Banana Joe The Affenpinscher Wins Best In Show

Konrad___far_northFebruary 17, 2013

Why,...what's so special about him?

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Well, he's a great example of his breed. It's not that he was absolutely the best dog there, there were many great dogs, but somebody's gotta win. By the time they get to that level, most could win easily, but one has to be selected. I have no idea how the judges make up their minds. It's easier at the lower levels because there's a mix of good, bad and ugly most of the time.

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Thank you eahamel!

>>I have no idea how the judges make up their mindsYeah..neither have I.
You're right,.
I guess they get their turns, this was a fairly new breed. Heaving only one judge is bizarre, could just as well put all names into a bowl and make a draw.

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Hi Konrad, I joined the forums just under two months after you did back in 2003! How funny!

As to the judging at dog shows, the judges have each memorized the "breed standard" or guidelines of what each breed is supposed to be like. Some are supposed to have a sharp definition between nose and a rounded forehead, for instance (like a Cocker Spaniel) and some are supposed to have a nose that continues right up into the forehead, like a Collie. A person judging a breed has memorized what the breed is supposed to be like. A person judging a group (like the group of herding dogs or of hound dogs or of toy dogs) has memorized the standards of all of the breeds in the group and has experience with the feel of the shape and musculature each breed should have, and what demeanor and gait each breed should exhibit. The person judging the Best in Show has experience in judging all of the 7 AKC Groups. So, supposedly, the dog that wins Best in Show is the dog that most closely matches what the AKC has written as the breed standard for that breed. It is not competing with the other dogs, really, it is competing as the finest example of its own breed.

At Westminster, an AKC event, there were thousands of dogs competing over the weekend in their own breed groups. If I remember correctly, by Monday, one dog was chosen as the best representative of each breed. Every breed belongs to one of the 7 Groups. On Monday and Tuesday nights, the seven groups compete. So all of the top-winning Hounds, Toy, Herding, Working, Terrier, Sporting, and Non-Sporting group dogs compete to see which of them best represents its breed standard. The dog most like its breed standard wins the "Group." On Tuesday night, the seven Group winners compete to see which of them most closely matches its breed standard. That winner is the Best in Show. So Banana Joe is more like the perfect Affenpinscher than the other six were like the perfect example of their own breeds.

I just like to look at all the doggies! I am a mutt person, myself.

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Nancy, thanks for the info! I know all of that, too, and have a cardigan welsh corgi that got his championship a couple of years ago (I didn't handle him, his breeder did), but still have no idea how they make up their minds when they're looking at a line of well-bred dogs that for the most part are well within the standard.

However, I do know from experience that some of it is politics, in fact, a lot of it is politics. I've seen it locally and is one reason I'd never handle my own dog, I don't want to get involved with that.

Here's my boy at the national specialty where he took first in Open Dogs.

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Eahamel , what a beautiful brindle color your boy is!

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these were some of the judge's comments

âÂÂThis little fella seemed to want it a touch more,â Dougherty said. âÂÂHeâÂÂs a fantastic affenpinscher, with a fantastic face, a great body. IâÂÂve never had my hands on a better affenpinscher. Ever.âÂÂ

He added, âÂÂHe has the muscle tone of a big dog.âÂÂ

The judge obviously felt this little guy was a very special example of his breed and was very impressed with him which made him stand out just a bit more than the others.

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Some dogs are natural show dogs and love being in the ring. They know what's going on and will make a special effort to show off to the judge. What hams! It sounds like Banana Joe is one such show-off, and it paid off handsomely for him.

Nancy, thanks! I've liked the cardigans for years and love the brindling that most of them have. It's like going to a twins meeting when they are in the ring - the majority of them are brindle, and I can't get enough of it.

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"Some dogs are natural show dogs and love being in the ring. They know what's going on and will make a special effort to show off to the judge. "

one of my dogs is a champion ex show dog and when she meets new people she really knows how to "work it" as I call it, and by that I mean it's like she goes into acting mode and has people gushing all over her, I have not doubt she was quite the little actress in the ring too. She is also the most competitive dog I've ever come across, and would even turn a game of fetch into a serious competition that she would try to win at all costs using dubious tactics. It's like she has a real awareness of competing to win, and putting on a display for people that I've never seen in a dog before. I've said to my DH that it wouldn't surprise me if she quietly growled or showed her teeth to the other dogs before going into the ring just to unnerve them and hurt their confidence! :)

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