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june_ndFebruary 2, 2009

I want to make a photo show for my grandson's graduation. I do not have a program yet to do this. I know there are some out there that are online.

Do any of you have a program that one can buy that is quite simple but good? I want to be able to transfer it to a DVD.

Any suggestions would be helpful.



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I use Roxio, Nero is almost the same. I bought mine for $50 on sale. It makes a nice slideshow on DVD with pan&zoom motion for that real movie feel and you can easily add your music background. You can combine video with stlls, put multiple productions on one disc and other features. It is also video editing software and music burning software.

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I have looked at Roxio. Can you buy the program somewhere? Online they want $40 per year to use it. A friend uses it but got it awhile ago and she doesn't pay by the year and she uses it online. I like the program but at that price it is expensive. I would just as soon have the program and install it myself.

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You can buy Roxio Creator suite 10, at best buy,circuit city,etc...., sams club has it cheap sometimes. It is on sale often for under $ is not a subscription service, just a onetime purchase.

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I've created a few DVD's using PhotoStory, then burned them to DVD's! You can view those videos here! VIDEOS

PhotoStory can be downloaded free at the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Download PhotoStory

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Hey C Bump....I use photostory for emailing slideshows, it is nice....I have roxio so I have never made a photostory for does that look on your TV, pretty good? I have put them on my Ipod Touch, they look great. Photostory is so simple to use(and free!), I like it.

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They looked and played great!! The video of the baby was for my best friend I took at the hospital when her 1st baby was born. (Guess I'll be doing another one of those, because baby #2 is to be delivered next Tues.) The Memorial video..also for my best friend was made last March when her BIL died. He was cremated, but they had a Memorial get-together at their house). They played the video and everyone loved it!

The last video I didn't really work on much. Only reason I did it was to be able to share the song with some online friends. I lost my husband in June (2008) and the girl singing is (again) my best friends daughter!*S*

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Is Roxio creator suite 10 similar to what my friend has which is version #5. she has a couple of updates also. I just made one the trial but of course couldn't do all the things we did on hers. I won't be doing a lot of them but want to make one for my grandson's graduation as he is the last one.


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Roxio 5 offered a CD slideshow that you could add music too. Roxio 10 offers DVD slideshow options that include pan&zoom or what has been referred to as the Ken Burns effect. It is also bundled with sound editing and burning software all of which I use. You may want to experiment with Photostory if you do not plan to use the entire bundle.

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