?How easy is it to clean especially behind the stove?

Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Simply put...Your kitchen is understated elegance.

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tobokat--Thank you so much!

I sent starpooh my info, so should be in the FKB soon (it wasn't the "doing" that caused the delay, rather, it was the actual picture taking and uploading that kept getting put off!).

The tile comes in sq ft mesh-backed sections. If you look at our tile install sub-album in my kitchen album, you can see a pic of the tile laid out across the floor. The tile guy did that so he could figure out the repeating pattern, and then follow it (in fact, the small pieces under the window sill were cut and pieced one by one in order to avoid cutting into the remaining few full sheets we had).

The tile is easy to clean. I just use Windex, Cinch, or my recently purchased Perfect Kitchen spray. I have noticed that the tile (grout?) just above the riser on the range, appears to be ever-so-slightly discolored, and that's if you're really looking for it. I don't know if that's as "bad" as it will get, or if this is something that has the potential to worsen over time (or if I should try a stronger cleanser). We figured we could always cover it with a taller riser at that point, if it even occurs, but wanted to start out with as much tile as possible showing.

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Thanks very much for the info cat mom. I still salivate over the kitchen while viewing the tile install pics.So glad it's a breeze to clean.I hope you don't mind if I copy your idea---if the budget allows and I can find the tile, of course.

Congratulations again!

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Brava - Great job. You must be a Jersey Girl ;-)

How long have you had the JEM31? I've search the country for this model and had to settle on it's replacement model: PEM31. Called GE because it's on their website and they said they keep it there for people who may buy it used - so they can get info. Go figure?

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tobokat--copy awya! I'd like to copy it myself for my bathrooms, but don't think the budget will allow for that! If you find anything in a similar look, but cheaper, please let me know!

shermstead--what made me seem like a Jersey girl? I actually was born in NJ (to NJ born and raised parents!) but only lived there 'til I was 5 1/2. I've lived in very nearby NY since then, but I work in NJ.

We ordered the JEM31 in fall '06 and took delivery of it late winter, very early spring of '07. How is the PEM31 different?

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Thanks for posting the toe kick pictures. Since we expanded the DR at the same time and it has vaulted ceilings too, we have issues with the room getting enough heat. I will look into Turbonics. I still can't get over the before and after pictures of the kitchen. The fact that you did different things with the fan style, toe kick heater, vertical tiles etc. and could find people with the skills to help make the kitchen a reality is impressive.

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How could you possibly let that first kitchen go??? I mean the was umm gorgeous and stuff :oP

I love the new kitchen. Very sleek and clean looking and what a great work flow area. You did such a great job! I particularly love the backsplash you didn't want to have compete with your wonderful granite LOL It's unusual and fantastic and probalby the first thing that caught my eyes :)

But I bet you're going to miss that old flooring and the cats eye handles....really LMAO

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very nice kitchen! our architect mentioned using white or milky white tiles for a back splash and I was having a hard time imagining it. they look great as does the rest of your kitchen. A+

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minac--I think you'll like the Turbonics. You have the option of using the switches supplied with the heaters (as we did; we've only used the low speed so far, the switches can be flipped to High-Off-Low), or using no switches at all, and they would come on automatically when your thermostat is calling for heat. As it is, with the switches turned on, the fans only turn on when the water temp in the pipes reach a certain temp (when the thermostat is calling for the heat to kick in).

jwebtx--Thanks! I wanted to find/use something that would blend in with the walls (color) to a degree, yet not disappear, if that makes sense. We're very happy with our choice and chose it because we really just liked the look and weren't thinking trends at all (especially since I hadn't even seen anything like it before I saw it in the tile showroom!).

i-chic!!! I was hoping to hear from you! You were sorely missed here while you and DS were in MD (how's he doing BTW? I hope he's doing well).

I'm so glad you like how my kitchen turned out! More importantly, I was waiting for some of that famous i-chic commentary, and you certainly didn't disappoint!

No, I don't miss those cat's eye knobs in the least! I can't tell you how many times I caught my belt loops on them, or how rough some of them were on the hands on those few doors that needed some "oomph" to pull open. None of that compares to their style, or lack thereof!

As for the floor, would you believe how many people commented on and complimented us on that floor when they were in our kitchen? People loved it! I have to admit, it wasn't too bad looking when we first moved in (many thought it was real wood, not vinyl strips), but by the time it was ripped out, the surface was scratched up and always looked dingy. I'm with you, and very glad it's gone!

