Are other granite sinks as good as Siligranit?

msroseFebruary 1, 2013

I've seen granite sinks at Home Depot and Lowes, but I don't know of any place around here that has Siligranit. I'm a little nervous about ordering something without seeing it first, so was wondering if the ones I've seen locally would be just as good?

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From what I understand, no. The designer at my stone fabricator's office told me one day that all of her customers who installed Blanco silgranit sinks were very pleased long after the fact. Those that were unhappy with their composite sinks were the ones who chose a different brand. Her advice was completely unsolicited and had nothing to do with our transaction. A few weeks later, a plumber I had over to bid the rough plumbing in our whole house reno told me the same thing while we were discussing something else. I figured that if two people in the industry, who had nothing to gain by telling me, relayed the same thing without me asking, that it was probably much safer to stick with Blanco. I'm very, very pleased with both my sinks.

Do you have any plumbing showrooms or stone fabricators (sometimes they have sinks on display) around your area? Even if you don't, I assure you that if you're interested in composite sinks, you will NOT be disappointed in Blanco!

If you want to see some small samples of the colors and material, call or email Blanco and they'll send out some little sample chips. Mine came in a few days.

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Good question- my plumbing supply vendor does not carry Blanco sinks and said the Elkay silgranite sinks are of equal quality. Not buying it since I've read all the threads from all of you who love your Blanco Silgranite sinks, especially Breezygirl :)

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I don't know what brand my sons composite granite sink is but I do know that it is more than 8 years old. It looks great and cleans up easily. It is a black color. So I would guess that there are other sinks as good as Silgranit but probably not many.

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breezygirl - Did they by any chance say why the others weren't happy with their choice? Just wondering if they don't hold up as well or what the difference would be. Thanks for the tip on the samples. I sent them an email requesting samples of the three colors I'm interested in.

So, if I decided to take a chance and order Siligranit, is there a particular place most of you order from?

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Mine was Pegasus when I got so mad about the rusting on my (expensive, heavy) white cast iron Kohler that was only a few years old and I didn't want stainless steel. I loved mine. Held up great- until hubby decided to clean paint brushes. With white paint. In a black sink. And not clean the sink up immediately. Never could get it out... but it held up great. Had it at least 10 years- and I was hard on it- hot pans, banging stuff around, etc. Never had any issues at all.

I wanted to get away from black this time, I even looked at the Blanco sinks, didn't see ANY difference in materials, just shapes and colors, price and extras like the sink grid.

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My understanding from this forum and contractors is that other granite composite sinks are not as good as Silgranit, but frankly, I have no proof to back it up, I wish I did. Blanco has all kinds of patents, and is supposed to be smoother and more stain resistant than other companies' granite composite sinks. I can also only relay my experience in a showroom that had on display the Blanco Silgranit and the Elkay. The Silgranit's colors were nicer, deeper, the texture somehow better, though I cannot explain why specifically. It was just an overall impression. That doesn't mean that the Elkay isn't a fine sink. It's just that my personal preference based on appearance was the Silgranit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Press Release Describing Silgranit II

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The only negative I have heard about Silgranit II was from a designer who said that he doesn't think it looks very high end and that is why he doesn't use them. He said the darker colors do look richer but still he doesn't put them in his designs. But that is just his opinion. That and the cracks are the only two negatives I have heard about them. I haven't heard anyone on GW say anything about them not looking high end.

I am coming to the conclusion that the only way to be safe is with SS even though I don't prefer SS personally it isn't going to crack. But their durability must be why you see them in apartments and medical settings and perhaps why I don't really like them in my own kitchen.

Cost to remove and install a new sink even if the replacement is free from the manufacturer can be cost prohibitive. They won't cover labor to put it in and there is risk of damage to the granite and cabinet that could even add more to the cost. The granite would be nearly impossible to fix or find replacement for and match existing. What a nightmare! I've read some older posts about it. One lady paid $600 to have her replacement Silgranite II to be installed because of the labor involved removing the old one that was cracked and another lady had a cast iron that the porcelain cracked.

Breezy's gray or truffle Silgranit II is my favorite color in the composite sinks and looks great with the Carrera marble in her kitchen. Sink decision seems to be among the hardest ones!

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We have a fauxgranite sink from HD, I think the brand is Pegasus. It was less than half the price of a real Silgranite and when I looked at both in person (the HD in the city an hour away had one on display), there wasn't enough difference to me to justify paying over twice as much. I am willing to spend $$ on certain things, but not a sink. IIRC it was $350+- and it has now been installed 4+ years, no problems at all, and we are hard on stuff, are not clean freaks at all and don't care if things look "high end". Ours is the single bowl black and is undermounted.


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I went to both Home Depot and Lowes today and didn't see the Pegasus brand. They had Franke ($259)and Waterbrook ($199). Anyone have either of those brands?

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I'm planning on using the Julien granix; I saw it side-by-side with the Blanco and much preferred the way it looked. It is the quartz and resin vs the granite and resin, but it arrived yesterday and seems very solid. (Actually, the wrong item arrived yesterday, but that's a different story...)

I looked around GW for info on these sinks, but didn't see anything. Anyone have anything to offer??

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Sandyponder - just wanted to point out that the Blanco Silgranite Single Bowl sink and the Pegasus sink are in the same price range. Currently the single-bowl Pegasus is priced at $314 at Home Depot. The Blanco Super Single with the offset drain is $335 at Quality Bath, a GW favorite website.

Pegasus Single Bowl Sink at Home Depot

Blanco Super Single at Quality Bath (can be undermounted or overmounted)

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I ordered my Blanco through HD's Web site. They did not have one on display. I had it shipped to the store, and inspected it before bringing it home. Love it!

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From what I learned from other GW threads, Pegasus is actually made by Blanco exclusively for Home Depot.

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Well, I may have to go to a different HD then since the one I went to didn't have a Pegasus.

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Msrose--I can't recall exactly what was said about why customers with knock off silgranits weren't happy. I think it was cracking and how the finish wore over time.

Sandesurf--don't you love how you can order a product to your local HD and inspect it before you take it home? No shipping charges and you can just walk away if you don't like it! No hassling returns later.

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I just ordered my Blanco Super Single last week. I wanted white and HD didn't have it in white on their website or in the store. I googled the model and found one website where I was able to purchase it for $100 less than HD or any other website that came up (and no shipping costs). I paid $42 less than the like in akchicago's post above. It arrived 2 days after I ordered it and was packed very well with foam "pillows" all around it. It is in now and I couldn't be happier. The website is if you'd like to check it out.

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