Test II- What's Wrong With This Photo?

kentuck_8bFebruary 18, 2007

Something is NOT right with this picture...


Image link:

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sun and moon together - beautiful photo.

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Nothing is wrong with your picture you just caught a good shot at the right time. I like it.

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The photo is lovely, but the problem is that you can't have a moon that full so close to the sun! As the setting sun is going down in the west, the full moon would be rising in the east. And it even looks like the little shadowed side of the moon is facing the sun - again, that just ain't right.

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Thanks everyone for your compliments and responses.

Solstice98, you are correct. The moon is in the wrong position, and for sure in the wrong position to be almost full. In that area of the sky, it would probably not be visible at all.

Solstice...with a name like that, You should be really familiar with the (night) sky. Summer or Winter Solstice?

Yes, I have been trying my hand at "cutting and pasting". It only took me about 30 minutes to create that picture. I will get faster...I hope.


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You did a great job with the color matching around the paste. You can't see a seam or blurred edge at all. Nice!

(Summer or Winter? Both! I've always been a sky fan and received my first telescope when I was 10 years old. Now I'm reading up on astrophotography and looking for a connector so I can use my camera on the Questar 'scope I've got.)

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Thanks, Solstice98. Like I said, it only took me 30 minutes(LOL!).

We've watched star-filled skies here since we were kids. I guess living in the country, away from city lights has it's advantages. I still know most of the constellations, and keep up with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn. Uranus and Neptune can sometimes be seen.

I bought an adaptor for my Canon A-1 so that it fit my spotting scope. 15-60X, anything stronger moves too much without a motor to follow the movement across the sky.

Several galaxies can be seen, some with the naked eye, and there are still some comets visible now with scopes.

There won't be another major meteor shower until the latter part of April. OK! I'll stop, but I could go on and on and...


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