Sprained chicken leg?!

jenibethFebruary 18, 2012

I have a very small belgian d'uccle (5months old, 12oz) recently a very young, but rather large silkie rooster (4months old, 3+lbs) became obsessed with this particular hen and began to jump on her as if to mate, even though neither are of breeding age! The d'uccle's leg went out from under her when the roo jumped on her, and now often slips when walking. We have seperated the birds, leaving the d'uccle with a couple month old birds. Do we need to treat the leg like we would for a splayed leg hatchling or should we just allow time to heal?

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LOL Oh boy. Sorry for having a chuckle Jenibeth, I know this is serious for you because they are your birds, but reading the thread topics today was pretty funny. Dislocated cat tails and sprained chicken legs was just not what I was expecting to see.

We have birds and if one had a sprained leg, I would put it in secluded area, where none of the other birds can bother it and give it time to heal. If it's not doing even marginally better in a couple of weeks, I'd take it to the vet to have it checked. The question is, are you sure it's just a sprain and not dislocated? If you're not sure, a trip to an avian vet for an xray would probably be wise as the care to heal it may be different.

If you do put it in a secluded area, please be sure it has what it needs to nest and be comfortable. For our birds, we have a plastic bin that has perches for them and room for them to stretch their wings. You want your hen to have enough room that she can both nest and walk around a few times a day to exercise the leg.

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Try posting on the forum linked below. Great group of folks and someone there will know what's happening with your hen.

Here is a link that might be useful: chickens

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