how do you do holiday cookie trays? freeze them?

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The spouse wants to give an assortment of cookies to the neighbors this year. I prefer to bake leisurely and spread it out over a few days but I don't want to deliver old cookies. Can I freeze cookies and then thaw before delivering?

I think cookies are fine after being frozen but I've discovered I'll enjoy just about any condition cookie so I don't trust myself.

These are standard cookies like chocolate chip, peanut butter, ginger snaps, shortbread, etc.--nothing fussy like meringues.


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Yes, you can freeze them. Just freeze them seperately or they will take on each other's flavors. My aunt does it all the time! Take them out of the freezer and arrange on the trays. In a few hours they will be thawed and ready to deliver.


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I usually start my cookie baking for Christmas in October. I bake a lot of cookies. I agree with Tami above about freezing different kinds of cookies separately. Also watch the moisture content. Don't put your biscotti (crunchy cookies) in with the chocolate chip cookies (moist cookies). Otherwise the moist cookies will lose some of their moisture and the crunchy cookies will absorb the moisture. They both come out tasting stale.

Pull cookies out of the freezer and put them on a plate about a half hour before you want to eat / serve them.

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If you're baking now, yes, I'd freeze them. Keeping flavors separate, and in very air-tight containers (I'd actually put them in ziplock bags, and then into a plastic box with a tight lid).

However, properly stored, cookies will keep very fresh for at least 3-4 weeks. I used to work at a very high end bakery--their cookies were extremely expensive. They didn't use mixes or preservatives. They did their Christmas cookies the Monday after Thanksgiving. The cookies were put in cardboard box bottoms, which were then slid into plastic bags and twist-tied shut, and stored on shelves at room temp. Those cookies were still perfect Christmas week (I can personally vouch for that--I ate plenty of them). So if you aren't baking for another couplel of weeks, your cookies will be fine.

Alternatively, what I do, is to make my doughs near the beginning of December, and freeze them. Then I can bake up fresh cookies all through the month. You can even scoop cookie dough from it's frozen state if you have a professional quality scoop.

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Thanks! This helps a lot. Azzalea, if they weren't frozen, they would be eaten long before delivery time!

Actually they aren't entirely safe frozen... :)

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We freeze freshly baked cookies on cookie sheets. Once frozen, they go into ziplocks where we keep them until needed - in reality until we get a cookie craving. DH eats them still frozen.


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I also freeze the cookie dough, but not the baked cookies. I've found that a frozen cookie can quickly be thawed by dunking in a hot cup of coffee. (grin)

I bake them as I need them, I just freeze the portioned dough balls or cut cookies on the sheet pans, then put them into plastic bags in the freezer to stay frozen. I take them out of the freezer, they thaw quickly, and then I bake them .

Just like that, fresh cookies on demand.

Another option is to go ahead and bake some cookies ahead of time. Biscotti, for instance, keep for several days or longer.


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