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wolverine2February 23, 2013

Hi, this is my first post, though I've lurked a lot, but we're finally to a real live kitchen planning stage. I'm working with someone who is helping me design- so far we've got two options, both of which have pros and cons. I'd love some input. We're doing IKEA so can't go messing too much with cabinet sizes.

As a little background, we have 2 kids who are 5 and 8, and DH and I often try to share cooking duties so may be working in there at the same time. In the floorplan, the entrance to the kitchen is actually at the top- it looks like a window in the plan for some reason. That entrance goes to the dining room. At the bottom is the door to the back yard, and on the bottom side the door goes to the basement.

My worries about option 1 is having to walk across the kitchen to get from the stove to the sink, and I don't love the fridge in the corner, but don't see any other place it could go.
In option 2, I love the wall w/ the fridge, but don't like how you couldn't fit 2 people easily near the sink/stove, and we do have 2 people working on a fairly regular basis. I like how option 2 has an easy snack zone, but the counter space seems less, and in a less usable space (to the left of the sink).

(And hoping the pictures work... new at this).

Option 1:

Option 2:

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in option 2, try centering the fridge on that wall,and move sink cabinet so that the left side of sink lines up with left side of looks like a very large window so you have a lot of options where to place the sink.sometimes planning for the faucet to be centered over one of the panes of glass is enough symmetry...sometimes symmetry is discarded and it is fine also. By moving sink left you'll make the run between sink and range bigger for the 2 persons,if that's your priority.what are the other "things" like the two circles on the jog up by dining room,and the 2 cabs? opposite back door,but no wall cabs there??

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The circles are stools under a countertop (with open shelving above) and by the back door is tall pantry cabinets.

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Not sure if this might make it easier to click to see the plans bigger...

Option 1:

Option 2:

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oh stools!-okay get it. If seating is really desired,I think I'd take option 1, push range to the right to within 12 in of jog wall and use jog for more counter and 12 in deep cabs... a cooking "corner".....then furthur down by back door long wall run put the stools...nicer to have a more interesting area for seating-more space and near entry/exit and close to where cook is prepping on that lower counter run....stools on that small jog isn't going to create what you are after I don't think. too small a kitchen for island?? apparently.

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Your layouts are really hard to read. Could you put it on a grid like graph paper? I think you will get more responses if people could see it butter and actually read the measurements.

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Yes, a little seating is impt because my kids like to do homework while I'm cooking (we're giving up an eat in table, but it's basically in the middle of everything). Do you think I need more depth or just more width?

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hmmm....losing the table seating to 2 stools on a small wall jog. that's a lot to surrender. did you layout anything like a peninsula or U shape or island or galley within the kitchen with seating across the back of one run ....or banquette? seems like somehow you could get more or better seating..enlarge your sketch-the inches can't be deciphered.

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We currently have about 2 ft of counter space to prep on, so we were ditching the table because it takes up too much space (currently there's nothing under the window) and because we have plenty of seating just next door in the dining room (which isn't very formal). Our condo is only 1200 sq.ft. so we just don't feel that we need two full eating areas.

I want to enlarge the pics but having trouble- any tips on how to do that? I'll keep working on it...

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updated pics to make them a bit bigger- though they are still not really easy to read- will work on that for the future.

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Added 3D pics in original post... maybe that will help!

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Hand sketch your layout with the dining room showing. I wonder if a partial wall between the dining room and kitchen with a breakfast bar would work?
Just show a simple layout without cabinets, but show where doors and windows are. Add important measurements

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Yes, will do that but it will have to be another day...

On the back of 1/2 of the kitchen wall is a beautiful built-in china cabinet in the dining room. I love it and won't touch it. We had considered opening up the other 1/2, but didn't know if that might look weird. And it would change the original 1920 design that I kind of like. It is a possibility though.

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considering then your wish to have one sole dining room and the counter with stools is a "bonus" really,i think I'd do the plan with fridge to left of sink.The reason is that with a back door and garage entry at the rear of this space, the area of pantry closets,up to about 24 inches left of range could be repurposed for closets and cubbyhole/coat/boot locker by a future person[owner]'s a transitional zone...Put the fridge on the sink wall and someone with different needs could use that back zone in a different way without worrying about fridge placement. Infact,are you sure it's best as double pantry storage vs. other types of closet/cubbyhole/vertical storage?

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No comments right now on the plans - but guessing we are "neighbors" or were at some point.
My eyeballs are fatigued and can't quite fathom the plans and generally defer to the experts on line on the plans.
I will be watching your posts on your progress.

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No doubt, I like layout#2 because I don't like having the range in the walk-way (of layout#1).
I would move the fridge toward the counter-stools so that the fridge doors opening wouldn't block the hallway/walkway as much. So starting from the counterstools:
- TALL 30" deep pantry
- standard depth 30" deep fridge
- 3 shallow basecabinets/countertop

You don't have drawers. You need drawers.


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OP here... had an idea but not sure it would work- what if in #1 the sink was moved around the corner to the other wall (w/ the dishwasher to the right), and kept the counter running under the window to the fridge, but stopped the base cabinets at some point and put a stool or 2 under the counter there, under the window. Then put base and upper cabs where the stools were? It solves the seating issues I have (too close to stove, facing a wall). Or would that just look weird?
Sort of like the link below (except totally not because my kitchen is nothing like that)!

Here is a link that might be useful: seating under countertop

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