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A very beautiful warm kitchen with great lines...I particularly like the way the lines of the fan reflect the rest of the kitchen. I know what you mean about function though. I put in a Scirocco fan but the function was sacrificed for the lines...I also like the colour coordination between the kitties and the kitchen [just kidding!]...Well done. Isn't it fun when you finally get to use the new kitchen after testing the flow in your dreams for months?
By the way do you remember where you got your kitchen timer to the left of the stove...It has great looks too and the two on my new appliances have such a polite beep I can ignore it if I'm engrossed in something else.

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chilkoot--thank you! Of course we had to coordinate the kitchen colors with the cats, doesn't everybody? LOL!

I got the timer at a NJ store called Chef Central, but I'm not seeing the timer on their website:

You might be able to call them and ask about it. It's a Hoffritz timer with a clock. I hadn't intended on keeping it out on the counter, but liked the clock function and liked how it looks so out it stayed!

I linked a site below that has more info about the timer. Don't know anything about the site, but it was the first one I could find for you that had some info about it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hoffritz Timer

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Thanks very much. I will order myself one ...after all my work in the remodel it would be a shame to constantly overcrisp the Yorkshire pudding or the cookies!

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Cat Mom -

Thought you were from NJ from the area's you were shopping. I'm originally from NJ.

The PEM31 is a little more modern looking and less stainless. It has a built-in kit, but the kit adds a lot of dimension and depth. So, my cabinet maker has built a cabinet for it. It might be tighter than recommended (for air circualtion), but I like a built in look vs. a microwave shelf. I'll know tomorrow how it looks - as my cabinets will be installed in the morning.

Here is a link that might be useful: PEM31 Spacesaver

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chilkoot--make some of both for me! LOL

shermstead--duh! I forgot that many of the store locations were in NJ--my poor failing memory....! Whereabouts were you from?

I like the look of the PEM31 (I didn't love the JEM31, but it was the only one that would fit depthwise and that had an on/off switch for the turntable, a must for us). I can't imagine how the PEM31 trim kit ventilates the micro though. It looks to be solid metal, no louvered ventilation like the trim kit for the JEM31. Let me know how yours looks when it's installed in the cab. Post some pics if you can.

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Cat, It took me about four pages of scrolling to find this thread and just as I was about to give, I found it!

What can I say that hasn't already been said? Que maravillosa...Tres magnifique!

Exactly the type of kitchen I would want to have. Nice, clean, uncluttered (for the pics only I imagine, lol), and good lighting...this one is simply my "cup of tea." :-)

Now get cracking on those bathrooms senora gata!


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Dearest: Great choices, great taste, great job!

I do have a question. And I am sorry if I missed an answer amongst all those posts but I am days away from having to make a decision on my lighting: it's about your recessed lights. How many do you have? Are they 6"? Do they have baffles (to remove the glare)? White or black baffle? Where did you purchase them? And most importantly, how far are they apart from each other and from the upper cabinets?

Thank you so much for taking time to respond (if you can).

God bless.

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mari--Gracias, grazie, merci! But, have you been spying on me? How did you know the messes worked their way back only moments after the camera stopped clicking? LOL! As for the bathrooms, all in good time, all in good time.....!

mariel1951--thank you! As for the lights, there are a total of 7 in the kitchen (three placed along the ceiling in front of the sink wall, three in front of the pantry wall, and then one over the island). I really could use one over the tabletop end of the island, but we put the fan there. We might move the fan to the DR (soon to be flip-flopped with the LR), and move the center hi-hat in the DR to the spot vacated by the fan.

I'm not sure of the spacing, we went over that with our electrician. Apparently there is some formula or standard distance from the walls/cabs that they use to determine recessed lighting placement.

The hi-hats are 6" in size and the cans are angled (I forget the exact terminology), new construction "cans" for vaulted celings. Ours have white baffles (I'm pretty sure those are supplied separately). The electrician supplied all the electrical supplies, but you can purchase the recessed lights from any electrical supply house or I would think HD or Lowes as well. They are Halo brand.

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"shermstead--duh! I forgot that many of the store locations were in NJ--my poor failing memory....! Whereabouts were you from?

I like the look of the PEM31 (I didn't love the JEM31, but it was the only one that would fit depthwise and that had an on/off switch for the turntable, a must for us). I can't imagine how the PEM31 trim kit ventilates the micro though. It looks to be solid metal, no louvered ventilation like the trim kit for the JEM31. Let me know how yours looks when it's installed in the cab. Post some pics if you can."

