Cruise ship pictures (4)...

joanmnFebruary 26, 2008

It didn't seem crouwded, but it sure looks it!

View from up high.

Part of the ship.

Ship at Cocoa Cay (Royal Caribbean's island).

All with Sony DSC-H5.


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I wonder how many swimming pools it had, sure looks like alot of people!

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Look at the color of that sky and water!!!!! Amazing.

That first photo sets of all my claustrophobia impulses--but the last one is from paradise.

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Nice pictures Joan. I just returned from a Panama Canal cruise and have some wonderful pictures of a small cruise boat in the lane next to our Island Princess as we were going through the canal. I could not see any maneuvers from our ship, but photographed every lock the smaller ship went through. I just bought a frame that holds 9 4X6 pictures and will do the canal pictures in it. Our ship didn't seem to be that crowded, but it may have been when we were off ship.

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