Timid cat stalking new cat

newhomeseekerFebruary 9, 2010

About a month ago I adopted a cat from a shelter I volunteer at. She had been at the shelter about 2 years. She was very unhappy there. I think the reason is that she does not like other cats. I have a total of 8 cats in my house right now (three are fosters). The new cat is 3 years old. She is very friendly and sweet when the other cats are not around. When they are around she gets grouchy. I have slowly been introducing her to the household. But it has been very slow and she still has her "own" room that she sleeps in at night and I let her out during the day. since the snow storm I was home three days in a row all day and I let her out pretty much 24/7. I would give her breaks and put her back in her room if she seemed too stressed.

Sometimes she really wants out of her room (she will beg or run past me out the door when I open it) She likes to explore the house and to sleep in a window in another room (a lot of sun) and she likes to drink water out of the bath tub. 3 of the other 7 cats are kittens (7 months old) and they are very curious. they all have different personalities. I have a tortie that is very curious and friendly toward my new cat but doesn't really bother her other than to go up to her and sniff her (friendly greeting, tail up) and the new cat is curious about her as well. The other kittens don't bother her except my female tabby. She gets VERY scared when there are new cats or situations and growls at everything. So she starts off growling at the new cat who growls in turn and there is a lot of hissing etc. The adult cats (except one) leave her alone. They wonder "who is that?" and look at her but don't approach her (except to go in her room to eat her food or use her litter box. I try to keep them out but unless you sit at the door and guard it its impossible.

My concern is my 6 year old timid female. She is very small (probably 8 lbs) and has a flat face and looks like a kitten. She is scared of EVERYTHING. she hides when anyone comes over, she runs from the kittens, she is afraid of loud noises etc. She is the one that most of the other cats like to play with and chase (play, not aggressively). She is very passive and gets along with everyone.

Strangely she is either trying to intimidate my new cat or she is in love with her. She always wants to stay in the room with my new cat and if I let the new cat she will follow her (stalk her!) everywhere. She will just sit in the room and watch her. This infuriates the new cat. She just wants to be left alone and here is this little black and white fur ball acting like her shadow. My timid girl will sleep as close as she can get to the new cat without touching her. My new girl used to growl at her all the time, swat hiss etc but nothing worked. It is like my timid girl isn't the least bit afraid of her. She won't even growl or hiss back. She will growl if one of the other cats tries to come between her and the new gal though. (will growl at the other cat!) like 'stay away, she's mine!" You can tell my new gal is bewildered by my timid girl trying to befriend her.

My timid girl just adores the new cat. Follows her everywhere!!! She will sit just out of reach and just sit there and sleep or just watch her. I don't understand her obsession with the new cat. It took her weeks to warm up to the kittens but she was instantly in love with my new girl right after they met. New girl doesn't reciprocate the feelings and probably is very annoyed at her persistant little shadow. I just don't understand it? Why is my timid female so obsessed with the new cat?

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Sorry, i don't have an opinion really.

But cats are something else, aren't they. They can be difficult!! I'm down to five cats now and i think it's a better situation for them though i'd love to have 10 cats.

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Timid kitty's behavior sounds like the kind of thing non-cat human beings complain about;

When a non-cat person visits a home where there's a cat, the cat ignores the catlovers, who are oohing & aahing & "kitty-kittying", & pursues the non-cat person.

Cats like to determines whether to make social contact & they don't like it when someone else makes the first move.

They don't like it when the other person or cat makes eye contact, & they don't like being pursued, so they're smitten by person/cat who ignores them.

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When my kitten lost her playmate :(, she did the same thing to my existing 9 year old cat. She was totally trying to bond with my older girl (who wanted nothing to do with her). She would get up on the bed with her and inch herself slowly up as close as possible. My old girl would hiss and run if she got too close, so the kitten would try to be sneaky and settle into a spot that she thought she could get away with. Sometimes my older cat will sleep in the back of the closet and I'd find the kitten in the doorway of the closet sleeping, just to be close to her. It was a total love thing, and yes, it seemed like she was stalking her all of the time! After I mustered up the strength to get her a new playmate, she lightened up on my old girl some. But she still loves her! I hope yours get along really well at some point. I still have issues here, like my older cat will run from the kitten and the kitten will chase her, thinking she is playing! I have a bit of jealousy too, because the kitten will always want my older cat's spot if she's sitting in my lap. Lots of growls around here!

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Luckily, seven of my eight get along. (The new cat is the exception). One of my kittens just loves my eight year old tuxedo female. She will snuggle up to her and my eldest girl will "mother" her. Starts cleaning her which the tabby kitten LOVES and will purr and look like she is just in heaven (she is one of my fosters). I'm suprised because even my spoiled 1 and a half year old princess (was the former baby of the house) who HATED the kittens for months will now play with them all the time and she even has a favorite (the one that has the same coloring as her) that she will take care of at times (cleans her and lets her snuggle). My timid girl gets along with everyone, and so do the other kittens. Just the new gal causes problems but I'm sure that will pass. I don't think it is so much that she is afraid of the others as she lived in a room with 15-20 cats at the shelter for the last two years. I think she just gets overwhelmed by their curiousity and wants to be left alone.

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