How do you catch a dog that won't stop running?

stir_fryiFebruary 12, 2010

My sisters dog got out of the yard yesterday (about 27 hours ago). The have had several sightings of her, but cannot catch her. She is so nervous she will not come to anyone and instead runs away.

They sighted her again today in a subdivision 4 miles from their house. Someone told them the dog has been hit by a car twice. She again won't come when called by my BIL who she normally listens to.

I am afraid this is going to end very badly. It is in the teens during the night where we live and don't think she will survive another night.

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Well they caught her. She was hit by a car a third time and my BIL picked her up. She bit him a couple times so maybe that is a good sign that she is coherent. She is bleeding from her mouth. I hope they can save her but she is normally a wonderful sweet loving dog -- she was just so scared.

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Oh stir_fryi, I hope she's okay. I saw this post earlier, but didn't really have any advice.

Let us know the outcome!

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Yes, do let us know how the dog is.

There's a dog that escaped in my neighborhood last November and is still on the run. The family has done everything possible to find it, but sightings have been few. The dog is just so scared and will not come to anyone. The tragic thing is that this is Minnesota, and the winter has been freezing cold. It is unknown how it is surviving, and God knows where the poor thing is right now.

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FYI the best way to catch a dog that is fearful is to put out a baited trap...Sometimes you can call a pesky critters type of guy to come out and help out. other than learning to use a lasso it can be nearly impossible - also it is NORMAL for a dog to bite when it is injured. Hope the dog survives.. Good luck

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don't know if this would work with a sick, scared, or injured one, but get *in front of* the dog & call it *to* you.

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Well, amazingly, her only injury is a broken foot that needs a plate put in and something with her lung that should be fixed by a procedure they are doing. It is costing thousands of dollars and the dog is 12 years old (greyhound/pointer mix) but my sisters says "I didn't chase this dog for 28 hours to put her to sleep."

I just hope they learned they have to chain her when she goes out to do her business because this is not the first time she has wandered. When I asked why she was not chained the answer I got was it is buried in the snow. Find it!

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Oh no, please don't chain a dog in the yard. When dogs are outside they should be on lead or in a safe fenced area with supervision. I know your sister will be careful and this won't happen again, but for others reading, a Live trap with stinky food is a good option if the dog is remaining in one area. Humane associations and rescue groups in your area will loan you one.

And if you spot the dog before a trap has been engaged, do NOT approach the dog. The best method is to turn your back and feed yummy treats to another dog on lead. Once the fearful dog determines you are not a threat he/she will ease over in hope of getting food too.

Glad your sister's dog will be ok.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

That poor dog, and why on earth doesn't your sister have a decent fence? There is no reason whatsoever to chain a dog.

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The dog in question is part sighthound. Running is in their blood -- it should not be chained but should have access to a large yard where it can run freely.

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Some subdivisions around here do not allow fences.

Glad to hear that she survived. I hope the cost is not too much a burden for your sister's family. I used a credit card called Care Credit to pay for Bina's CT scan last spring. You can chose to pay it off with no interest in three months, or have a longer pay-off time at low interest.

When I had to chain my dog at a rental house, I made the lead long enough so that it could get inside the door. That way the clip part is never lost or frozen. I just closed the door on the cable, leaving the clip inside.

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nancy_in_mich -- I am also in Michigan and almost no Home Owners Association around here allows fences. My sister lives on a lakefront lot that certainly does not allow any kind of fencing.

So, a fence is not an option. I don't quite understand why the "don't ever chain a dog" reaction. When our dog was alive, we have a chain attached to stake in the ground. We kept the hook part on the deck railing near the door. When the dog had to go out, you'd open the door, attach the collar to chain -- she'd run off the deck, do her business and be back at the door within 5 minutes and in the house. What's so wrong about that?

I am not talking about putting her the chain for hours on end or as a replacement for walks or exercise. I am talking about a way for her to relieve herself while keeping her contained and safe.

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" When the dog had to go out, you'd open the door, attach the collar to chain -- she'd run off the deck, do her business and be back at the door within 5 minutes and in the house. What's so wrong about that?"

The humane way to allow a dog to eliminate safely and also get some exercise and mental stumulation is to leash the dog and take her for a walk.

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True -- however most people cannot do that four times a day.

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As you pointed out, not everyone can fence in their property. I have a farm ... I'm not going to fence in 20 acres.

I put my dogs on leashes and walk them when it's time to go potty. But in the Spring and summer I have "tie-outs" for them in various areas, so they can be out with me while I am gardening, etc. They love being outside with me. So guess I don't get the reaction to tying out a dog either.

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If she can't have a fence what about those invisible fences? If you walk your dog and make sure you are the pack leader she might not take off. Our lab-mix Gypsy never got taken for walks and was my brother's dog (so my dad, natural pack leader, never bonded with the dog) so if the door was open he was gone. He'd always come back but not until he was ready. After his death my parents got 2 German Sheppards my dad trained them and he could walk them without a leash, sit them outside and they never took off.

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Stir_fryi, I'm glad your sister found her dog!

I also use a tie-out, and pull the end of the lead inside, so that the clip doesn't freeze. And I am trying to yard train my dog, but since I don't fully trust her, I usually use a long leash or rope and let it drag on the ground. That way, she can run around freely, and I know that if she wanders off, I can catch her.

It works for us, but my dog is no greyhound - she might wander, but not run. If she tries to leave the yard, it is always because the neighbor dog is out, or there is someone walking by, etc. And of course, we have to be outside with her (or at least watching out the window), because once in a while the long leash gets caught on stuff (like yesterday, I was out shoveling snow, and called her, but she wouldn't come to me. Couldn't understand why until I saw that her leash had got stuck on a tire when she went around the car :)

Greyhound/pointer mix, though - I don't know. Yard training and invisible fences do work well for some dogs, but since most greyhound rescue organizations will only adopt to people with a six-foot fence, it may not be as good an option.

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Maybe if I had used the term "tie-out" it wouldn't have gotten such a negative response.

Invisible fencing is very expensive and the dog is already 11 years old -- they are spending thousands to have her foot fixed as is...

They will keep the dog on a leash or tie-out from now on.

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Glad the dog is safe and at home. I'm on my fourth dog. Two Irish Setters and a rescue, now a Goldendoodle. All four of my dogs have had a 'rope run' attached to the deck steps and long enough to reach the back door. It is used only for a quick potty stop. Long walks daily and off leash supervised runs provide the exercise. The rope is just a convenience for the dog to go potty and be safely contained.

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