I'm from Essex County (North Caldwell) where the Soprano's is filmed.

My cabinets went in today - what a long day! Lots of detail to finish. Cabinet maker only made a few major errors!!!!!!! The PEM31 trim kit does not have any ventilation except for the extra space it creates around the microwave and in the back. That's why I chose to do without it. I'll post pictures when my kitchens finish. Unfortunately, that will be several weeks away, as I leave Monday on business and then meeting my family in LA for a visit. So, even though the granite is being measured tomorrow, I don't want my installer to cut anything until I see the template.

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Thank you Cat Mom. Appreciate the details.

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Wow... absolutely stunning. I love your style. Its probably a good thing I didn't see your kitchen before I designed mine or I might just have copied yours! LOL.

Dang it now by replying I will move your kitchen back up to the top and I just posted my completion - don't want mine to pale in comparison to yours ;) - I love mine but yours... wow... I love it too!

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Oh sure mysterymachine, and I just said those nice things on your thread! Hmmm, is it too late to take them back? LOL!

You know, it's so funny, I think we've all done really terrific jobs on our renos (especially considering some of our BEFORE shots!), yet many of us still lust after elements of each others new kitchens. I am very happy, no, thrilled with mine, yet I look at the pics others have posted and bam, I feel a tinge of green-eyed monster coming on!

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LOL whats really bad is before I did my remodel I would see some people's before pictures and think they were so great compared to mine.

Hah hah... why would you take back your compliments to mine? - reread what I wrote and I'm basically saying I might like yours even more than I like my own which is about the highest compliment I can give.

How does that cupboard above the fridge work? Doing that nice hood exhaust cover must have been a pain - mine was a huge pain and it got all messed up and mine isn't going into an angled ceiling like that.. but maybe my guys just didn't know what they were doing.

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Just teasing MM! I do appreciate the compliments, believe me!

I just took another look at your thread to show DH your granite. Yowza! More pics of that gorgeous stone of yours to drool over! When I see stone like that, makes me wish I had me some of that, too!

The cab over the fridge is a lift up door. It's not a tall cab but it's pretty deep. We don't have too much in it (at least not depthwise), because I'm afraid we won't be able to reach anything that isn't near the cab opening!

OMG, the hood, chimney, cover were royal PITA's in many ways. We had the chimney cover custom done by the distributor, and then had to have them cut it down in height after the fact. Then, DH had to cut it down a little more because there is a beam (joist?) right where the chimney cover goes up into the ceiling, and there went the nice clean cut they did for us (DH used wire snips to cut a nice jagged edge along the top!), AND then the beam had to be notched out a bit as well.

We had the hood up (w/out the cover) early on, and then we took it down during tiling so they could tile that whole section of wall above the range. Then, DH had to drill through the glass tile to put in the screws for the hood (tile guy didn't want to touch that!). DH and I got the hood back up, hanging from the screws, and then sometime later, go to install the chimney cover. Well, it couldn't be done with the hood itself in place, so down came the hood yet again, but it needed to rest on something while we slid the chimey cover into position, so DH rigged up his PA speaker stands with a board across them. With me standing on one counter, and him on the other, holding the vent (duct pipe?) itself with one hand, the cover with another, we then tried to set the hood onto the screws sticking out of the wall/tiles to no avail. We ended up calling a good friend at 9:30 at night (while we were still standing on the counters!) to come over to help. I'd like to say it's up and is never going anywhere, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, it's not the greatest hood for removing steam and cooking odors and we might be replacing it at some point!

Aren't you glad you asked?

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Hah... my story is VERY similar to yours for the hood so I will spare you from reliving someone elses horror - and, like you, I ended up not even liking my hood but the thought of dealing with that again makes me ill (mine is great for removing steam etc - mine just is impossible to keep clean and its lighting is bad). If you notice the top of mine where it going into the ceiling we painted some strips of wood and tacked em to the ceiling just to try to hide some of the trouble. They originally installed my hood WAY too low - the bottom if it was even with my mouth.

As far as the granite - yours is truly great in your space - your cabinets would not look nearly as nice with some funky granite like mine or a verde fucco. And a busy granite wouldn't work with your backsplash either. See I can lust after your cabinets but know they wouldn't work in my space becuase they would take away from the granite and you can do the same with my granite.

