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wendy002February 10, 2013

Please help me decide what to do with my kitchen area. It is an L shape with kitchen, dining table area, and another part that is kind of like a den/office area. The walls and cabinets are all knotty pine from the 60's. I am thinking about painting it and would like some opinions and ideas. I don't want to to a complete gut and overhaul, but would like some ideas.

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What do you like about this kitchen? not like?

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Fori is not pleased

Well, you need some '60s flooring and lighting and it'll be perfect!

Seriously now, it is adorable but I think it would get old fast. I think I would paint (or remove and drywall, or drywall over) the paneling. It's too much pine for our enlightened age. But if I were keeping the cabinets (and I would try my darndest to do so) I would not paint them. I would keep the awesome hardware.

Oh! I'd do the ceiling before anything. Put the paneling up there and paint it! Or...errr...drywall the ceiling?

Okay, Aloha has a good question. What's wrong with it to you? Wanna turn it into something modern or get it back to its roots and create a perfect time capsule? Or something tasteful that respects its roots while not being cabiny?

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I know that I need to declutter in a major way. I think I am tired of the knotty pine. The rest of my house is colorful and kind of a beachy theme and I really think the pine would be pretty painted white. I am a little worried about painting the cabinets, but don't really know why.

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Hmmm, beachy not like a cabin....that could be a stretch from where it is now.

Could you post pics of the main living area to provide those helping the general feel you're going after?

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I love the hardware and the cabinets. Why don't you start by painting the paneling on the walls first and see if you like the wood cabinets for contrast?

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the ceiling and floor could use a little attention.The dated appearance at top and bottom is 'sandwiching' the pine and exaagerates the effect. Better ceiling with new light treatment and remove the fan/better flooring and probably remove bulkhead around kitchen window[or at least the scallop trim part] would do wonders and then see how you feel about the pine.It's not necessarily the problem. You can do whitish or pale solar shades or some sort of shade at the 3 decently sized windows which will give areas of a lighter color and a more tailored look against the pine would be less fussy,thereby helping the overall look.Then if need or desire think about painting one section-maybe the upper wall cabinets and replace the strap hinges. But, are the lower cabs up to date and full functioning in the way you need/desire.[In other words-do you think they would be better replaced/] If the lowers have to be dealt with/painted in some light shade would look good then you could leave much of the rest of pine. I know in our cottage/lake area many people paint the old pine panelling-I think one wall could get that treatment but look at other things that actually need the changes first and see what happens step by step.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree about the ceiling and the flooring....sheet rock the ceiling and replace the flooring with a more natural look...even if you want vinyl you can get nice wood or stone looks. While you're working on the ceiling, replace the big old fluorescent fixture with something nicer. Eliminate the scalloped valance board over the sink.

Then white wash the pine paneling to give more of a beach feel. Then paint the cabinets a solid color so the knots don't show through and replace hardware with something simpler...european hinges that don't show and a more contemporary knob or handle. You'll be well on your way....

Contemporary Bathroom design by Toronto Interior Designer Kate Davidson Design Inc

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Thank you so much for all of the input! I am going to post a few more pictures. I had the bathroom redone last summer and am very pleased with it. You will see from my living room picture that I love colors!.......:) The walls are more red than they appear in this picture.
Anxious to hear more opinions!

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The tub was the best spent money!

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Living room area........
Thanks again for all the help!

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Don't touch the valance.

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The whitewash is really pretty. I think that would look great with some blue cabinets, maybe.
Any ideas about a counter top? And flooring?

Thank you so much for all the input!

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A 23g headless pin nailer air nailer would allow you to reface the dining side and end of the peninsula with bead board to match the material and color you used in the bath redmodel without doing anything to the finish of the pine. For that matter it would work the same and just as fast over a wall.
A small trick is to put two pins at slight opposite angles next to each other to lock down the installation

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