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photo2February 25, 2007

I stumbled across this forum a while ago and I have been enjoying everyones photos very much.I pop in and out of gardening forums and pick up good advise and seem do be getting good tips here also. Thank you! I have been into photography for years, but i'm relatively new to digital. It's really addictive once you know what your doing! I'll post a few pictures now and then once I figure out how to do that!

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Welcome, photo2! Looking forward to seeing your work. Many of us start by posting our pictures on a photo site such as Flickr or Photobucket. The latter is free, and makes it easy to post pictures from there into a message here.


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Photography is addictive, my wife is tryign to find a good 12 step program for me...

I use photobucket - free, and lots of options.


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Can't believe I saw a robin so early this year! I'm in the chicago area and usually it's March or so. Poor thing thinks it's spring. poked my head out the window and snapped this between the snowflakes. Is this too big. I could post a clickable thumbnail if that works better.

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Very nice picture. I always thought Robins were a sign of spring...oh well! LOL!

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Great picture of the robin.
I will look forward so seeing more of your pics.

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Welcome, Photo2...Am also looking forward to seeing more of your pics....I've always heard robins indicate spring, too...Have been on the lookout for them..."WHAT...they by-passed NE OH?"...lol...must be a springy winter!


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Welcome... poor robin! Doesn't look anything like spring there!

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Poor guy! Great shot and I think the size is just right.

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He sure is puffed up against the cold! Nice picture.

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What a lovely picture. The Robin is early. Perhaps he/she wants to get a good nest. LOL. In any event you have taken a great photo, and, the shot is not too big. Could use a mat and a frame!


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