Need color for stucco wall in yard

scanmikeMarch 28, 2012

Hi Everyone,

We are re-doing our overgrown yard with a mix of pavers, bluestone, stucco wall, flowerboxes, etc. The top of the wall is a brick called "Danish" and the lower part will be stucco. I want a creamy color that will go with the Danish brick, bluestone pavers (think slate). My house is the color of driftwood and we live a block from the beach. I was thinking of Manchester Tan, Monterey White, Sailcloth, Monroe Bisque. I have no idea of what color looks good in stucco, other than pure white. I could use your help.


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When we had to stucco after a renovation, I asked the company doing the work to give me the addresses of local houses that had used the colors I was interested in so I could drive by and see what each stucco looked like. I wanted a "big" sample. That was really helpful. Just don't go after it rains because the stucco is much darker then and you'll get the wrong impression.
We went with what the architect called a natural stucco. We have an old farmhouse and that's the traditional kind for that. It's kind of a warm white and there is a definite contrast with our white trim. I guess it's all up to what brand of stucco they use.

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We are currently having our stucco redone on the walls around our pool . There are color charts that you can pick up at the paint stores. My masonry person brought it by the other day. I gave him the paint sample from our house to match instead. So that is what he is going to do. If you have samples of your other items all you need to do is go to the paint store and pick a color and they can do the stucco in that color. We just happen to want to the exact color of our house trim. Ours is a very light cream/beige. I do have pics if you would like . c

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Thanks trailrunner. That sound exactly what I need. I did go to the paint store and I do have a ton of swatches at home. It's just hard to imagine what the color will look like once all painted. I have the same problem with painting interiors. I thought I might match it to the more neutral beige in the brick, which would go with the house's driftwood shingle color also. With neutrals it's always about those, green, grey....(I don't want pink). I would love to know what color your picked. I find that most people in the neighborhood never remember the names of what they used simply because the contractor picked the color. Perhaps I should run up to a randon home I like and try to match the color to the chart to get an idea. Chickadee...our home kind of has that farmhouse feel, even if in the city, so a natural stucco color is what I am aiming for. Right now it's greyish from the scratch coat they applied first on top of the cinderblock.

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