Review of Hanssem Cabinets

kodak1February 28, 2010

Has anyone used Hanssem cabinets? How is their quality? How does their price compare to other cabinet brands?

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This is a question that has been asked by many people over the last 3 years and no one has really been able to give a definitive answer. I am just concerned that the finish may fade. I think it is made in Korea and assembled in New Jerssey.

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When I started pricing out my kitchen (now finished), Hansemm happened to be the first we checked out. We didn't find a door style we liked, so we didn't end up using them.
Comparing prices to Omega, Wellborn & Brookhaven, they were all right around the same. Maybe Hansemm was on the lower, but nothing worth mentioning.
My friend has them in her kitchen 9about 4 years now) and they are not wearing well. The finish is coming off in several places, etc. I was not happy with it when I saw it in her kitchen.

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I used the thermofoil in my bathroom vanities and am happy so far. I have not moved in yet, though :) They were cheaper than any other company we looked into such as medallion.

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melinrk, when you say that the finish is coming off on your friend's cabinets, do you mean near the hardware which is the area most handles/touched? Or do you mean in a more general way. We are considering Hanssem and will be making a decision this week so appreciate your feedback. Reviews on Hanssem have been difficult to find.

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We are about ready to order them for a double vanity, but now not so sure as we're ordering a dark stain(almost black)for a master bath. what manufacturers, other than those mentioned above can anyone suggest at a similar price point that have as short a lead time(2-3 weeks)Need to act quickly

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I had looked at Hanssem cabinets about two years ago. They looked great in the showrooms, and were priced significantly lower than the other brands OP mentioned. One cabinet shop highly recommended the plywood upgrade for Hanssem since they said they had received complaints from contractors about the particleboard... they said they didn't receive complaints about PB on other brands.

There was one showroom where the Hanssem cabinets were installed near a window and received a lot of light. I think that display had been there for a long time. The finish seemed very faded to me. I hope that's not representative of how they wear.

I ended up going with a different brand mostly because I liked the other finish color better. Some people have installed Hanssem here and their kitchens look gorgeous.

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This was originally posted in July, 2010. GardenWeb removed it after Hanssem complained that I had included confidential information in the post...
So back to July 2010:
I recently bought the Hanssem Kent series maple cabinets with a chocolate glaze. The doors have a pretty complicated design, much more so than what I saw at the big box stores.

I asked them about where they were manufactured. They said the Kent series doors come a cabinet door manufacturer in Pennsylvania.

The cabinets themselves are manufactured by them in South Plainfield, NJ.

As for quality?
1) The cabinets are a frameless design, so many of the doors had to be adjusted as tolerances were very big deal here.

2) There was 1 or 2 places where the glued melamine had come off a little...the shop fixed them.

3) There was a cabinet that didn't have the front boards plumb as I'd like, so the shop sent the cabinet back to get fixed.

4) Some of the doors had a little glaze runoff which we didn't like. The manufacturer sent a rep over promptly. They replaced all the doors we didn't like....7 in total.

#2 and #3 concern me that the manufacturer didn't see that before shipping, but at the end of the day, they did support their product.

The cabinets have a 5 year warrantee, so I'll let you all know how things go.

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Does anyone have a more recent opinion of Hanseem cabinets? I am considering them as a frameless (european, full access) design option in a kitchen upgrade. Can anyone offer a recommendation for an alternative modestly-priced frameless cabinet line?

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We had Hanssem cabinets installed three months ago. White, Shaker Style, Soft Close, MDF doors, Plywood boxes. The cabinets look good on the outside, but the inside and exposed sides are so poorly finished that our contractor had to repaint them to match the rest of the cabinets. The soft close hinges are SO poor that you have to push the door and drawers almost all the way for them to "soft close". I wouldn't recommend Hanssem to anyone because the quality is less than what you pay for. Our designer charged us $36K for 70 linear feet of cabinets. We had a lot of custom dimensions to fit, but I think you could get similar cabinets, cheaper from IKEA.

