Digital Photo Frame

abr4xiiFebruary 26, 2008

Someone bought me a digital photo frame fully loaded

with pics.(something else for the attic)

The instructions say nothing about downloading the pics from the frame to my computer.

Is this possible?

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Yes, but I guess it depends on the frame type. There should be a connection port, such as a USB port somewhere on the frame. Once you find it, you can determine what cable or camera card you will need to copy the photos.

Yep, those camera frames make great additions to the attic, right next to the ceramic cookie jar that's shaped like a pig...


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I think I'd like one for my desk at work. My own photos in it of course.

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if you decide to put it in the attic....g'ahead and holler at me so i can give you my address....:)

I think those are gf got me one and I love it.

And while we're at it....whats wrong with a pig shaped cookie jar???? :P

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I have the digital picture frame at work. (love it!)

And I have the pig shaped cookie jar by the back door with doggie biscuits in it. (The come running when we say "pig pig pig!")

But I have gotten rid of the 8 tracks and the poodle skirt. (Although I might wear the skirt if it still fit...)

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Just posting back to say I figured out how to DL pics from
the frame.

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Wow - I would put my name on the list also if you are shipping it to the attic. I think they are the greatest thing ever! I also have a pig cookie jar that is my favorite think on my kitchen counter! It is a McCoy jar that my parents got as a wedding gift.

Most of the frames hold SD cards that you can just zip the pictures onto from your computer or pop in straight from you camera. Many support video and will play MP3's along with the pictures.

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Be awared that there's a virus found in the Digi photo frame software. Check out these articles below...

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Virus?, that's sounds scarey. I hope my pig cookie jar doesn't have any viruses...:)


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I don't know why you would need to install any software.

You can just drag the pictures onto a card and pop the card into your digi frame. No special software is needed.

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