Trace of blood in puppy's poop

debbiep_gwFebruary 28, 2010

The puppies will be 4 weeks old this Wed.,after just cleaning out their area I put down a clean sheet and turn around and saw a trace of blood in poop.I've no idea which one did it and there are nine of them.Could this be parasites?They are not eating food yet only nursing.We wormed them at 3 weeks but I used over the counter worming medicine for puppies and did not use the recommended dosage(i was worried it would harm them)as I had no way to weigh them.Any advice,other than go to the vet?If one gets visibly sick or I'm able to narrow it down to which one maybe sick then I can take it to the vet.Debbie

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ahhh..Debbie..sorry you have one more worry with the pups. I know that hookworm can cause a bloody stool, but imagine there are other things that would too. sorry I can't give you advice, hopefully someone more experienced in puppydom can help you out with that. I have mail on the way to you by the way....

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if you find it again, take the stool to the vet and have them do a fecal exam. shouldn't be necessary to take the puppy. chances are, if one pup is affected (coccidia, parasites, etc.), they will all be affected and your vet can determine the proper treatment.

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Its very common for pups to need multiple doses of dewormer over a period of time.

I would take the stool sample to the vet.

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