I'm already looking forward to this....

juanitalFebruary 6, 2007

I think I must be getting cabin fever...At the moment we are sharing ONE vehicle between 3 of us...And yup, I'm stuck at home the most...Not that bad since I really don't want to go out much in this cold weather...Next time I do leave I'll be picking up a BIG bag of soil so that I can do some WS'ing....

FujiFInePix E500 (All)

Whatcha doing to bide your time?

Hope you all are warm and toasty...


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Gorgeous pictures, I love the one w/ the trellis in the fog.!!

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Well, with gorgeous flowers like that, who wouldn't be looking forward to seeing them againa!

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SO AM I!!! Been froze up since friday. My car want start. Water pipes froze.Thawed them out Saturday, Monday the hot water pipe was froze. Thawed that out so now I leave the w
ater running at night just in case. Spring where are you??? With all of the ice and snow I forgot what it looks like. Thanks for the reminder.

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That sure brighten up things!....lovely pictures! This makes one wondering, will warm weather ever return??....It always will, don't give up hope!

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Thanks all...

Doris, we've been having the frozen pipe problem, too. What a pain in the....when we were thawing out we got a small crack in one...we found this goop to repair it, which we haven't done yet, but it freezes at the dripping point anyway...slow pressure though...hope that'll be done this weekend and to get wheels going, too...

SPRING...woohoo! 5 weeks away...


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juanital. I paid $500.00 for new heat tape three years ago. Last summer I had to have a new hot water heater and they took the heat tape off part of the pipe and didn't replace it. That's what froze. Luckily it was just a small area. The car was just too cold to crank over. Wednesday I got a jump start and it is ok now.

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