Puppy pees in crate - and it's getting worse

jillyd_2010February 16, 2010

I have a 4 month old kuvasz puppy that I have had since she was 8 weeks old. She pees in her crate when she's left even less than an hour. At night she sleeps in the bedroom with the door closed and is fine for 7 or 8 hours. I take her out immediately on leash, she goes. We go back in and I feed her after I get dressed, take her out again and let her play with the other dog in the yard for a few minutes. Then I have a dog walker who takes her out with some other dogs for 2 or 3 hours so she can tire herself out. Usualy when I come home from work, she's OK. But, the weekends and evenings are a nightmare. If I put her in the crate while I'm exercising, she pees. If I go to the store for an hour or two, she pees. I've been trying to avoid the crate but that doesn't work any better - I let her run around loose for an hour and find 3 different puddles. One night, I kept her on a leash right next to me while I was cooking dinner and looked over and there was a puddle. I take her out just about every hour when I'm home, although when she hangs out in the tv room with us, she usually chills out and is fine. I'm completely at a loss for what to do. She came from a good breeder, has a great disposition and is doing well in obedience class, but she's clearly got some issues and I have no idea what to do to correct this behavior. Any suggestions?

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Sounds like you are doing all of the correct things. You may want to get her checked out by the vet, make certain everything is in working order. When she does go pp outside are you giveing her a command while she is in the act and then praising her for it??? Sounds like she is just waiting too long and isnt connecting her full bladder with the need to go out. Be patient. Try giving her the command - choose whatever you want and praise her big time. Same thing for #2. Good luck

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Is the crate too big.. I have a five month old puppy I got when she was eight weeks old. Her crate came with a wire divider so you could increase the size of the crate as she got bigger. When she was eight weeks old, I only used about 1/4 of the crate. Each month as she grew, I moved the partition back enlarging the crate somewhat but not so much that she could pee at one end and sleep at the other. She's now using the whole crate.

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She's still pretty young but I'd have her checked by a vet. Peeing while leashed to you doesn't sound quite right.

I'd do some command training, as Mazer suggested, when you take her outside. Since you have another dog, try taking her out alone so she's not thinking about playing vs peeing.

Also, she may be missing the exercise she gets with the dog walker. Are you taking her out for 2-3 hrs on the weekends?

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Definitely get her a checkup with the vet. Many puppies get a bladder infection when they're learning to "hold it". I had a chow puppy that had a bladder infection at 8wks and piddled constantly, sometimes turning right around and licking it back up. First vet told me puppies that age don't get bladder infections and said he had some congenital kidney infection, blah, blah, blah. Took him to another vet, he did a test strip right into the urine the puppy dribbled on the exam table and it showed white blood cells, positive for urine infection! He gave puppy meds and he potty trained himself immediately afterward. Chows are known for being very easy to potty train.

I've also had an airedale puppy get a urinary tract infection when he was a few months old.

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I have a 3 month old Silky Yorkie mix and she does the same. Ill let her out to play with my other 3 month old and 1-2 yr old dogs. she pays attention and sees what they are doing but does not fully comprehend what to do. She does go outside but when i bring her in it seems not even 10 minutes go by and i find a puddle. Also they are locked in my Family room/ Porch area to keep control on the pp in the house. But if i leave them outside and let them play she will pee almost 4-6 times in 15 minutes.Then when she is in the crate, i wake up in the morning and the puppy pad is soaked! i dont know if its and infection or her breed but i will be getting her checked out.

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