Going Home Already??

kentuck_8bJanuary 27, 2008

Hard to see in the first photo, but that thin line is a string of geese flying north. Several times today, I saw thousands flying back north.


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I see the same thing going south in October. Good capture. They fly too high for me to get a shot of.

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Man, that's a lotta geese!

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Great shot KT!
Good news, again, spring might come once again!

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That's pretty neat...Believe it or not I saw Robins the other day actually about 5,6 hanging around the edge of the yard...a few days before I 'thought' I saw one...wasn't sure if I saw right...later I did see that group of them...I couldn't beleive it...


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Thanks, everyone.

Juanita, nice to hear that the robins are returning. Sadly, they did not make it here this year. In all my years here, this is the first year that I did not spot even one robin. I have no idea why, unless they had plenty to eat elsewhere, but we also had berries here in abundance this year.


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