Advice please about camera purchase

happygramFebruary 3, 2008


I recently bought a very nice point and shoot to take pictures of our new grandson. Much to my dismay, I found that by the time I get the camera in focus, I've completely lost the shot.

I was told that I'd be much better off with a digital SLR.

The two cameras I've researched are the Canon XTi and the new Nikon 40x. They both come with lenses, although I imagine those lenses aren't really great. I do have a decent older Canon lens from a previous SLR camera, and that lens would work with the XTi.

Have you any recommendation/experiences with either of these cameras so that I can finally make up my mind??? I've been dithering so long that the little guy is going to be all grown up and I won't have any good pictures!!!!!

Thanks so much.


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I have a Canon Digital SLR Rebel and a Nikon SLR D80, both are great cameras. I am sure either one would be a very good camera for you.

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I love my XTi. Read the user forums on, and get owner's opinions of their cams.

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That was one of the reasons why I went DSLR.

Either way you go will be a huge step up from P&S. If your going to use old lenses, Canon will be they way to go.

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I had the EXACT same issue deciding between those two cameras.

Image quality difference was minimal, with a nod to each camera in different areas, based on what I saw at

You're already one up with Canon, since you have some glass that will work already. I DID hear that the Nikon kit lens was a bit better than Canon...

I have decided to go with the Canon XTi myself, or i MAY wait on the XSi due out in April.

The main dealbreaker for me? I went to the store and held each camera in my hands. The Canon fit better...:)


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What camera do you have? First of all I would find out why you are having this problem. If you have a good P&S you should get good photos. Is it because the child is active and hard to keep in focus? Check your owners book for various settings for auto focus, some are quicker than others. Most good P&S cameras have a manual focus option just like a DSLR. For active children learn to use the fast shutter speeds to freeze the motion (you need good light for these).

I would ask anyone who advises a DSLR to explain the specific reasons spending more money is going to guarantee better photos. As a rule, DSLR's give you more options and better light sensors, not clearer or easier focusing. Just MHO.


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