Need advice about my 10 month old Havanese puppy

snickerdoodle-2007February 24, 2007

My 10 month old Havanese puppy (female) follows me constantly and never seems interested in her toys unless I'm in the same room with her. She was spayed when she was 6 months old and I have no other dogs in the home. She never gets into any trouble, she is either following me around or sitting at the top of the stairs while I'm on the computer waiting for me sleeping. When I'm watching TV she either lays by my feet or is chewing on her chew toys by my feet. She has to be my me or my husband at all times! Is this normal for the breed or should I be doing something to discourage her and get her interested in other things (if that's possible). Does anyone have any advise? Thank you.

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I don't know anything about your breed, actually never heard of it.

However, I know about mine. My youngest boy follows me where ever I go. You just get used to it. I can close the door while I am taking a shower and he will nudge it open so that when I'm done and pull the curtain open, there he is.

I'm not sure it has anything to do with the breed. Also, I have 2 other dogs so I am not sure it is because your dog is an only child. Why would you think this is a problem, and what else could you get your dog interested in? They don't call them man's best friend for no reason.

Does your dog exhibit separation anxiety problems when you leave him alone?

Enjoy that your dog loves you so much!

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It is always good to get as much information as possible about the breed. Google it. Hopefully, some people here may know the breed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Havanese

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Also: It sounds to me you have a lovely companion animal who needs your attention. She is still a puppy, too. Do you play with her? Have you taken her to obedience classes? It sounds like she would do anything to please you, and the more time you put into her, the better dog she will be as far as training and companionship goes.

I am not sure why you would want to redirect her attentions elsewhere, either. You are her world. Teach her and love her while you do it.

Good luck with your little treasure!

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The dog in the link is beautiful! I have never heard of them before either.

Two of my dogs follow me wherever I go - they are velcro puppies! I actually love it. :)

Does she have separation anxiety when you leave the house? If not, then I wouldn't worry about her wanting to be with you.

Have fun with your puppy! Post a picture of her if you can.

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Havanese come from CUBA, they are herding dogs - more chicken and sheep then anything else. This is why your dog is following you around and keeping an eye on you. It is instinctive. This can turn into a problem once you walk out the door. So, since your little one is so little, nows the time to help her with being alone. Every now and then without making a fuss about it, walk out the front door. Go a couple of steps and come back in. You should do this a couple of times a day gradually making the time you are away longer and longer.
Also, while your pup is small, take the time to stick your finger in her ear (not too far), touch her front paws, spread them apart, lift up her lip to see her gums, this will make it easier on your vet when he goes to check her out. If you do these things frequently enough she will get use to them. It would also be a good idea to let her play with other dogs, or go for long walks - since she is a herding breed this is helpful in keeping her out of mischief since herding breeds have a tendency to start thinking too much on their own and thereby get into trouble..Good luck with your pup.

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They were not bred for herding but from Bichons, specifically for size and companionship. Unless you are finding something online I am missing.

They seem a lovely breed.

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I think you're doing an excellent job and that sounds normal.
You'll want to practice some alone time of course so there's no separation anxiety stuff going on but sounds like you're doing fine.

And mine don't play much with their toys when I leave them either. They sleep. That's exactly what you want them to do.

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I guess I'm doing all the right things, she's a darling dog and like I mentioned before, a terrific breed!! She's cream and a little tan, beautiful puppy! I'll have to send a picture of her later to show all of you. Thank all of you for your advise.

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A friend of mine got a puppy years ago before they were a recognized breed. She had the pup shipped from across the country. Very lovely, sweet breed. I was so impressed with this pup. Very smart, and 'very together.' Not barky or hyper. Easy to work with and train. Seems to bond very closely with the family. They are also long-lived and not prone to health problems.
Very nice breed.

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My neighbors have one. Very nice little (mostly indoor) dog, and they brush and groom him alot so he's always beautiful. He barks & barks at us when we first go outside, but soon calms down and will come up to us for a sniffing then it's all okay. He's so small & pretty the 'guard dog' act is more cute than frightening.

I think some dogs are into toys, and some aren't. Right now, we have one dog who adores new toys and will play with her favorites all by herself, and one dog whose only interest in toys is dissecting squeaky-balls. I have no clue why.

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No, my Havanese is not barky or hyper and is an indoor puppy. Yes the grooming in time consuming and they are beautiful. She has the "puppy cut" so it's not as bad as it could be if I let her hair grow full length. She's cream and a little tan in color and takes after her father as her mother is black and white. They are a terrific breed and certainly very close to the family and yes, more of a watch dog then a guard dog! Thanks for all your kind words and thoughts!!

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Yes, a picture!! The puppy cuts are adorable.

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You've raised a needy dog!
Get another Havanese to keep him happy!
My cousin is a breeder-
Great dog!

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Dear Kimvanduzer,
Does your cousin breed Havanese? If so, I'd love his or her information if possible.

Thank you!


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