Is it safe to buy on line?

jankeyFebruary 4, 2007

Is there a site which rates on-line cameras stores?

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Yes, there is. I ALWAYS use it before I buy.
I will post a link.
I buy camera stuff from:


Here is a link that might be useful: Reseller Ratings

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kentuck_8b rates cameras and sellers(camera stores).
You can also shop for lowest prices.

I'm sure there are others.

Good Luck


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B&H has high praises from everyone I've ever known who has made a purchase there. It's why I made my first purchase there last month (just filters and a lens hood) but I am very satisfied with their service and will be a repeat customer. Even with the dollar exchange and shipping and handling charges, they are sooooooo much cheaper than buying direct from a store here in Calgary. I just have to wait 3 weeks for delivery (because of Canada Post and Canada Customs).

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Thank you so much for the info. Will definitely Bookmark Reseller Ratings for future reference.

I just used it to check a few stores that had prices "too good to be true" and sure enough they had very low ratings.

I'm considering the Nikon D40. What do you think?

I'm a beginner with SLR, but need a faster camera for mostly wildlife action photos.
I just love my old Oly C750 Uzi, but it's too slow.

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To get camera reviews, check out

others, too, but these are the first 2 I use.

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The site Joan posted is an excellent one, as are the dealers already mentioned. I just want to add one more: Amazon.

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I got a lot from Dell with some really good deals when they broke into the camera market, but their prices have gone up. It is a major hassle to deal with them sometimes, but I was patient, stayed on top of it, and saved hundreds at the time. I've bought from bhphotovideo, also amazon, but watch some of the sub-vendors on there, one was excellent, can't remember which one that was. I bought a knockoff remote control from ebay, but shy away from there for the pricier equipment. I bought my tripod and head locally, but would probably go through bh again because online is usually substantially cheaper even if you have to pay shipping.

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I have always had great service from Cameta camera.

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I've read for days about the D40 -- took all the advice and found one of the lowest prices listed in Resellers and started clicking on "My Cart" -- but more questions arose:
What SD card - Sane or Sandisk or ??
1G or 2G?
Should I buy the extended warranty?
Seems like nothing's easy. I do value all your advice as I'm so new to this and leery of jumping in.

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I'd get the biggest capacity card I can afford. Sandisk is a good brand, so is Lexar. Look at the Mack extended warranties on, they are usually lower-priced there.

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I went to a 2gb card but don't want any larger in case the card gets corrupted. Also have 2 1gb cards. I doubt you are talking ext warranty on a card, not worth it.

If you are talking about an extended warranty for a camera, I bought one and people talked me out of it, so I cancelled and decided to take my chances. With Mack, you have to send it to who they decide rather than to (in my case) Canon for repairs. I think that's the way it works anyway.

I took out a separate insurance policy on all my camera equipment which is supposed to cover loss, theft from home or away, and accidental breakage, probably not any malfunction which I'd have to pay for myself once out of warranty.

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I think the insurance rider is probably a good way to go, they would just replace it if it's junked or dropped.
I think the card mfr. might have a one or 2-year warranty on those.
For Mack, you send it to NY, or NJ, or wherever they are. I have it on my cams, but now I've read that one might wait a very long time to get the camera back. Don't know if it's true or not.

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I don't know either. I never had to send my little Oly in for repairs, and I do have a Mack warranty somewhere for that, but didn't know I might not get the repair facility I'd have preferred at the time I purchased that. I did have to send one lens in already for repair to Canon Irvine CA. They have repair facilities in both CA and NJ. I would not like to have to have my cameras/lenses/etc repaired by anyone else, in or out of warranty. My turnaround time with Canon was excellent, and I may have to send one other lens in for calibration, have to test it out more first. Too cold. Brrrrrrr. I'd advise people to really do their homework before purchasing a Mack warranty. How do you know whom to believe? Some companies I trust, and some I just plain don't know and shy away from.

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