update on my 'new' siamese cat

gibby2015February 6, 2011

You probably remember I posted something in Oct about possibly getting a Siamese cat from a shelter - and then in November I got one. He's some kind of mix I'm sure but he looks very Siamese.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention something related to feedback from back in October. Calliope said that if you want a dog but can't have one a Siamese cat has a personality as close to a dog as you'll get without having a dog.

So I thought this is good - DH wants a dog - we just cannot have a dog. He thought I was kind of crazy getting a third cat and driving all over the state to find one. But he liked him right away when we got him.

However since then this cat has become his buddy. He says every day how much he's just like a dog! He follows DH all over the house, hangs out by him all the time and always wants to play. When he finally wears himself out he sleeps on DH's lap - which DH loves! He comes to the door to greet him (and me) whenever we've been gone. He's a great pal - just like a dog. He has far exceeded DH's expectations for a new cat. I really like him too but I knew he would be great.

I really vacillated about getting a third cat after one of mine died. I didn't think I would have more than two but something was just missing even though we have two other cats. The cat that died just had a special, kind of in your face personality and there was a void without him. I ended up waiting a year and a half before I finally got this idea about a Siamese - and even then I wondered what I was doing. Now we are so happy we got him.

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Oh, that's so nice!

My dh had a Siamese when I met him. One of our jokes was that I married him for his cat. (Well it was partially true, since they were a team.) The kitty is long gone, but I kept the man anyway.

Your dh is very lucky to have a crazy wife who drives all over the state to get the perfect cat for him. ;)

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That's great. So nice to have adopted the perfect cat for your home.

My grandmother used to have siamese, I just remember them being very vocal pretty cats.

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Your new cat sounds wonderful. The most recent stray who adopted us is an Oriental mix. My husband was 100% against taking in yet another one, but now, 3 years later, they are best buddies. My husband is his human and he sleeps next to him every night, tucked into his arm. He sleeps on his desk while he is on the computer. He greets us at the door, fetches toys, talks a lot and is as playful as a kitten, a total clown. We call him the puppy-cat. :o)

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It's getting funnier by the day. DH now refers to this cat as "the dog" as in - here comes the dog, where's the dog, come here you ol' dog, etc. It cracks me up.

Petra, your situation sounds alot like mine - it's a nice situation to be in.

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So, you now have a puppy cat too. :o) It's so nice to see the kitties win someone over.
In our case, a few months after we took him in, he had to be "converted" because he caught urinary blockages over and over again. Hubby nursed him, gave him his pain meds, supervised him when we took the collar off, etc. Through that, they completely bonded. And to this day, he still pees on command. :o)

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LOL Petra......Gibby, I'm so glad the Siamese was such a good fit in your family.

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Wonderful to hear everyone is so happy. I, too, really preferred dogs but do not have a dog-friendly house. I went to a cat-only shelter and my Burmese "dog" found me. It has been 2 1/2 years and she is my best buddy. Even walks on a leash. She is loving, loud, opinionated and endlessly cuddly.

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oregpsnow - yes, we've actually talked about trying a leash in the spring. I'm pretty sure he has no interest in going out in the snow and below zero temps but he might like it in the spring. I had a cat once that did walk on a leash just like a dog - it was fun.

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