KA Mixer - is this a good deal?

dedtiredNovember 24, 2012

I got a Groupon for this KA Mixer with a pasta attachment. IS this a good kind of KA mixer and is this a good deal?

Here is a link that might be useful: groupon

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There may be better deals around, as everyone is marking down mixers for Christmas. I know it says free returns, but I'd double check the details.

Costco and Sears have been offering the the same mixer for significantly less, but without the attachment, which you'd have to buy separately. And you have to figure in taxes, etc. Go to slickdeals.com and search on "Kitchenaid" to see the latest deals. Also consider Kohl's, combined with a 30% coupon, which you can usually find online.

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Good tips. Sometimes I see these "deals" and feel like I have to grab them fast and I end up with something that wasn't a deal after all or not the item I would have chosen.

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For reference, the mixer is $450 on KA's own site and $399 - $445 depending on color on Amazon.com. The pasta maker is $249 list but $169 at Amazon.

There's a $50 rebate form under specials at shopkitchenaid.com good until December 31, 2012 and it doesn't look like it's restricted to ones purchased there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebate form

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Costco has the same wattage mixer at $329 today. They always have some modifications for costco. I was surprised that I couldn't get additional specialty paddles for it (size issues) but otherwise it has been fine. Mine is older and lighter powered and the issues may be different. I am also surprised that the front load attachments have increased so much in price. It might be worth checking e-bay etc.

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If you prefer to buy closer-to-home, William Sonoma has the KitchenAid Pro 610 mixer with 590 watts for $449.95 and it looks there may be an additional 15% off (for all electrics) through tomorrow. With the rebate mentioned above, that's a good price. And unless WS has changed their policy, they're very liberal about returns. I bought a similar mixer from them some years ago, was unhappy with it, and they took it back with no problem.

The pasta attachment is $199, however, so perhaps you could buy that cheaper elsewhere.

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Thanks. I think this is not a purchase that I should rush into. I keep thinking I will inherit my mother's Hobart KA, but I think she is going to outlive me!

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I ordered a new food processor bowl from KA site.She asked if I have a KA mixer I said yes a red one ,she said all attatchments are on sale on thier web site.I like mine so much I bought my daughter and both daughternlaws one for Christmas a few years ago.

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Pam, DS installed a firefox add-on called 'priceblink' for me. I love it. Any item you are looking for will show other pricing options across the net.

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Whoa, I have to do that. I am shopping for a new tv now. Thanks. You are the queen of bargain shopping. You introduced me to Woot!, too.

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Yeah and you created a monster in me with Paperbackswap!

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I always wanted a ka and just finished a kitchen remodel and was over budget so thought no KA again. Then I had a thought - Craigslist!
I snagged one for $75!
Ok it is used and may not last forever- but I am happy!

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I got a re-furbished KA Artisan several years ago....bought through Amazon and by applying for their credit card saved $30, got it for less than $120! Was in brand new condition, never had a moments trouble and with it, came with all the usual attachments, and I am one happy camper! Don't know if they still sell re-furbished ones or not but it may be worth checking out.

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Don't worry, Dedtired, Bonny Prince Charlie has a similar situation! lol


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That's funny, Sally. Poor Charlie, waiting for mom to kick the bucket so he can finally have a job. What a dork. I can't stand him and I really can't stand that rottweiler Camilla. Of course, I adored Diana and now I like Will and Kate. I even get a kick out of bad boy Harry.

Good ideas about the bargain KAs. One day I will get serious about shopping for one.

Sorry about that Jessy. If a copy of The Buddha in The Attic shows up in the next week, let me know. It's my book club pick for this month.

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hsn has had them with several attachments and priced much lower

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Speaking of Bonny Prince Charlie, and we were, weren't we? Just saw where Kate and Will are expecting the next little Royal. Diana would have soon been a Grandmother. Awww.

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I just bought one from Costco for my wife for Xmas.
It is the Professional 550 model with 575 Watts.
$50 off from Costco, $30 off from Manufacturers rebate, so final price is $250 plus tax.
Plus if anything happens to it can take it right back no questions asked.

I bought it before looking at reviews because I always thought the KA mixers were supposed to be good so didn't really think otherwise. The reviews I have seen are "mixed" at best, about 50% love it, about 50% hate it.
Seems as though the quality has dropped considerably over the years and might be better off trying to find an old one that is 30-40+ years old that some fool is selling for cheap, probably last longer than a new one.

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Thanks for additional info and good advice. I love your screen name!

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I got mine at Kohls for about 50% off a few years ago, using one of their 30% off days plus a rebate.

You can get it pretty low on there today...$329 I think. There's a 20% off code JUST4U20 for today only (I haven't tested it) and a rebate on the site. Plus free shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen aid mixer from Kohls

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