I couldn't fix these...Would anyone be so kind

juanitalFebruary 21, 2008

to give me a hand...I'm willing to try anything but I guess I jsut don't get it....Tried porcelain/super smooth from Xero, also Neat Image...and I love thes pics but can't get that blasted graininess out...Maybe it can't be done...but I'd surely welcome any suggestions or if anyone wants to see what they could come up with?

this is an original...

I did something to this one but I think it's the closest to the original....


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Here is my quick fix, wish I had more time to work on it more for you.

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So cute, was he pouting about something?

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Thank ya, Min...for a quick fix that was greatly improved...How did you do that? I will save those...thank U!

Thanks-Bigack, he wasn't pouting...but I set my cam up with tripod and snapped away...he does not stay still long at all and figuired it was the only way to get any...these just happened to be a few that I got....


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Noise filter. Lots of software programs have it. You sacrifice some sharpness, get a softer focus, but the noise is gone. Some software allows you to paint on a soft focus or a blur effect. That way you can keep the sharp outlines and get rid of the noise on cheeks, nose, hands just the most obvious places. He's a cutie!

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I can't help, but HOW CUTE!

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Yeah my Paint Shop Pro has a digital camera noise removal option, that is what I did. I think the first one turned out pretty good, the second one is maybe a little too blurry.

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