I'm hoping to buy a new camera

blue_velvet_elvisFebruary 17, 2007

...within the next week. I've been reading your posts and clipped out a few that I thought had great information.

So far based on what I've read I'm liking the Olympus E500 or the Nikon d50. What are the pro's and con's of each of them. While I never plan to turn in my insurance license to become a professional photographer, I'd like a good quality camera that I can take portraits with and beautiful landscape pics and macros.

Also, do all camera lenses fit all cameras? Probably not, and probably a dumb question. My father was a photography nut and had great equipment although that was over 30 years ago. Somewhere I have a then somewhat expense minolta camera from 23 years ago when I was going to be a photo journalist. I quit school, and photography except for a few pictures here and there. Saved money taking my son's graduation pictures, have a few pics of this and that but by and large I need the camera to do all of the above and be easily managed. My first digital camera was a sony mavica with a disc, I upgraded to the very very large and cumbersome mavica with a cd. I stopped taking pictures as it was very very large and cumbersome.

I think I would like a camera that can be point and shoot OR manually set.

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All DSLR can be manual or point and shoot, I believe. Get Popular Photography from your library, they have a review of the Nikon D40, I think it is.
I had a Sony Mavica w/floppy as my first digital, too, and I'm also an insurance agent!
My current cameras (and I LOVE them!) are a Sony DSC-H5 (x12 optical zoom, great quality pics) and a Canon Digital Rebel 400D (DSLR) and a small Canon for my purse.
Digital photography is addictive, but you probably know that already.
The DSLR's can be large and cumbersome, when you add a few lenses to the mix. If you just use the kit lens or one of that range, then they're not too bad at all.

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I've got the Canon Digital Rebel XTi which is the same as the 400D that joanmn has, but mine came with a kit lens. I'm a huge Canon lover. I also have a Canon S40 and then upgraded to the S80.

No, not all lenses are interchagable with every camera. You have to make sure you get what you need. And then there is the problem of trying to figure out what lenses you're going to want. I was going to ask on one board but someone beat me to it. This was the question: What is your favourite lens and why is it your favourite? Well, there were about 100 replies with 100 different answers and 100 different reasons. So I'm no closer to knowing which lenses I need. I may just have to take out a bank loan and buy them all......

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My favourite 'want-to-have' camera would be the newest Olympus with the 18x zoom - from wide angle (28mm) to extreme telephoto (500mm) in one camera. No extra lenses to carry around.

You can see the action - the UFO landing on the other side of the park - and have a close-up of the pilot, without the risk of getting too close. They're probably friendly, but you can't take the risk.

And the problem with interchangeable lenses is that dust gets sucked in to the electronic innards, when you change lenses. (Some cameras have a built-in 'vibrator' to "shake the dust out" - yeah, right!).

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In America it's known as the Olympus SP-550 UZ - price $500 (US):-

- 4.68 84.24mm (28 Â 504mm equivalent in 35mm photography)
- Dual Image Stabilization eliminates blur (so you can photograph even when panicing)
- The world's most powerful ultra zoom (at present)
- 7.1 megapixel (so your UFO pix will make the FULL front page)

- high-speed sequential shooting (get those shots of everybody running from the UFO)
- shoot in low light without a flash (UFOs usually appear at night)

And further propaganda:-
- ISO 5000 - "The SP-550 UZ offers the highest ISO sensitivity of any ultra zoom for superior low-light and fast-action photography"
- With a burst rate of up to 15fps, you can freeze moments in time to get the shot you want.
- macro (as close as 1cm) - wow!! gotta have one.
-30 Shooting Modes including Movie with sound (HEAR the panicked screams)
-Maximum Aperture f2.8 Â f4.5
- Shutter Speed 1/2000 sec. Â 15 sec., Bulb
-ISO Auto, High ISO Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200*, 5000* (*approx. 3MP) - now you can photograph the famous "black cat in a coal mine".
- Adjustment Resolutions 3,072 x 2,304, RAW / SHQ / HQ
3,072 x 2,048, 3:2 / SHQ / HQ
2,560 x 1,920, SQ1 High, Normal
2,304 x 1,728, SQ1 High, Normal
2,048 x 1,536, SQ1 High, Normal
1,600 x 1,200, SQ2 High, Normal
1,280 x 960, SQ2 High, Normal
1,024 x 768, SQ2 High, Normal
640 x 480, SQ2 High, Normal

- 30 Shooting Modes: Auto, Program Auto, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, Manual, My Modes, GUIDE, Scene Presets (Portrait, Landscape, Landscape & Portrait, Night Scene, Night & Portrait, Sport, Indoor, Candle, Self-Portrait, Available Light Portrait, Sunset, Fireworks, Cuisine, Documents, Auction, Shoot & Select1, Shoot & Select2, Beach, Snow, Underwater Wide1, Underwater Wide2, Underwater Macro), Movie
- Panorama Modes Up to 10 frames automatically stitchable with OLYMPUS Master Software when using Olympus brand xD-Picture CardÂ
- Sequential Shooting Hi-Speed2: 15 frames per second for 20 frames (1.2MP)
Hi-Speed1: 7 frames per second for 15 frames (3MP)
Normal Speed: 1.2 frames per second for 7 frames (7MP)
- Bracket: Exposure bracketing up to 5 frames
- Interval Shooting
- Shooting Assist Functions - Histogram, Frame Assist
- Noise Reduction - Set automatically at shutter speeds of 0.5 second or longer
- Flash Working Range
Wide: 14.8 ft. (4.5m), Tele: 9.2 ft. (2.8m) at ISO 200
Wide: 42.3 ft. (12.9m), Tele: 26.2 ft. (8.0m) at ISO 1600
- Date/Time Calendar
Automatically recorded with each image (up to 2099)
(after 2099 it goes into "Millenium melt-down" - remember that contrived scare-?)
- Removable Media Card xD-Picture Card (16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512MB, 1GB or 2GB)
- Operating Environment Operation: 32°  104°F (0°  40°C), (Oh bother - that means no more desert trips, then); - 30%  90% humidity

