need to print over 1,000 pictures-home or online?

Shannon01February 13, 2007

I have not developed my pics since getting a digital camera. Normally, when I had a roll, I developed it and did my scrapbooking. But I keep forgetting to print my digital pics and now I have a ton to do.

Snapfish offers 10 cents a pic if you prepay over $100 but the shipping will be somewhere around $60 extra dollars. So much for a great deal.

So I am wondering if I should just get a printer for printing pics at home. I know I can get paper in bulk and we do the ink refill kits which will really save me money too. But after I print this initial batch, will it still be cheaper to do this at home?

If I only had 30-40 pics, going with snapfish would cost about the same as it does to print a regular roll of 135 film at Costco. Maybe I should just spend the $160 to print this huge batch, then just do my future printing say 30-40 pics at a time.

We just got the Canon Pixma MP180/160 and also have the i860. Will either of these be great for printing my pics?

I really would appreciate advise.

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Well, it boils down to personal preference, ultimately. But, you might also want to consider if there might be some places around you that you can send your photos to and then pick them up locally. Walmart's and others do that in my area. Not quite down to the ten cent a print level. But, when shipping is factored in, very competitive.

With that kind of initial volume, the other side of the coin is that you can pay for the printer quickly.

Decisions, decisions. ;)

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Printing at home runs pretty high, by the time you pay for ink and paper - usually over .25/print. For that volume I would watch for specials. My grocery store does the best printing around (Kodak machine) - sometimes they have a special for .10/print - max of 100 prints per day.

Make sure you have these photos backed up!~ Your hard drive could crash or memory card fail. BACK UP!! You will never regret it.

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