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Carrie BFebruary 18, 2014

So, assuming the link to my IKEA plan worked worked, here are some qualifications:

I'm a tech idiot. I tried to do a lot of things on here that I could not figure out how to do, so, some stuff is off or looks weird, but I think you'll get the general gist.

The basement door should actually be in line with the kitchen - but I couldn't figure out how to make it stick out that way. Also, the box looking thing on the floor next to the basement door are the steps going upstairs - could not figure out how to do that, either.

I'm not at all sure about the fridge wall - only that the fridge will be somewhere on it.

The big thing I'm still trying to figure out is what to do about cooking appliances. I use my 30" gas range thus: stovetop - gets used by me/my airbnb guests to boil water for tea & to make fried eggs. Rarely more than one burner in use at a time. As far as the oven goes, I use that once or twice a month at most - usually to heat up a frozen pizza or something.

Am considering my options. Convection microwave with a cooktop? Two burners only? Induction? Not sure what makes sense, but the 30" gas range plus existing countertop microwave take up space... Over at garden web, it was suggested that OTR appliances are not such easy access for a much used appliance.

The peninsula will have a sink & (I think) an 18" DW. I haven't had a DW most of my adult life & have rarely missed one, but I don't like the cluttered drainboard on the counter, and at least I could stash washed dishes to drain in the DW, if nothing else.

Don't love the fact that the door (if inswing) will block some counters and/or cabinets - door is open most of the summer (no AC, and I'm in & out to the garden constantly.) Also, not sure about the upper over peninsula - seems to make sense with the DW right there, especially considering the door blocking cabinets across the way, but I'd soooo love to have a bigger window - that wall's go the very best garden views.

Here it is, on paper:

Here is a link that might be useful: My IKEA Planner

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I may be late to the conversation, but just want to confirm... You do not want to move any plumbing, electrical, windows or doors?

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Carrie B

benjesbride - I'm moving ALL of that!

The layout in the planner/graph paper represent that. If you want me to post the current layout, I can do that, as well.

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I don't know about the pros on here, but I think it would be helpful to see the existing layout. Maybe include which walls are exterior walls? Is this your kitchen/dining/living room we're looking at?

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Carrie B

Benjesbride - yeah, sorry, I've been posting so many pictures, I don't want to repeat myself too much. I never know how much background to give, but I've been posting photos & layouts pretty regularly over the past month.

My first floor is represented in that graph - about 25' x 12', which is the living room, dining area & kitchen. The front is to the sidewalk, the east wall of the house adjoins another, and I have a small back yard & a side lot the same size as my house - a south Philly 3 story row, but on an end with an extra lot.

Here's the existing layout - peninsula similar in size & location to new layout, and fridge on same wall (and maybe same place, maybe not.)

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Carrie B

I mentioned in another post my need for extra storage - not so much for kitchen stuff, but for general stuff. I keep a lot stored in my little basement landing - so much so that the storage creates an obstacle for safe passage down the steep basement steps. I've thought of, instead of (or in addition to) a pantry cabinet, either putting in a closet (or something) either next to the fridge (somewhere on that wall, anyway) or maybe in the corner behind the (new) kitchen door. Somewhere to store extra cat food, garden boots, a broom, maybe even coats & jackets - though they could stay in the landing.

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I don't post often. And I am not an expert. But, I do have experience trying to make the most of small spaces. These are a few of my thoughts, for what they are worth.

Although a 30" range is the standard, 24" ranges are common in city apts and houses in NYC. I bet it's the same in Phili. A24" range would certainly be sufficient for your cooking needs and it's petite footprint will not overwhelm or dominate your space. Also, a 24" range does not cost more than a 30" range, or at least not necessarily. A site like ajmadison.com is a good place to research appliance options, you can filter by size, $$$, etc. Similarly, although frigs are getting bigger and deeper, you don't have to get what's "standard" because you don't have a standard space. As a final thought, local appliance shops may offer better discounts, inventory, floor models etc, on city-sized appliances. So even if something seems like a splurge, it could be worth it for spacing and then a local shop could help make the splurge more reasonable.

