Ground Chicken ?

triciaeNovember 8, 2011

Whole Foods had BSCB on sale. DH bought 5 lbs. (sigh) I don't like BSCB. What was he thinking? I know, I know...they were on sale.

Anyway, we'll make some chicken parm from 4 pieces, stuff another 4 with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, shallot, garlic, & a bit of mozz.

That still leaves some (read...a lot).

I was thinking of grinding a few in the FP & making chicken-apple sausage. Going to season with our home dehydrated apples (I'll whiz them into tiny pieces), and a bit of brown sugar, onion & garlic powder, just a hint of cinnamon, fennel seed, thyme, & S/P.

I think SBCB are always dry, dry, dry. I was going to add some olive oil to the mix. But, the other day I saw one of Giada's shows where she made ground chicken burgers & mixed in mayo (yuck, we don't keep mayo in the house). She said it kept the burgers moist. Hmmm Would mayo work in the sausage? These sausage patties will be headed to the freezer. Will the mayo hold up in the freezer?

So, is mayo a good idea or should I just add some EVOO?


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If your boneless skinless CB's are dry, I'm thinking you're overcooking them? Properly cooked, they should be just past pink but still moist & juicy.

I love dark meat chicken but I have a gazillion uses for BSCBs, too.

Pound them out and saute in a bit of butter; remove & deglaze pan w/ some cream plus tarragon or capers, salt & pepper. Plate the breasts & drizzle the sauce over.

Marinate & grill for fajitas.

Cut into chunks & saute to add to an alfredo sauce for pasta. Broccoli is a nice addition.

Asian Orange Chicken is a family favorite that makes good use of chicken breasts.

I'm sure others will add a lot of other great uses. Grinding them into sausage seems almost criminal when there are so many other yummy things to do with them!

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Ci lantro, I've got Sjogren's & my "dry" is different than most. I'm talking so dry a baked potato smothered in butter & sour cream is a choke hazard. With the sausage I can make a quick gravy & get them down but can't chew nor swallow a bite of BSCB on it's own. :(

Mayo or olive oil?


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Olive oil - light flavored is best. Mayo will de-emulsify.

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Oil or lard or gelatin (unflavored Knox works). Not that I make sausages, but that's what I do for dumplings.

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I'd also suggest grinding some into ground chicken and using it in pasta sauce. The small granules in a pasta sauce should help. I love chicken in pasta sauce so for me I'd just throw in the whole breasts, but just today I made a sauce with some ground pork, ground chicken as well as ground beef.

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How about doucanoe's spicy chicken cakes. They are moistened with eggs/mayo. Link below.

I also can also see using some up as an Asian won ton mix/meatloaf for ground chicken.

Here is a link that might be useful: Recipe on Thibeault's Table

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Little chicken meatballs for spaghetti, filling for ravioli, mix with some ground pork and make little greek-style sausages... yum

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