MIcrosoft digital image editor tips?

jaackaFebruary 2, 2007

I have a bunch of photos I need to do some editing on for a book I'm making, and the only photo editing programs I have are Picasa and Microsoft digital image editor 2006. I really want photoshop, but I can't afford it right now, so I'm stuck with these two options.

I have seen websites that give photoshop editing tips, and I would love to find one that gives similar tips using the Microsoft program. So far I have not been able to find anything.

Does anyone have a link to a website that has tips for using Microsoft's editing program, beyond the basic editing features? I would REALLY appreciate it!!!

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No...sorry I don't know offhand of a website that gives editing tips for Digital Image 2006, although I have also used that program. There is another editing program that is very good with a free one month trial period and a couple of tutorials. It comes in English and German. It has many useful editing features, has a good clone, curves, levels, smart flash, collages, and a RAW converter among its many features.

I especially like the Smart Flash tool which opens up deep shadows without affecting the rest of the picture.
As the Pro version is only US $39 you may want to have a look at that one in the meantime until you are able to buy Photoshop.


Here is a link that might be useful: Codedcolor

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A good way to get familar with MS Photo Editor is to try all its features - in other words, play around with it. You'll soon learn what it does. It's not that complicated.

CAUTION: Do use procedures that preserve the origial image! Never, never overwite the original. Always save the edited image with a different name. I merely add a dash number to the original file name. For example, if the file was Dscn 1010, the first edit would be saved as Dscn 1010-2, the second edit as Dscn 1010-3, etc.

Never edit a file stored in the camera memory chip. Any write to this chip from any source except the camera itself may buger the formatting. Most cameras use their own proprietary formatting scheme. They allocate space for the picture number, and the camera settings, then the image itself. Always copy the images from the memory chip to other media such as a hard drive, rewrittable CDROM, or a USB memory device. In most cases, only the image will copy over.

Once you have a copy on your hard drive or other, you are ready to edit away. In this way, all undesireable edits can be deleted.

If you should accidentally overwrite the copy of the original image, all is not lost since the origianl is still on the camera chip. However, why expose yourself to this 'klutzy' possibility? We all make unintended keystokes at times. Once copies of the original have been made, set these files as 'read only'. Now, they can not be overwritten.

Once copies of the images are on your computer's storage device, you can manipulate these in many ways - and delete the trash results. One of the first things you may wish to do is to rename the files to meaningful names. The name length can be up to the limit of your system. One caution: If you plan to make copies of the finished results such as to a wrtie-once CDROM, watch the name length. Check your manuals. The maximun name length for write-once CDROM is approximately 63 characters.

I suggest that the original file number assigned by the camera be kept for tracking purposes. A file named Dscn 901 by the camera might be renamed, Dscn 901 Daytona Beach. Subsequent edits become Dscn 901-2 Daytona Beach, Dscn 901-3 Daytona beach, etc.

Have fun!!!

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Here's a website that gives some editing tutorials for Microsoft Digital Image. You may find that to be of some help.


Here is a link that might be useful: Digital Image Pro Tutorials

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DIS 2006 is a very powerful program and easy to use. I much prefer it over the Adobe products.

I can help you if you need. You can email me at Put "GardenWeb" or "Digital Image Question" in the subject line please, so it does not go to my spam folder.

I don't check this forum too often, but am always impressed with the photography when I do!

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