A tale of a tail & friends sharing, or not.

janepaFebruary 27, 2010

I'm willing to share, if you are?

A favorite view -

Now that is what I call a redhead -

WHEN IS IT MY TURN? The big boy better watch out. Something is sneaking up behind him.-

A tale of a tail -

Here is another photo showing how birds use their tail for stability.

All these photos were taken through a windowpane because we were having a snowstorm and the winds were fierce.


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According to one of my bird books from the American Audubon Society the woodpeckers tail feathers are so critical to their mobility that unlike other birds, when molting they do not loose the old feather until the new one is fully grown in

What I find most amazing about Woodpeckers is how they can attain proper flight attitude control with such a small tail airfoil surface in comparison to their body size and wingspan.

My photos are also taken through a window with the camera to subject distance ranging from 15 to 60ft,

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Guys, your pictures are terrific. Jane, your picture of one woodpecker sneaking up on the other woodpecker made me laugh out loud!! What a great shot! What a nice array of birds. Thanks for sharing.

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lazypup, THANKS for sharing your photos. I love to watch birds. How do you put your information on your photos pertaining to the model of your camera and the vital statistics? I really like to know all the information you have provided. In your second & 3rd photos is the bird facing off with the woodpecker a variety of starling? They really like the suet I made for the birds, but they can devour it so quickly.
Thanks. Jane

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I have been actively involved in 35mm film photography since the mid 1960's however with the acquisition of my first digital SLR body last October I am still a newbie to digital. I chose a Pentax DSLR body because it allows me to continue to use all the lenses and accessories that I had with my Pentax film cameras. (When you consider that I have 18 lenses ranging from 16mm to a true 1,000mm plus an auto-bellows and other closeup accessories that was a big consideration). In April I will be upgrading from the Pentax *ist DL 6.3mp to a Pentax K20D, 14.2mp with shake reduction and a vast array of other features, while still retaining full use of my entire lens array.

To add the EXIF (exposure information) data I open the photo in Microsoft "Paint" and use the text editing features. (For more detailed info send me an email)

For those of you who enjoy watching birds I would like to invite you to check out the birdwatching forum on Gardenweb.

Look on the Garden Web Home Page and slightly below the link for the Photography Forum you will see "Pets & Animals", click on that link then hit "Wildlife & Nature.net". In the Nature net you will see the "Birdwatching Forum"

In the birdwatching forum you will meet a great bunch of people who share photos, photo techniques and information on how to identify different birds as well as methods on how to construct feeders, waterers, nesting supplies, gardening suggestions and other topics on to enhance your personal environment space and birdwatching experience.

In my 2nd and 3rd photo above there are actually two different Red-bellied Woodpeckers squaring off with European Starlings at the suet feeder.

Notice in the second picture that the birds forehead and the back of the neck is red, while the top of the head is gray. That is a Female Red-Belly, whereas in the 3rd photo and in the previous photos posted by JanePa. the red extends from the beak over the top of the head and down the neck, that is a Male Red-Belly. (Red-Belly woodpeckers have white cheeks and horizontal body stripes whereas on a Red-Headed woodpecker the entire head and cheeks are red and the body stripes are vertical.)

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Thank you lazypup for the information. I, too, have Microsoft Paint, and will be experimenting with it. I will take you up on your kind offer if the need arises. Also. I will be checking out the forum you mentioned. In past years I stayed with the Rose Forum and in the last few years the Daylily Forum. I got bit bad by the 'daylily bug' and until last year had approx. 800 daylilies. I have begun to reduce the daylily population in my garden and go with the 'less is better' program and add additional perennials. Daylilies are sure photogenic though.
San Ignacio

Unforgettable Fire -

Fancy Buttons -

Metaphor -

If I could only have two daylilies in my garden they would be Metaphor and Fancy Buttons.
Thanks again. Jane

PS: I appreciate anyone willing to share their experiences and education, and I try to pass the kindness on when I feel I might have something to offer.

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