I'm just glad the person that had my granite on hold foolishly cancelled their hold! (that was a stressful moment - we absolutely fell in love with the granite right away when we saw it, it was at the last yard in the set of 6 we were looking at that day. The granite yard said it had been on hold but it'd been nearly month and most people don't leave it on hold that long so we waited for over an hour while they tried over and over to reach the person that had it on hold - finally they got ahold of the GC on the project and he apologized for not releasing the hold. Now THAT was a happy moment for my wife and I. :) (God bless this one guy at the granite yard, he reminded me of Ernest from all those movies in look and demeaner, he kept making them try different numbers and people since he could tell how much we loved the stone. He was actually one of the stone handler employees not a customer service person. The customer service ladies were rude and snobbish)

I know its been said but, your windows are gorgeous BTW.. I wish I could have afforded some like that.

The clock was a nice touch.

:) I think you need a more modern looking TV - one of those ones that look essentially like a glass pane would look great with that backsplash LOL.

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mm--we like the look of the hood just fine, not the function as much! Considering the cost ($$$) and the difficulty getting it up, etc., I was shocked when DH even mentioned the possibility of changing it at some point.

If they installed yours too low at first, I'm assuming it was then raised up higher. Why, then did you have to put "filler" strips at the ceiling?

Yes, we know that a "busy" granite would not have worked with our cabs. We saw some nice slabs with movement when we searched the stoneyards, but they fought too much with the wood grain on the sample door. Still, they are so pretty to look at, and your granite is a truly stunning example of its type!

I remember reading your thread about finding the granite and waiting to find out if it would "free-up" for you. Was so thilled for you when it did! I can't imagine those other people aprreciating or enjoying it as much as you :-)

The window change was a must in order for us to put cabinets along that wall (of course, now we have two fairly new double hung Andersen windows sitting in our attic!). Compared to the cost of building an addition in order to gain a larger kitchen with more storage, the cost of a bow window was negligible.

I got the Movado clock for a few reasons (besides the fact that it just looks really good there!). Let's just leave it at the fact that we have a family joke about the Movado watches that I, my sister, and my mom own, and not being able to tell time with them! LOL!

You can't diss my TV! It's new!!

I had a perfectly fine but old and bulky small black Panasonic TV with a built-in VCR in my old kitchen, which didn't look 1/2 bad when we hooked it up in the new kitchen temporarily. I was saving up my lunch money to get a new flat screen TV for the new kitchen, and DH added the rest as my birthday gift last spring.

Besides just plain liking the picture quality of the SONY TV's, the actual top-to-bottom height of the Bravia vs the Samsung or the Sharp Aquous, allowed us to get a larger TV with the SONY than we would have been able to get with the other two.

I think your glass pane TV would have cost me more than a few months worth of lunches in any event! Besides, DH still thinks we should have forgone the backsplash, and had the entire area be one continuous TV screen!!!

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The "filler" strips are becuase they had all kinds of trouble putting in that cover and kept screwing up the drywall - with it being textured and all there is only so much patchwork attempts you can do before you just say "screw it" and do something like the painted wood strips. No one has commented on it - I think everyone assumes that is how it is supposed to look.

Your story makes the Movado clock even better. Its fun to have thing like that. We have a whole story with our mt. fuji painting (which we actually got at mt. fuji) but I won't bore everyone to tears by telling it but its really great when you can have things in the space that look great AND have special meaning. Too often you have this moral dilemma where you have something with meaning but it doesn't really fit (especially things people give you as gifts) so its great when you can "have your cake and eat it too".

:) I'm just teasing you on the TV, I know sony makes the glass panel ones (cause i have one in my bedroom) but its bigger - looks like they don't offer that in kitchen size. Isn't it SOOOO annoying that no one offers decent kitchen size TVs? The TV manufacturers assume that people will only buy a small TV becuase they can't afford a bigger one - so the small ones are mostly crappy! (not saying yours is crappy) Its one of the reasons I didn't get a kitchen TV, I want a small, thin one with decent resolution, a build in DVD player would be nice, and HDMI connections (which is what I wired from the TV room) - No Luck!

Too funny you guys sound like us - my wife and I always end up pooling for TVs and such. I, strangely enough, love shopping for them and reading all about them - she on the other hand loves watching them. So it all works out.

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A good friend works for SONY (got us our bedroom SONY at the employee's discount), but by the time we were ready to get a new TV for the kitchen, the smallest sized Bravia's had been discontinued, so he couldn't get this one for us. PC Richards online still had some in the size we wanted, had the best price, and had them in the B&M location not too far from us, so DH ran over to pick one up for us.

No DVD player, alas, but it does have HDMI connections!

