Not supposed to use rubber backed rugs - so what do I use?

peabody1March 3, 2013

I bought a rubber backed rug to put on my tile in front of the doggie door on my tiled enclosed porch and in front of the door that leads from the porch into the house so when the dogs come in from outside it will help keep the tile cleaner. The problem is that I just read that you should not use rubber backed rugs because they can leave a yellow stain on the floor or can leave rubber stuck to the floor. So does anyone have suggestions on rugs to use? I am looking for something that looks nice, that I can wash, that will stay in place, and that won't hurt the little dogs feet. Anyone have any suggestions?

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I've never heard of yellowing on a tile floor due to rubber backed rugs. It's typically a problem with vinyl flooring. I've had various rubber backed rugs in front of our shower, with tile flooring, for over 15 years. I've never had a problem with the rubber sticking to the floor. I prefer the rubber backing on the bathroom tile so the rug doesn't slip while stepping out of the shower.

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Hey, now wait a minute. Yellowing from rubber backed rugs? You may have solved a mystery for me! I have inexpensive rubber backed rugs in my bathroom,including one in front of the toilet. One day I noticed yellowed/light rusty colored spots when I lifted the rug. Got ticked off but things like this are always happening in my old house with well water, so thought it was water that never got wiped up off my VCT blue/white checkboard floor.

The spots will NOT clean up, altho I took drastic action and used a Mr. Clean Eraser that seemed to lighten it. There are similar small spots and smudges in other areas - right where the other rugs lay. I'll be darned, I wonder if the rugs are indeed the problem?

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I would get a piece of good quality rug pad sold to go under non rubberized rugs and cut it to fit...either under the rubberized one (since they are easier to wash) or a non rubberized one. You might look at things like the Waterhog. I think they have a better quality backing than the cheap kinds. Also, I think if you don't dry the cheaper ones in the dryer, but hang to dry, it prevents the decomposition of that latex type rubber.

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I've never heard of the problem, and in my many years of using latex/rubber backed rugs I've never had them damage tile floors.
There are backings that can damage the finish on hardwood floors but I would doubt they'd have any affect on glazed tile.

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The OP needs to tell us more about the tile!

Ceramic and the problem with those rugs.
Vinyl - THERE'S the problem!

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Even on vinyl, I have not had this problem, I think it depends on the type of rug backing. We were told when we had engineered hardwood not to use rubber backed rugs or underpads, too. But I have never heard this as an issue for tile, if it's porcelain tile it's pretty impervious to any staining so keep your current rugs and don't worry!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We talked to our rug guy who told us that petroleum based products can turn vinyl yellow and even told us to be sure to use water-based driveway sealer as the petroleum based will get on your shoes and leave yellowed track marks on your vinyl.

I've never heard of the problem with ceramic tile though.

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I had recalled my neighbor telling me some years ago about not being able to use the rubber-backed rugs because they would damage your floor. Then I went on-line and did a search. The search results mentioned both vinyl flooring (there is some type of chemical reaction that can occur) and it also mentioned tile floors (yellowing can occur or the rubber sticks to it).

If I'm not mistaken my tile is porcelain tile.

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Don't want to highjack this post but am referring to yellow stains. I do not have yellow stains on my ceramic tile floors with rubber backed rugs, but I get yellow spots on the marble top of my bathroom vanity from sitting things in the same spot too long. I make sure that every two weeks or so, I move the lamp and other decorations to a new spot and the yellow spots then disappear. Same with the tub.....keep the shower doors open and let some light into the tub. Something to do with the light and shadow, I guess.

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I have had various rubber backed rugs on my ceramic tile for over 20 years now, with zero yellowing.

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I must have just read that one post on-line that got it wrong when it said not to use on vinyl or tile. I'm glad to hear from you all saying you've not had problems with it. I guess the rugs are here to stay. Thanks everyone.

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