What sized sink are you planning? I would imagine a big sink would be useful to you for gardening? Make sure that if you want a big sink, you stick to your guns to get a big sink. Is there anything else you would like to facilitate gardening? Some GW members have great ideas on compost pails....

It seems like you are running a counter to the lower back corner? Next to the tall pantry? What about a wall of tall across where you have the frig and range now. Coat/broom closet, frig, then pantry (or which ever order makes the most sense for you and door clearances you may need). A mw can sit on a shelf in a pantry but think about a pullout shelf for a landing spot. You maybe able to do stock or ikea for the rest of the kitchen but it maybe worth it for you to design and custom build a wall of storage.

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Carrie B

Thank you, Jennifer!

Yeah, I'm definitely considering a 24" range as one of the options - if I go with a gas range, 24" totally makes more sense than 30" for me.

I'm thinking I might go for a 13.81cf freezer-on-the bottom fridge. Right now I have a 15.5cf (freezer on top) and there's generally room to spare in the fridge.

I'm thinking a 24" sink would be plenty. I have an 18" now, and that's pretty much served me fine. I don't do much garden-related in the sink besides washing my hands (have a hose outside) but if I'm in & out of the garden 17 times a day, that's often 17 hand-washes...

I now have a compost pail by the sink, and would continue to have that - keep my scraps before making trips out to the bin (or to the worm bin in the basement.) I definitely need a drawer for gardening stuff near the back door, and maybe for the gardening boots/jacket(s) that are currently in the basement landing.

Yes, I've definitely thought about that wall with the current fridge/range and how I can best use it for storage. The whole setup back there is still up for debate.

If I do all highs on that wall, then they would open out, meaning I would no longer be able to have the counter running under the window, which would be OK, but does limit countertop. That wall is the perfect place for highs, though, because it is set back and not so visible from the rest of the house, so it won't be so overwhelming in a small space.

I also thought about having a high behind the new door (or a closet type thing) for all that stuff that's now being stored on the landing. It seems like having counter in that corner, across from the peninsula/behind the door is sort of an awkward place for useable countertop. Why would I ever use a counter in that corner? Maybe not a bad place for a microwave, except that it is so far away from the fridge - a reason why I think the microwave should be on the fridge wall. The microwave has to be easy to get to.

So much to think about! Thanks so much for your help.

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You could have boot storage under a counter and open shelves above the counter and behind that door. A nice looking sm mw (Panasonic inverters are cute!) can go on a shelf there. For us, the mw near the sink was important. We almost never go directly from the frig to the mw. It just depends on how you use the mw. Keep in mind that the door will be open, but it will also be closed much of the year and at night. What would a tall feel like there? Is that your site line when you walk in the front door? Do you want landing space next to the cooker to the right? Do you need counter space for other appliances, a coffee maker or toaster? Something else to think through for us was refuse: our small kitchen gets cluttered by garbage cans, recycling, dirty laundry, etc.

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Carrie B

Thank you, Jennifer.

Yeah, a smallish microwave makes sense, UNLESS I decide to give up the regular gas oven and microwave in exchange for a convection microwave - the option recommended by the kitchen designer. Then, because it would be my only oven, I'd want it to be a bit bigger.

I mostly use the microwave for frozen meals. Some for leftovers, or heating up maple syrup, or making microwave popcorn, so don't really need the sink nearby for those purposes.

Good point - that back wall is the direct sightline from the front door, and a tall there could feel overwhelming. Some landing space to the left & right of the stove makes sense - what, at least 18", preferably more?

I do need space for coffee maker, toaster oven, compost pail...to the right of the stove might be a good place for the coffee maker, since it's easy access to the sink, but not as good for the toaster oven/microwave, since they're the farthest away you can get from the fridge, and pretty much everything that I'd put in the toaster would come directly from the fridge.

Yes, I'm planning on having under the counter trash/recycling cabinet(s.)

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