PS I knew you were just teasing! :-)

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WOW, IT's Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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na na na na na na na na cat mmmmmoooooommmmmm!

Put your kitchen on Rate My Space. Do it! I dare you!

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Your kitchen is beautiful!!!! I have just ordered the same pot filler for my remodel! I have a question that hopefully you can help me with.... What height did you mount yours? How many inches above the range grates? And does that height work well for you? I am having a very hard time finding information on where exactly to mount pot fillers...
Thank you so much for your time!

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I LOVE your kitchen! Our kitchen is similar in style and I am looking for ideas for window treatments. I am wondering if you ever added window coverings and, if so, could you post pictures? Thank you!

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Flaten--THANK YOU! We still love it, too--hard to believe it's been almost 7 years! Holy crap!

No window coverings. We never planned to cover the kitchen windows, nor the sliding door in what was the DR, now LR.

We did use Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades in the bedrooms/office/spare room, bathrooms, and FR. I can post some pics later for you of those if you'd like.

This post was edited by cat_mom on Sun, Feb 16, 14 at 23:07

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Happy anniversary of your reveal. :-) Loved looking through it again.

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Cat_mom, your kitchen is one of my favorites! I was happy to see this post pop up with all of your details because I recently sent you an email asking about your floors, but just realized my email function got disabled somehow and no longer works. Your kitchen is really gorgeous!!

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What a beautiful, light filled space. Love the fan.

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Thanks kris_ma, jellytoast, and red_lover, ! It was on President's Day seven years ago that our cabinets were delivered!!! Thank goodness we didn't have the type of winter then that we are having now with all this snow. I don't think anything would have happened when it was scheduled!

jellytoast, I did email you back, sorry you didn't get my email. It didn't even bounce back to let me know it wasn't delivered. As you can see, we just have a white oak floor. They removed some of the boards in what was then our DR (now LR) and wove (weaved?) the new floor boards in and amongst the old. You can't even tell.

red_lover, we love our fan, too, and we use it often during the warmer months (which I hope aren't too far off!).

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I am so glad this thread got revived. I have always loved your island and pantry area set-up. Can you share some information as to dimensions for the island (lower and table part) and the pantry wall? thanks!

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hatethecold (I am going to rename myself hatethesnow soon!)--thank you! Our KD suggested "cheating back" the pantry cabs to 18" (rather than the more typical 24" cab depth), and also moving the refrigerator to the adjacent wall, in order to give us enough space for an island.

We weren't aware that the cab manufacturer was making the pullout drawers ~15" deep f to b (they used 16" drawer glides), which meant we lost a few inches of usable pullout space. Had we known, I think we could have specified deeper pullouts (with longer glides).

As it is, we did have them change the door hinges on all the pantry doors (and most of the others in the kitchen) to 170 degree hinges. This allowed for full-width pullouts (they didn't have to block out inside the cabs in order to allow the pullouts to clear the doors). Something to keep in mind when planning pantry cabs. Maximize that storage space!

Our island is just under 62" long, and is 31.5" wide (plus the granite countertop edge/overhang). It is 36" tall with the granite. The tabletop is 38.25" tall (the granite piece sits on a ~1" thick piece of granite, glued to the island granite. The tabletop piece is 28.5" x 33.5" wide.


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Cat_mom-i think hate the snow is a given with my name! Thanks so much for the additional info. It is just what I need. I think the shallower pantry might be just what we need as well. Do you have any close up pics of where the granite pieces join together on the island?

    Bookmark   February 17, 2014 at 9:28PM
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Well how many times have I been in your kitchen ???? And I never posted to this thread ! What a terrible friend I am. I guess better late than never. I love it and have told you so many times...but for the record " I LOVE YOUR KITCHEN " !!!!

and what a treat to go back and see all the OLD names :) a reunion of sorts. c

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hatethecold, this is the best pic I have in my PB:

If you need a better one, I can take a closer shot with my iPhone for you.

The "bar" of granite that the tabletop rests on could be wider. Originally it was thought that the tabletop itself wouldn't overlap the island as much as it does. We had some leeway in the final positioning of the tabletop. We had the tabletop installed where it is, so it wouldn't stick out past the the wall between the kitchen and what was then the DR (now LR). We wanted to keep the tabletop inside the kitchen space. Had we positioned the tabletop with less overlap, the granite piece would look fine, but IMO it looks a little skimpy with the amount of overlap we do have. Oh well, no do-overs, so it works!

C, I didn't scroll all the way through the thread with this resurrection, so didn't even realize you hadn't posted! LOL. Thank you, my friend!

