How many cameras do you own?

minroseFebruary 28, 2009

I have 4 digital cameras and want more, my first digital camera was the Olympus 3000, still works good and is a great macro camera, except for being slow. Then I got the Canon EOS Digital Rebel, which is a great camera, then I got the Canon PowerShot 3, which is the camera I take where ever I go, and last the not least, my Nikon D80 camera, which is an awesome camera, still got some learning on this one yet.

I am hoping to get a new Olympus one to replace my first Olympus, it has taken lots of photos over the years and it is just getting so slow. I want one that takes awesome macro butterfly photos just like my Olympus 3000 but goes faster.

Overall, all the digital cameras I have, I really like them all.

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Lemme see....

Sony Mavica FD75
Sony DSCw-30
Sony DSCw-80
Sony h5
Sony h7 (is there a pattern here)
Canon Rebel XTI
Canon 40D

Thats about it....oh...and my nifty 3.2mp on my cell phone! :)

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- OM1 (film)
- E1
- E500
- E410
- 850SW (x2)
- AE1 (film)
- XT
- A1000
- A630
- D90

I think that's it.

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Good to see I am not the only one with multiple cameras, do you regularly use all of them? I bring one whereever I go, some are used for special photos,like of my grandson.

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I have a Richo something-or-other film fully manual camera, the light meter broke a second time so I traded (down) for my mother's automatic film camera. I could get excellent shots with the Richo, but can't get anything useable out of my mother's P.O.C. They don't want it back - go figure.

I bought a Fuji 8000 last year and have been enjoying the h**l out of it!

Now you guys with your Nicons and Cannons are putting even my best shots to shame, now I want a D90! That will have to be a long way off though. :( I want my Richo back! I still have unshot film, lol

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I got two Canons.

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I see there is a new Olympus 590 SPUZ coming out soon, I have my eye on that for my next purchase.

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Canon XTi.
Canon Powershot SD1100IS (my purse cam).
Sony H5, which I'd like to replace with the newest Canon superzoom.

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My dad used to say there were two kinds of photographers: artists and equipment people. He said he was an equipment man.

I disagree with him on both counts. He was most definitely an artist, and I think there are a lot more kinds of photographers than just two. Equipment is seductive! I had (and still have) a couple of good 35mm SLRs. I swore I'd never get a digital camera. Then the newspaper I worked for switched to digital, and I was hooked immediately!

I have two Olympus digitals and one Panasonic Lumix. I use the Panasonic most often and love its Leica lens. If I'm ever seriously tempted to get a DSLR (not in this economy!), it'll be a Nikon because I have Nikon lenses from my 35mm days.

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My very first (grown up) camera was a now ancient Yashica FX-3 SLR. It still has a place in my heart because I took so many pictures of our son when he was little. He's now almost 30. :)

My first point and shoot was an Olympus C-2030 Zoom. It opened up a whole new world for me. The wonder of being able to take as many photos as I like and not have to pay for processing to see what they look like!

Next was a Sony DSC-H2. Takes great photos and I do love that camera. It's very dependable and does a fine job. I like the fact that you can just *point* it at something and view through the viewing screen to see your composed photo.

I just got a Nikon D80 a couple of months ago with Christmas money and I'm in a BIG learning curve. :) But, I'm having a great time with it and I have a feeling it's all the camera this amateur will ever need.


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Sony Mavica FD 90
Sony H5

Canon EOS 40D (which I just bought 2 weeks ago)

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I had a Konica Minolta z3 that I loved, until I dropped it and it quit working right.

I replaced that on sale with a Fuji S5200. Added a Canon A720 IS. I picked up a little Samsung L200 to take out on my bike with me.

Christmas brought a Nikon D90. Now all I need is more lenses, and a lot of practice.

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i have a nikonD70...i used to have a sony cd1000 but when i got this i gave it to dude, who dropped it one to many times (to be fair, i dropped it four times over the years it was mine so that maaaay have helped)

liannePA :o)

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Had fun digging into the back of my closet.

1. Gauthler G. m. b. H. Clambach

A 120 roll film, folding camera.
Prontor II lense and shutter
Made in Germany

2. Argus C3 with heavy leather case
(My first 35mm camera)

3. Minolta SR1 with external light meter coupled to only the speed wheel.
(The first SLR marketed in the US by Minolta)

4. Minolta X-370 with extra lens
(This one is the best of the bunch.)

5. Pentax ZX-50

6. Nikon Coolpix 950 (Digital)
Good lens, very good color renedition but only 2 megapixel. Has very good dynamic range of light intensity.
Lousy camera - eats batteries, severe manual mode limits, futzy menus, low ASA rating

7. Canon S2 IS (Digital), 5 megapixels

Fast boot up.
10x zoom - widest angle isn't quite wide enough.
The maker should have traded some telephoto for wider angle.
Tends to burn out bright parts of a scene unless the exposure is set to -1/3 to -2/3 f-stop.
Dynamic range of light intensity is less than the Nikon 950.
Can't see display in daylight.
The camera has an automatic brightener for the view finder (digital). This allows good visibility down to too dark to photograph. The downside is that it slso dims the viewfinder as light brightens to the extent that the view finder is too dark to be useful in sunlight.

When shootimg a series of pictures, its best to turn off the display and use the view finder to conserve battery life. Also, the automatic focus works faster.

This camera has its flaws, but is superior to the Nikon 950. It's decent camera for the price. Ocassionaly a picture comes out too dark (due reducing the f-stop), but is easily corrected with photo processing software - better too dark than burned out highlights.

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