Cat w/ dislocated tail

lambsear12February 17, 2012

Hi everyone!

I've been feeding a stray kitten that is now 9 mos old. It showed up a week & half ago with what appears to be a dislocated tail. (Large tender bump at the base of the tail and two wounds.) From research I have done, there is no real fix for the tail and it would heal on its own. As long as he could pee, he would be okay. So we have been treating the wound w/ peroxide. After about 3 days he was feeling better and wanted to go back outside. Since then he has been coming and going as cats do. He seems healthy in all respects now, except that his tail hangs. I know he has feeling in it because when I touch the tip he looks at me to see what I am up to. The vet said that there could be nerve damage.

Has anyone experienced this? Will he eventually be able to move his tail again? I know nerve damage can take a very long time to heal.

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I'm note sure, but PLEASE neuter him if you're going to feed him and let him roam. Otherwise, you're going to be seeing a lot more kittens that look like him soon.

Neutering a male cat is relatively cheap, too. They can look at his tail then too...thanks for being kind to a stray!

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Good advice I would have the vet check him out and get him fixed

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My cat did this several years ago. She was trying to leap to the top of a tall cabinet and must have fallen on her rear end/tail.

She wasn't moving her tail at all, even when I pinched it, so off to the vet's we went. Where, of course, she moved her tail voluntarily. The vet took an x-ray and said that it would heal on its own.

For about a week, the cat would only sit down where she could let her tail hang down--so she was on the back of the sofa a lot. She walked around with her tail down.

For another two weeks after that, she still kept her tail down. She'd sit where she liked, but very, very gingerly.

In the end, it healed. I think the pain was the main issue for the cat--once that stopped, she started acting normally again.

It's been about 12 years. Her tail is just fine now. In fact, she's standing between me and the computer, swishing it in my face right now.

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My cat hurt her tail, too. The vet gave her an antibiotic shot in it and we had to watch it because he said it might need to be amputated. Fortunately, it healed up all on it's own. Lucky girl, it was injured in the middle area and she would have looked funny having half a tail! I don't even see a bump in it anymore.

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I have had several cats with tail trauma. Only one, a large male tabby had the limp tail. His nerves did regenerate and heal and eventually he was able to lift it, but it still had a kink and knot in it. It took a couple years to heal. He did not have feeling in it for a long time. He would walk through open doors and if the door came shut on it, he didn't even know........but would try to keep walking with the tail lodged in the door. sigh. It is very important you inspect his backside under the tail often and keep it clean, especially in summer when the bot flies are out, they can lay maggots on feces-smeared fur and the larvae will drill into the skin.

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sounds like a bite wound abscess, not a dislocated tail. the latter is unusual, and usually ends up in a drooping tail without much feeling. But a bite in the base of the tail is VERY common and ideally should be surgically drained (and a good time to neuter the kitty at the same time!).

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I'm glad you mentioned that, because I was thinking the same thing, but reread the post and it sounded like they'd already seen a vet. But perhaps they just talked to one over the phone?

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