yay! my first slr!

ashelton80February 23, 2008

Well, I took the plunge today...I plopped out some bucks and got me a Rebel XTI!!!

Got the camera w/usual accesories and kit lens, plus a 75-300 4-5.6 telephoto for $590. I felt like I got a good deal on it, as the camera is only a few months old, used at a Private Investigators office.

Still has factory warranty, and word of mouth 30 days from the guy I bought it from.

Seems to work like a dream so far....:)

Anyway, just sharing the good news...feel like I just had a kid! :)


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Congrats! How fun!

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You are going to love it! Is the lens an IS (image stabilized) lens? I had 2 long ones without IS, and I had to get IS to take sharp pics. Or use a tripod all the time, and I'm far too lazy for that.
I LOVE my Xti, and you will have such a great time learning!

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nah, dont have an IS yet...I SHOULD have waited on the XSI this april. It comes with one...but two extra megapixels and a couple of other bells and whistles didnt make up the price difference for me, Plus at $899 its gonna be outta my price range. Cant get anything THAT expensive til I slap a ring on my girls finger...:) I may order an IS lens, but 99.9% of the time I have my tripod handy. Gotta recover from throwin the dollars at this one first....I think for the price I got a good start anyhow! :) Thus far I have had a blast with it.....there are tons of pics that I got with my h7 that I'm looking forward to reshooting with this one.

If I can just get as good as Joan with it, Ill be content! :)


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Thanks, Andy! (Tell your Mom hi). I think you started with a good camera, when you are ready to move up, you'll probably go up to the 40D or whatever is the newest Canon then. the Rebels are great cams.

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Congratulations on your new camera! Show us some photos;)

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