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This picture is perfect, and thanks for the additional info, it will be very helpful

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Cat_mom - I never saw your reveal as I joined after the fact.
So glad to see your gorgeous kitchen.
Love you BS and what a great fan!
(I love the snow but hard to train for Boston with over 300 cm!)
Back home soon...

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Anytime hatethecold! Always glad to help out my fellow GW'ers!!!

a2gemini, thank you so much! We were and still are so happy with how our kitchen turned out, and we too, still love our bs, and fan, and granite.....pretty much everything we picked out. :) Nice to be happy with our choices!

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I love your modern kitchen! Beautiful appliances, beautiful white oak floor, beautiful counters, love the clock above the windows, love the flowers in the vase, and especially love the adorable kitty cats! Thank you for sharing.

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That's pretty much the cat's miaow of kitchens! Absolutely fantastic.

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I love the look of the bare windows like you have. Our kitchen, however, faces the street so I am finding I want some privacy at night and early morning (when I am in my bathrobe).

I am looking for a minimal and modern design for window treatments. I fell in love with Chilewich Bamboo White shades, but the material does not come in the width I need (78 1/2"). I have the same backsplash as you (I copied yours as I loved your kitchen so much), except mine is on the horizontal. The Chilewich Bamboo white is fabulous with this backsplash and I can't get it out of my mind even though it is not to be!

I'd LOVE to see pics of your Hunter Douglas Designer Screen Shades as I am looking for ideas.

Thanks for sharing! Your kitchen is fabulous!

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Thanks lynn2006 and aliris19--love the pun, aliris! We don't have flowers all the time lynn (wouldn't that be nice though?), but I should have taken a new kitchen pic with my beautiful Valentine's Day bouquet--DH drove to the store that Friday morning (after, during? the snowstorms we had) to pick them up for me!

Flaten, I have a couple sets of Chilewich placemats (one set I got at Century 21 for something like $4 each--I couldn't believe it when I got home and googled them and saw that they retailed for $20/ea!), so I know how nice some of their materials can be!

Here are some pics I have in my PB showing a few of our shades:

Guest Bathroom:

MB (reflected in the mirror--you can see how sheer that particular fabric is):

Guest Bedroom (you can see part of the shade):

The shades in the Guest Bedroom and in our "Spare Room" are the prettiest ones we have fabric-wise (IMO), and those have the most texture, too. The shades in the two bathrooms, and our bedroom are solid color, flat weave, and are fairly sheer during the day--we wanted to maximize our ability to look out the windows during the day, while leaving the shades down (on nice days, with the windows open, we raise the shades to the height of the open portion of the window). We have room darkening micro-pleat shades mounted behind the screen shades in both bedrooms. We lower those at night, and raise them fully in the morning when we get up. Privacy micro-pleat shades are available as well, BTW. I haven't seen them in person, but would think they allow more light into the room. Some light does seep in with the room darkening micro-pleats--there are pinholes up/down the length of the shades for the strings that help to raise and lower them.

FYI, they do NOT make the Roman Shade style Designer Screen Shades anymore (like the two in our bathrooms, and the ones in our office and FR which are not shown here). They are only available now as a completely flat shade (like the one in our Guest Bedroom).

They offer a range of fabrics; from very sheer to fairly opaque, completely smooth through textured, etc.


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On another note, how awesome is it to still be getting notes on how beautiful your kitchen is, 6 years later? That has to feel good.

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Absolutely magsnj! :)

I was just thinking, how funny it was to still be answering questions about it today! I'm glad people still enjoy seeing it. We still do, too!

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Thank you so much for posting the photos of your shades. They are lovely! I am going to check them out for my kitchen. Thank you for all your wonderful posts. Your home is beautiful!

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Thank you again Flaten, and you are very welcome!

Still trying to decide if I want any type of WT for the bow window in our DR (former LR), and if so, what. Perhaps someday I will ask the GW gurus for suggestions!

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Hi cat mom,

I came across your thread in my great search for a backsplash. We finished our home in December & I've been waiting to pull the BS trigger (DH said, "It's time!"). I love yours & that it's vertical. Do you still love it? I spoke with a rep & she wasn't sure if it would be a good look for our creamier white cabinets. Any thoughts?

I was initially thinking the Ann Sacks Beau Monde (which is totally different from this look but way to much $$$). Then I came across your beautiful kitchen, which made me pause.

Here's our kitchen. Sorry the picture quality is horrible.

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