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jennybogFebruary 7, 2012

Hello i was hoping for some help. We fostered a pot belly pig from the shelter. The first couple days she was sweet and listened well. We took her for several walks and life was good. Day 3 she start nosing us hard. Day 4 was jumping up and trying to bite us. We did a little research and know she was being territoral but this was some scary stuff. We wanted one and thought this would be a good test to see how much work they would be. Never did we think she would be so scary.Any ideas. We would really would like a pig and think if we hand raised one that would be better. We do have experiance with animals.thank you

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hi jenny, i am fairly new to pots. got my first one at about 3 months of age last summer. she was a challenge, to say the least, completely wild, never been handled, terrified of me. it took many, many weeks of just sitting out in the pen and letting her approach me before i got her tamed down. she is now as sweet as they come. my second little piggy i got at the age of 8 weeks. he was handled from birth and came to me very tame.

here is a great website...i have copied/pasted the page that explains "move the pig" behavior modification.


do you know your pig's history at all? it's possible that she is behaving that way because she is all discombobulated, being in a new place with new people. pots get very bonded to their humans and it will take her a while to let you into her fold. don't give up!!! time and patience and lots of treats. since she is exhibiting some biting, i would NOT feed her by hand right now, just put some yummy treats (popcorn, little pieces of bread, some cheerios) in a shallow pan for her.

will she go belly up for tummy rubs? that's about the best way to a piggy's heart, besides food of course!

there is another member here (betsy) who will hopefully see this and chime in. she is very knowledgeable when it comes to pots.

nina :)

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Thank youb for your advice. We did take her back to the shelter. We were only fostering her for a few weeks. We were thinking of getting a baby in the future but now we are very leary. Thanks Jenny

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jenny, don't let one bad experience scare you away from piggies. they really are wonderful pets, very smart and very lovable!

there's a great book called "pot bellied pig parenting" by nancy shepherd. i think if you decide to get a pig in the future, a baby is the way to go.

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The first thing you need to realize with a PBP is that it's not a cat or a dog and you can't expect it to behave according to expectations based on those animals' behaviors. PBPs are herd animals that do not like change. You were right to do research; I'm proud of you!! So many people do not. I've owned pigs for 20 years, and I still do research. What she was doing was trying to establish her place in the herd. If you had a dog, she would do the same thing with the dog. If she lived with you for five years, and someone new moved in, she might do it again with that person. Once her place in the hierarchy is settled, however, it is over. I have only one piggie left and he is 150 lbs. Altho he can be a little sassy sometimes, there is no doubt that I am the boss, and I am able to control him. It is scary bc they are about 100 lbs (big!) and their behavior is unfamiliar. I hope that you will reconsider adopting the shelter pig. She needs a home, just like all of the cats and dogs in shelters do. Before you do, tho, or before you adopt any pig, be sure that you can give it a proper home. Here are some links to other sites in addition to Nina's with great information. Also, please feel free to email me (see my member page) with any questions. I've had 3 pigs, all with different personalities, over 20+ years. I learned what I did from other owners so I would be happy to pay it forward.

http://9sites.org/pigrescue/adoptionchecklist.htm (also a section on care, make sure you look at whole site)


and there is a yahoo group called PigINFOandCHAT

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Here is a picture of my 3 little pigs snuggling together on the front porch during a rainstorm. They ARE very fun, loving pets, especially if you have a lot of land, as you do. Again, pls feel free to contact me. I'd be happy to talk on the phone too.

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