Help My House Smell Like A Skunk!

gracie-2006February 25, 2010

I just posted this on another site and thought you all might be of some help. It smells like a skunk in our front yard. Then entering my house it smells the same. Any ideas on how to get rid of this horrible smell in our home? Thank you!

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We have a lot of critters out here in the country, and that includes skunks who let 'er rip in the vicinity of the house. Prolly have been come upon when out on their rounds. I've never had the smell last more than a couple hours. Did you check to see if one was road kill? Do you have a pet who was sprayed? If so, there are all sorts of cures and you'll hear about them shortly.

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Odor rocks can help if it isn't a direct hit. But it will go away. Had my first skunk this spring which is hard to believe as there is still 2ft of snow on the ground.

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