Can you use flea drops on a dog that is having puppies

debbiep_gwFebruary 3, 2010

As in having puppies soon,the next few days or so?There is a stray that is in our neighborhood that is having puppies soon and she is covered with fleas.She has been staying with us a little and I've noticed the fleas.I've found conflicting info.My vets office receptionist says I can go ahead and use frontline or advantage,I read on the internet not to use the advantage.Any thoughts?I'm thinking she may have her puppies here and don't want aflea infestation nor do I want to harm her or the puppies.TIA.Debbie

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You might check with another vet, or check with the Advantage site, but I've found that 1/2 of the recommended dose usually works, & there'd be less "product" on the mother.

I wish you the best.

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I would use half a dose. You might also go get some diatomaceous earth, not the stuff for a pool - that has added checmicals, just plain ol DE from the garden center or on line, it is very inexpensive. Place some down in a twel or some bedding (under the towel or bedding) and around the area where the dog has made her nest, this will help kill any fleas that jump off of her in order to lay eggs. Reapply if it gets wet. Be careful not to breathe too much of the stuff...good luck

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Thanks to you both.I have called every vet in my area and they all said I could use either.I will start with half the dose and will look into the diatomaceous earth for the ground.Debbie

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