I really need your advice on a new camera!

kienduFebruary 20, 2008

I want to buy a SLR Digital camera... I have 35 MM SLR cameras, and a point and shoot digital. But, I want a nice Digital. I used to take Wedding Photo's with my 35 MM's and have stopped doing it for a few years, but have decided to get back into it with a digital. So, I'll be taking wedding photos, and family photos.

Could you give me some tips/advice on what to buy? Lens suggestions? I'd like to be in the $600-$1000 range. I know this is broad question... there's alot of options. I was thinking about the Canon XTi Rebel (10.1 mp) Could you give me your opinions on that camera?

Anyone have any opinion on that Kodak Easyshare 5500 printer, where the ink is supposed to be so much cheaper? How's the prints?

ANY advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Cindy (from WI)

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I have decided to go with the Rebel XTi myself. The reviews on www.dpreview.com helped me, so I would check that site out, maybe it will make your decision easier.

Bear in mind that the Rebel XSi is due out in a few months. I think it is $899 with what I understand to be a good kit lens. I had debated on waiting, but Im impatient, and its a little out of budget. Its going to have a live view LCD, which is good, 12mp, and a feature that the XTi lacks, Spot Metering...a very useful tool!

Anyway, Hope that site helps....good luck!

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