Bigger than a Blanco Silgranite super single?

MizLizzieFebruary 28, 2014

So the kitchen is scarcely finished and I'm starting a long range plan for the laundry. When my 17 year old Kenmores give up the ghost, I'm getting a stacking set of the biggest w/d LG makes. AND a sink!!! You can't imagine how happy I will be after living sinkless for 17 years. I never had before, and it's been a PITA for me.

And I need the biggest danged sink you can fit in a 36" sinkbase. I love the offset drain in the Silgranite super single. Is this the biggest on the market? I really need something I can scrub out a cat litter pan in. And I use Rubbermaid tubs for litter pans. I don't care about depth too much, nor material, really. Cast iron, SS, or even acrylic or whatever that stuff is. Undermount is my preference but even that could slide. I just need space. I'm tired of being on my knees on a tile floor hunched over the bathtub to scrub out pans. So what's the biggest sink on the market? I can't top the Silgranite but maybe I'm missing something? Thanks!

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I don't know if there is a bigger sink out there, but my super single with offset drain is huge! I knew it was going to be bigger than my previous sink, but this thing is like a small bath tub. And I love it!

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Sophie Wheeler

A 33'' sink IS the biggest that can fit in a 36'' base. You need a larger base and a custom sink to be larger, but at significant expense over choosing standard available sizes.

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A small bathtub! Sounds perfect, fishymom!

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Today I washed the bins for my side by side refrigerator in my super single, I used to have to do them in the yard with the hose. I love my sink!

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