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cameragirl59January 4, 2010

Hello fellow photographers,

What's the best way to organize photos? Do you group them by subject or by year? I have about 10,000 photos and am now starting to group them but I'm not sure what's the best way to go about this. Any suggestions would be helpful :)

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I group my pictures by subject. But if it is something like Christmas pictures than I group them by subject & year.

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I group by subject and date. For instance, I keep koi (ornamental fish). So I have a folder labeled koi. If I take generic photos of the whole pond, I make sub-folders by date. I do monitor the progress of many individual fish, so they each have their own sub-folder (within the koi folder) and all individual pictures of those fish go in their respective folders.

Things like Christmas photos are grouped in the Christmas folder, with each year having a sub-folder of it's own.

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What? We're supposed to organize all them things? I knew I was doing something wrong?!

Seriously, Picasa does some of the work for you if you use it as an editor. It keeps every folder in order by year and date.

I find that very helpful. Some of the other editing programs probably do the same, I'm just not familiar with them.

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Great suggestions everyone.

RcNaylor, you are too funny!

Yes it's very daunting moving my pics from windows to mac but I'd figure now is the best time to do it. One of my resolutions is to be organized and of course become a better photographer.

Thanks again

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