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I'm also interested in info about this brand. It claims all cabinetry is manufactured in South Plainfield, NJ.

But also seems to be a large Asian subsidiary.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hanssem

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I would love to get some feedback on Hanssem cabinets. We are comparing against armstrong which comes about same price with similar features and additions.

Appreciate if someone can share their experience.


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I appreciate this thread since I am either going with the Shiloh Inset Cabinets IF my kitchen cabinets can be adjusted in my small kitchen to accommodate my deeper appliances otherwise I was thinking of Hanseem as one designer has a nice door style and white color I like for the frameless full overlay door style. He has not gotten back to me on the cheap lazy susan that comes with the cabinet versus the Shiloh dealer will give me an upgraded Super Susan.

Anyone else with recent experience. I appreciate Vickydoner for sharing since this bothers me that the quality was not that great after all. I appreciate Shakham for sharing in detail her experiences. I appreciate Melinrk for sharing. Thank you everyone in advance who sees this post and shares.

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someone above commented:
"but I think you could get similar cabinets, cheaper from IKEA."

I think IKEA would outperform this brand based on the comments above. I have done three IKEA kitchens. No glaze runoff issues. No peeling melamine issues, even after 7 years on one kitchen, no hardware performance issues - it is all Blum.

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I appreciate all the posts regarding the Hanseem Cabinets since now despite liking the door, I do not want them.

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I've sold Hanssem cabinets for the past four years and can tell you that they are a reasonably priced good quality cabinet . . . I have not had any issues with glaze "run off" and find their finish to be excellent. The finish on any cabinet can be wore off around the cabinetry that is most used . . . such as the sink base cabinet and wastebasket pull out .. . (around the handles or knobs). . . .make sure the handle you choose has enough clearance for your hand to grab it without rubbing on the door. . .Also, the doors and drawers are soft close not self close . . you have to push them to close (they are meant not to slam) . . Lastly, they are a Korean owned company but the material they use to fabricate the cabinets are made in America . . . Keep in mind what you are buying is not "top of the line". There are better cabinets with a higher price point . . . but Hanssem is a reasonably priced good quality cabinet . . . .

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I too am looking at Hansemm, but we are very nervous. I appreciate "KitchenGallery";'s opinion, but is this because you sell them? I have looked at Ultracraft, Medallion, Thomasville, Wolf, all with prices near $20k for my kitchen and Hansemm is only $11k ... is this because they are cheap and won't last? or they are a good (not awesome product) just not as overpriced as the others?

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Myself, I would hesitate buying cabinetry that is fabricated overseas, just my opinion. They might be just fine, but as they say "you get what you pay for".

If you plan to be in your house for many years You might want to consider another brand, however if you only plan on a few years they might be what you are looking for pricewise.

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Yes the parent company is a Korean company but from all accounts I have read, the cabinets are made with materials from North America and Europe and made in Edison/South Plainfield, New Jersey ... not asia? I find it hard to believe they would state it so blatantly on their website if it were not true??

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Hoping someone recently used these cabinets with pictures and can tell us more how they like them.

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I just installed Hanssem cabinets this past week. The box quality is of reasonable quality considering price point. The finish quality however is the worst I have ever personally seen. I received my product with more than 70 percent of the doors and draws with obvious finish defects, the company did send replacements within a few weeks, but these came in just as bad or even worse, which indicates that this is their typical production quality. The issues include deep scratches that were painted over, actual dust and fingerprints that were clear coated over so they are permanent, patches that simply were not even stained and bubbling/dripping stain residue. I am not a picky person so please understand that the things I am describing are not a few slight imperfections rather these are painfully obvious flaws (and lots of them) that should never have been packaged up and sent to a customer. I would never buy from this company again and absolutely would not recommend.

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gpoll123, Thank you so much for your honest review. I will be warned and not go with Hanssem Cabinets.

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