interesting frozen fog

photo2February 26, 2007

That's what our local weather guy called it last week but also know as Rime ...It's the crystal deposition formed by the rapid freezing of supercooled fog or water droplets onto exposed objects. These crystals are sometimes referred to as hoar frost, and on occasion, are thick enough to resemble a covering of snow. It doesn't last too long so I grabbed my camera and was out the door about 6:30 am. Mother nature sure offers us some intesting things to shoot doesn't she?

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Wow, those are gorgeous! Haven't had a frost like that around here for ages.

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I think that hoar frost is one of the most beautiful things in nature - thanks for the pics, and you are so right - it doesn't last long. Almost like a mini snowstorm when it starts coming off.

Those are really neat photos.

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Great pictures! My favorite is the last one....I love fog pictures.

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Wonderful pictures!
I also love to see this wonder of nature, thanks for sharing.

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I love all it's beauty! Nice pics...

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Lovely pictures! My favorite is the second. So graceful!

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I also favor the second picture. We had "frozen fog" one day last week here in Michigan.

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Those are great frozen fog pics. The delicate detail is beautiful.

We have had all sorts of freezing "stuff" this winter. Here is some that ranges from frozen fog to something heavier, not sure what you call it.

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that looks like a winter wonderland for sure! Did you use them on a christmas card? could you know!!
Very beautiful. The pine trees remind me of one year when I was a kid we had a "flocked Christmas tree" It was way back in the 1950's and my dad bought a special kit to do it himself. He took the tree out into the garage to apply the flocking and ended up with flocking all over the place including his eyebrows and hair!! LOL He brought it into the house and it never did dry. Made the whole livingroom feel chilly and dampish. We never did that again. My Mom was not happy to say the least. lol

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Thanks Photo2. Haven't used them on a card yet, but that's a thought. We had one storm that coated everything in ice with a light layer of snow on top. One storm that was a nice heavy coat of snow (no wind) and then the storm where ever thing looked heavily frosted. There really was alot of winter wonderland feel around here this winter. Lastly winter we were basically dry as a bone moisture wise and had nothing but brown.

On your tree experience, I kinda recall a similar deal with some of that flocking. My mom was the one that decided to give it a try at our house. The long and short of our experience was it didn't look too bad, but it was definitely a one year experiment only.

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Wow, wonderful photos!!

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We had something like that few weeks ago--I called it a snow fog but the weather persons called it a hoar frost and went on to explain it. It lasted about 3 days and the sun was out and everything just sparkled.

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I've heard the Eskimos have a ridiculously (by our standards) large number of words for snow and frozen moisture. I bet they could set out the differences in these kinds of things without a bit of problem or miscommunication.

All I know is we have had had an unusually large and beautiful range of winter precip this year.

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