Playing around with some of my favorite

minroseFebruary 27, 2009

Photos with my newly acquired photo software, still learning all about it but so far I really like it:

Vignette Filter

Glamour Glow Filter

Pro-contrast Filter

Which brought out the mountains better

I would love to see this forum busy like it used to be years ago, I will try to participate here more also.

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Ahhh Minrose- those are really nice!! The pony one is darling!!! Which program did you get???

Yes it use to be pretty hopping. Sometimes for me time is a big factor...for the most part i'm photographing whatever but just dont have all the time to go thru the steps to get it here.

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Thank you, it is called Nik Color Efex Pro-3 and I love it! It was spendy but I think it will be worth it in the long run, plan on creating kewl senior portraits, etc...
Yeah, time is an issue for me too but will try to participate here more.

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I really like the glamour glow...or maybe it's just that I love that photo!
Nice to see you here, MaryAnn! (MinRose).

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Thank you, Joan.
Just to let everyone know,I did not put that advertisement link on the word "softwar?" in my original post in this thread, it must be done automatically somehow. Sorry I did not know it would do that, I had to misspell that word so it would not do it again.

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A helpful KT member posted on that forum today with instructions on disabling those links. If I remember correctly, you hold your mouse over the link, then click on the little question mark in the box that appears. Then click on Disable.

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Just beautiful, Minrose!
It's nice to see everybody back!


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