- So, why wouldn't you want one?
Now I can get rid of my 35mm (Canon) and medium format film cameras, and give my back a rest - and even though the Panasonic (with Leica lens) has served me well, it's showing it's age.

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darkcastor- sorry, but you are incorrect. SP550 and the E500 are two different cameras. SP550 is a 'point and shoot'

and the E500 is a Digital SLR camera.

I have the Canon XT, Olympus E500, and E1.

I like all three for different reasons. I do have to say the the E500 (dual lens kit) is the best deal on the market. The kit lenses are really good, especially for a kit. Focal length multiple is 2x. The colors of the E500 are great, second to none.

I played with the D50 a long time ago and it had a serious banding issue. I coudn't get over it to buy one. The E500 is more sensitive to noise at the higher ISOs. I can handle noise better than I can handle banding. There are a lot of lenses available for the Nikon mount *BUT* most of those made for the film format, not the CCD sensor. The physics are different.

I suggest the E500 personnally...


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"darkcastor- sorry, but you are incorrect. SP550 and the E500 are two different cameras. SP550 is a 'point and shoot' - and the E500 is a Digital SLR camera".

READ MY LIPS. I'm sorry - but WHERE did I mention the E500?

I have an aversion to using cameras which require lugging extra lenses around, and risking damage to it while changing lenses.

I am perfectly happy with a 'point and shoot' if it takes the photographs that I want. I have NO hang-ups about 'playing Professional' with a Digital SLR (which is incorrect terminology anyway).
This is NOT about somebody showing me the error of my ways, in my choice of cameras. I've USED quite a few, and taught Photography to Professionals.

I will go with the latest technology - and this Olympus strikes me as being as good a camera as you'll need. IF somebody wants to enlarge their images to poster size - this will do it. But how many do? (And it's NOT always about the camera lens - talk to any Professional. I can name THREE who use a point & shoot). Although, these cameras had a less than perfect record with their (film) camera lenses - but that was a long time ago.

Times change. I still stick with my original suggestion. And I will be getting one, since looking at the specifications.

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Man, chill out. Here is where *I thought* you indirectly mentioned the E500:
"In America it's known as the Olympus SP-550 UZ"
I did not mean to offend, my apologies. You should toughen up a bit though, it's just the internet.

Also, the DLSR is not the camera I use to take the majority of my pictures, it is a point and shoot. I have owned more P&S cameras the SLRs. Also, I do not want/ try to be a proffesional, nor do I play one on TV.

To say it isn't about lens strikes me as odd. It is about the lens, just as much as it abou the sensor. What isn't so important is the camera brand, that is where all the hang-ups are at...

BVE, one other thing that the E500 offers is their SSW, this helps keeps the sensor clean. Other cameras have had serious problems keeping their sensor clean, some more than others. I rarely find myself changing lenses on location anyhow. I get everything ready before I leave and I usually know what lens I will be using.


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To say it isn't about lens strikes me as odd.

Here too. It's only about the lens. Rule #1: Lenses take pictures, cameras hold film (sensor).

Over the past 30 years as a photographer I can honestly say I never really bought a camera. I buy lenses and then adjust to whatever camera is behind them. I've owned many Zeiss lenses -- the Hasselblads behind them were OK. For years I shot with a Contax G system, not because of the camera but because that was the camera I was forced to use in order to use the 28mm f/2.8 Biogon (hands down best 28mm lens ever made on the planet) that I purchased. When I owned a Pentax 6x7 it was because the 55mm f/3.5 was the best medium format wide angle available on an SLR at the time (loved the lens & hated the camera). I always shop for lenses first, cameras second. Now that I use digital cameras nothing's changed -- lenses take pictures, camera's hold the sensor.

Another way to put it: If I want a lens, I'll consider compromises and adjustments to deal with the camera. I would never consider the opposite.


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I never realized getting a camera would be so... contraversial. :~) I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do, but from what I'm reading if I want lenses to begin with I need to get the that starts with two. It seems like it might have a slight advantage.

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I am going to buy a new camera too but still haven't invested. Hopefully there will be a sale or rebate coming up. I had a post there. Go back about 2 pages and look for EOS Canon 400 or 30D cameras. There was some good information there. Maybe it would help you. It did me.


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Actually Joe and Nitro, you've been very help and amusing yourselves!

Not enough sleep here, I have mental images of both of you in a room, snarling at each opposite corners shooting pictures of each other with bright flash trying to blind each other lol.

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Well, although I appreciated your advise, I won't be getting the new camera. The money went to buy a generator and battery operated sump pump because the ice storm of the century here in Iowa. One day though, I'm going to get a camera. Thanks for your assistance.

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So sorry you can't buy a new camera now ... sometimes needs come before wants.
Wonder if darkcastor bought the Oly SP 550 UZ?

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